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Wikipedia Entry on the BSA Police:
The Wikipedia entry on the BSA Police provides a broad, rather too brief and not always accurate, history of the force, which is being constantly modified by contributors who sway with political leaning. Former members should visit this link, review the content and attempt to correct content where the truth has been evaded by the original authors.
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Other Police Forces

The South African Police Force:
The South African Police Force web site is a recent innovation by former members to set out aspects of the force's history, rolls, badges and insignia.
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Updated: 2 January 2012


Rhodesian Militaria:
The Rhodesian Militaria site in an interesting location for visitors interested in this subject and puts one in touch with experts on the subject and has much useful information about Rhodesian Militaria.
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Updated: 23 June 2012

Rhodesian Forces

Rhodesian Forces:
This site set up by the Rhodesia Army Association has pages dedicated to the BSA Police, amongst other units which made up the armed services of Rhodesia. It has a useful noticeboard page, which could be updated a little more frequently. One concern is the BSA police Roll of Honour presented on the pages of this site. The Web Administrator could attempt to correct some of the errors on this listing, or simply make reference to the official Roll of Honour on the BSA Police website.
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C Squadron - The Rhodesian SAS:
The official web site of the Rhodesia SAS (C Squadron) Regimental Association is a tribute to this fine regiment which provides a little history and listings of honours and awards, a roll of honour, and a nominal roll of former members of the regiment.
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Updated: 2 January 2012

Prison Services of Rhodesia:
Wayne Kennerly has put together an interesting site to record the former Rhodesian Prison Service on the web. As he says in its introduction, this site 'fills a gap' in the plethora of information about the Rhodesians on the internet. Many will know of Wayne's interested in uniforms and memorabilia, which he extends to his new site.
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