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September 2014

Death: Kurt Rene Kreuter 9201 Alastair Honeybun reports, with regret, the death of Kurt Kreuter on 22 September 2014 at Johannesburg, South Africa. He was 58 years old. Kurt joined the force in June 1974 and served until June 1977, leaving with the rank of Patrol Officer. He was in Traffic Branch, Highway Patrol. Kurt emigrated to South Africa and had trained and practised as a Paramedic, a career which was cut short by this death. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his widow, Esme, family and friends, to whom we extend our deepest sympathy.
ADF 8646
27 September 2014
Death: John Philip Bursby 6521Tim Cherry reports, with regret, the death of John Bursby on 21 September 2014 at Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom. John joined the force in November 1961 and served until November 1966, leaving with the rank of Patrol Officer to join Immigration Department. During his service he was posted to Matabeleland districts, including Fort Tuli and West Nicholson and ended up as public prosecutor in Gwanda. He emigrated to Canada and went into banking, which carried him to a London investment banking career. He retired to Thailand, but returned to the United Kingdom for health reasons. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends, to whom we extend our deepest sympathy.
ADF 8646
27 September 2014
Eastern Cape Newsletter: September 2014 Ed Holloway has sent his Eastern Cape Newsletter for your reading pleasure.
27 September 2014
Death: Anthony William Austen Down 4696Andrew Wood reports, with regret, the death of Tony Down on 17 September 2014 at Vredenburg, South Africa. He was 84 years of age. Tony joined the force in March 1951 and served until January 1962, retiring on gratuity with the rank of Sergeant. During his service he was stationed at Bulawayo Urban and Gwanda, before transfer to Morris Depot as an Instructor. Tony also served in Salisbury District (Beatrice, Norton, Marandellas, Mount Darwin), Salisbury Urban (Liq and Drugs) and then was PP at the Salisbury Courts.. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his widow, Laura, family and friends, to whom we extend our deepest sympathy. He was at one stage a member of the Eastern Cape Branch of the Regimental Association and he shall be sadly missed by his former colleagues.
ADF 8646
21 September 2014
Death: Robert George Kerswell 4149Barry Henson reports, with regret, the death of Robert Kerswell on 14 September 2014 in Shropshire, United Kingdom. Robert joined the force in December 1946 and served until February 1957, retiring on gratuity with the rank of Detective Sub-Inspector. He spent most of his service in the Criminal Investigation Department. After leaving the force, Robert qualified and took up a career in the legal profession, eventually becoming a partner of a Salisbury legal firm. In 1971 he took up the honorary role of Legal Advisor to the Regimental Association. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his widow, Judy, family and friends, to whom we extend our deepest sympathy. He was a member of the United Kingdom Branch, and up until 2006 the Mashonaland Branch, of the Regimental Association and he shall be sadly missed by his former colleagues.
ADF 8646
15 September 2014

Tony Trethowan 9129 - Civilian Gallantry Award On Second September 2014, former member, Anthony Trethowan received an award for gallantry in a civilian division for his brave actions in an incident in Yemen, on 23 June 2007.
Tony was on duty at an airstrip in central Yemen, managing aircraft and passenger safety when he and a number of people came under automatic gunfire from a position behind them. The source of the firing was a Yemeni soldier armed with an AK 47 assault rifle. The soldier ran forward around the front of the plane, shooting at the body of the aircraft. A number of individuals were hit by the weapons fire. The renegade soldier was eventually shot by one of the military guards, hitting him in the left shoulder. Trethowan quickly ran forward to overpower and helped disarm the gunman then restrain him until help came and the soldier was handed over to military personnel.
During the attack Trethowan gave immediate life-saving first aid to a British man who had been badly wounded. That man later said that Trethowan had helped to save his life and very likely, the lives of at least 3 others. Trethowan also took a leading role in the recovery operation, supervising and directing personnel, managing the medical evacuation and escorting injured persons to medical facilities. One person died in the incident and 5 others were badly injured.
Source: UK Government Civilian Gallantry List 2014
12 September 2014
BSAP Irish Gathering: Clonmel - 6 September 2014
Once again Sandy Stokes put his house and grounds on the family farm at the disposal of the Association for the 13th BSAP Irish Gathering. The day started out cool and cloudy but by afternoon it was a lovely sunny day and the garden was enjoyed by all.
In all previous years the ladies had done a stalwart job in doing the catering and cleaning-up afterwards but this year they were given a break and the catering was done by Merecia Fitzgerald who hitherto had provided boerewors to the Gathering and who was now in the catering line. Merecia did an excellent job in providing the Friday night snacks for the Traditional Irish music night and also for the Saturday lunch. The ladies were thus free to enjoy themselves. Biff Way performed the function of M.C. and Raffle Master in his usual professional manner, assisted by Marie Berry, and raised the sum of 191.00 euro for Association funds. This despite the fact that attendance was a little down on last year, some last minute apologies having been received. Thanks, Biff and Marie, and also thanks to those who provided some great prizes for the Raffle.
Thanks also to those who travelled a long way to attend, like Rod Finnigan from Harare whom I last saw many years ago and those from the UK, including Life President Peter Phillips, Deputy Chairman Alan Toms, Almoner Peter Biddulph and Fred Punter who was responsible for the photographs. Apologies received from Mike Crawford, (4789) Joan Matchett, Associate Stan and Ann Mills, 4896 Frank Sadlier, 4209 Julian Burkitt. Next Gathering will be on Saturday 5th September, 2015.
John Berry 5584
12 September 2014
Clonmel Gathering

Left to right. Kneeling/Sitting: M. Fitzgerald, G. Long, S. Long, K. Flynn, J. Meekin, W. Kavanagh, A. Way, M. Berry, C. Harvey, L. Finnigan, M. Mitchell, E. Norris;
2nd Row/Stand: S.Stokes, L. Toms, C. Meekin, C. Kavanagh, B. Flynn, P.OíHara, G. Norris, R. Harvey;
Back Row: B. Way, J.Berry, A. Toms, P. Biddulph, P. Deasy, T. Meekin, R.Finnigan, J.Foster, D. Foster, T. Devoy, M.Drury, P. Phillips, L. Burrow, F. Punter, P. Leen, N. Hall

Umtali Patrol Officer Robin Hood married Gaye Dobell at the Umtali Catholic Church in September 1965
Achievements: September Birthday Parade A few former members will celebrate 'landmark' birthdays this month, including:
  • 55th Birthday for 10162 Colin Fitch (7 September); 10164 Kevin Pistorius (9 September); 10172 Andrew Siddall (20 September); 10462 Christopher Jones (30 September); 10530 Ken Lindsay (8 September); C976 Andrew Siddall (20 September);
  • 60th Birthday for 9012 Gary Law (6 September); 9786 Lance Combrinck (2 September);
  • 65th Birthday for 8024 Ian Kirkman (2 September); for 8308 Jock Slessor (10 September);
  • 70th Birthday for 6832 Barry Frees (10 September); 6883 Timothy Somerset-Webb (2 September); 7089 Graham McAuslin (25 September);
  • 75th Birthday for 5762 David Bruce (5 September); 5906 Martin Wells (19 September); 5992 Anthony Smith (27 September); 6627 Colin Bungay (16 September);
  • 80th Birthday for 21563M Les Munger (30 September); 5295 Dick Molloy (19 September);
  • 85th Birthday for 4736 George Stuart (14 September);
If you know them, drop them a message... its a good time to refresh your connection. Please note that not all birthdays are mentioned here, just those in multiples of 5 years over 50 or anyone 90 and over. 1 September 2014
Prior Year News Archive There is a News Archive of items going back four years here:
1 August 2014
BSAP Former Members Web News: The web site administrator's news pages are kept up to date by courtesy of the Regimental Association Branches and all those members who report recent news events concerning former members of the force. Your contributions and articles for publication are welcome. Have you or has a former member of the force achieved some fame or passed a milestone? Please drop me a line by and tell me about it. Send pictures too.
Andrew Field 8646