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The BSA Police District Trooper circa 1938.

Images by Dick Hamley author of 'The Regiment'


ADF 8646
25 August 2018

Members W - Whiskey
Waddleton, Peter Stewart- Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 7667 - Section Officer - GSM
Joined: 26 December 1966 - Squad: 8/1966; served until March 1971
Branch Membership: Natal
E-Mail: ;
082 8797486
Updated: 30 September 2011
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Wainwright, Keith - Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England
Force Number: 901349
Joined 1 October 1975; served until July 1982
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Joined as NSPO 901349. Joined full time 12 months later as 9762 serving in Belingwe and Gwelo left 30 September 78. Re-Attested July 79 served at Avondale,Marandellas and PGHQ No.1 Finance Section leaving July 1982.
Wainwright, Paul - Johannesburg/Nelspruit, South Africa
Force Number: 110976 - Section Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: January 1979 - Squad: 10/79; served until May 1982
Joined January 1979 as Cadet C1100 stationed at Mabelreign and later Avondale. Posted to Depot July 1979 Squad 10/79 then to Marandellas, Nyamapanda and Wedza. Ended service as Acting Q-Prov Mash South. Currently employed as Senior Manager: SHEQ at SAFCOL based in Nelspruit although "home" remains Johannesburg
Updated: 29 October 2016
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Wale (nee Begg), Janet Penelope - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: WP383 - W/Patrol Officer
Joined: February 1977 - Squad: 1/1977; served until June 1979
Branch Membership: Western Cape
The first of the WPO squads to enter into the new hostel at Morris Depot. Assigned to 1 relief, Control Centre, Salisbury. Transferred to Mabelreign Left Zimbabwe October 2006 Currently self-employed in Cape Town
Updated: 17 March 2017
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Waite, Terrance- Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Force Number: 10327 - Patrol Officer
Joined 5 January 1978 - Squad: 01/78; served until 31 October 1979
Posted to Bulawayo Central, Ground Coverage, Westgate. Left for UK and spent 5 years there. Moved to South Africa, Johannesburg then Tzaneen and now in Port Elizabeth. Any old mates can make contact.
Updated: 7 February 2009
Walker, Graham Malcolm - Larnaca, Cyprus
Force Number: 6742- Superintendent - RGSM
Joined: 26 September 1962 - Squad: 10/1962; served until 7 May 1980
Branch Membership:Natal
E-mail: ;
00357 24252696; Mobile: 00357 96873676
Served in Uniform District branch, Rusape, Headlands, Mayo, Inyanga, Umtali-Rural. Uniform town (Umtali) **(The absolute best). CID Attachment, Morris Depot Law and Police Instructor, PGHQ, Sinoia, PGHQ and then Support Unit. South Africa owned several businesses, Johannesburg/Durban. Now Retired (unhappily) in Cyprus
Updated: 13 September 2014
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Walker (nee Bowyer), Joan Elizabeth- Hitchin, UK
Force Number: WFR 200019 - Long Service(PR)
Joined: 1960; served until 1981
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ;
01438 831037
Educated in Bulawayo Rhodesia. Went to Evelyn School.Married 4575 Sgt Joseph John Walker in 1957 Joseph passed away 1999 in Johannesburg SA.He left the force in 1963 with rank of Inspector.I left South Africa in 2004 to live in England
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Walker, John 'Butch'- Perth, Australia
Force Number: 7392 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: July 1965 - Squad: 7/1965; served until February 1972
Branch Membership: Australia
E-Mail: ;
61-8 9306 8275
Stationed West Comm., Mzilikazi, Queens Park, Marlborough and finally Salisbury central. Married ex WPO 100 Liz Smith.
Updated: 14 April 2013
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Walker, Rick- Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 8101 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 1968 - Squad: 10/1968; served until 1978
E-Mail: ;
I worked at Salisbury Central and then joined Dog Section. Posted to Bulawayo. Subsequently worked at Western Commonage and Bulawayo Central. Last, and best, three years spent at Chiredzi.
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Walpole, Michael- Sydney, Australia
Force Number: 10372 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 15 January 1978 - Squad: 3/1978
E-Mail: ;
Michael was a P/O in Salisbury Central Traffic 1978 to 1980. Now a Professor of Taxation Law, University of New South Wales.
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Walker, Butch- Perth, Australia
Force Number: 7392 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 19 July 1965 - Squad: 7/1965; served until 5 February 1971
Branch Membership: Australia
E-mail: -
61.8.9306 8275
Updated: 17 February 2013
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Walters, Barry - Empangeni, South Africa
Force Number: C1105/11255 - Patrol Officer
Date of Joined 20 March 1978 - Squad: 7/1978; served until 20 March 1982
E-Mail: ;
+27 35 7873970 - Fax: 35 7870848
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Walton, F.J.S. 'John' - Petaluma, California, USA
Force Number: 5040
Joined 12 April 1953; served until 11 April 1956
Branch Membership: Natal - Life; United Kingdom
E-Mail: ;
Started training in Depot which was interrupted when we moved to Bulawayo to serve at the Rhodes Centenary Exhibition. Then back to depot to finish training. Served at Bulawayo Central, Mzilikazi and Western Commonage (when it was a one roomed hut to which I added a thatched overhang). My last six months were spent at Mzilikazi running the beer squad.
Warburton, Michael Geoffrey - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 4566 - Constable
Joined: February 1950 - Squad: 2/1950; served until February 1953
Branch Membership: Western Cape
+27 021-7940925
+27 083 7940930
Married a Gwelo girl Rhoda Hadley (divorced after 10years.)Worked in non life insurance for a short while. PA to Sec Gen Royal Automobile Club for 11years.Formed my own Company .Fibreglass/insulation/lightweight screeds and waterproofing. (1978)Retired 1988. Remarried with family 46 years ago.
Updated: 25 October 2016
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Ward, Adam - Hermanus, South Africa
Force Number: 9000989
Joined: August 1974; served until July 1975
Served at Umtali Rural during National Service. Subsequently worked for Rhodesia Fertiliser Corporation. Left the country at the end of 1981. Moved to South Africa. Married, two children. Now living in Hermanus, Western Cape.
Updated: 10 March 2018
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Ward, Brian- Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: C1084
Joined 1978; served until 1980
Branch Membership: Western Cape
Joined as a cadet in Fort Victoria. Did not complete training at Morris depot due to medical reasons. Went back to Fort Vic and served as a reserve patrol officer on a permanent basis. Moved to Cape Town in 1981. Chief of Security at De Beers, Finsch mine in the Northern Cape. Believe it or not. I moved back to Harare in Januaqry 2004, working for Rio Tinto as Security Manager for their new diamond mine. Max. 4 years to get it up and running, then somewhere else with the company. Ask me about first hand news of the country. Living in Harare, waiting for family to come up soon. Life still good if you earn Forex! Still quite a few good Zimbo's here.
Ward, David - Nanaimo, Canada
Force Number: 9260 - Patrol Officer
Joined: October 1974 - Squad: 7/1974; served until April 1980
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Would like to hear from any one who was in squad 7 or 8 of 1974 and any one else who knew me.
Updated: 27 June 2016
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Waring, Brian - Vista, California, USA
Force Number: 9126 - Patrol Officer
Joined: January 1974 - Squad: 1/1974; served until December 1976
Updated: 27 July 2014
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Wasserman (nee Duckworth), Margaret Elizabeth- Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: WP279 - Section Officer
Joined: February 1974 - Squad: 1/1974; served until January 1981
Branch Membership: Matabeleland Branch
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Waters (nee Foulkes), Maria - Perth, Australia
Force Number: 540 - W/Patrol Officer
Joined: 1979 - Squad: 2/1979; served until 1983
Updated: 6 April 2019
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Watson, Andrew - Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Force Number: 110855 - Section Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Attest Date: 7 March 1979 - Squad: 7/79; served until 31 May 1982
Updated: 7 March 2009
Watson, Andrew Nicolas- Abergele, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7696 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 24 January 1967 - Squad: 8/1966; served until 1 May 1971
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ;
Updated: 9 June 2013
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Watson, Chunky - Crowborough, UK 22 February 2003
Force Number: 6269 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Date of Joined Jan 1961 - Squad: 1/1961; served until Oct 1969
Branch Membership: United Kingdon
E-Mail: ;
Watson, Ian Malcolm - Parksville, BC, Canada
Force Number: 7141 - Patrol Officer
Joined: June 1967 - Squad: 5/1967; served until 1970
Based mainly in and around Salisbury. Spend time in Traffic and lots of PATU time. Emigrated to Canada in 1977 and now retired living in British Columbia.
Updated: 23 March 2017
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Watson, Ian 'John B.'- Hong Kong, China
Force Number: 24524F - R/Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: August 1976
E-Mail: ;
+852 9144 5549
Director, Stenhouse Portfolio Ltd/Edit24.com. Writing, editing, press,PR and multimedia practitionerss
Updated: 7 August 2011
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Watson, John - Whangarei, New Zealand
Force Number: C899 / 9652 - Section Officer - RGSM ZIM
Joined 18 June 1976 - Squad: 4/76; served until 9 May 1980
E-Mail: ;
I started as a Cadet in Jan '76 stationed at Que Que Urban until posted to Morris Depot. Then Southerton, Salisbury Central Traffic Investigations, Salisbury Traffic Car Thefts, Bravo Squad Riot Standby 79/80, and Salisbury PATU
Updated: 9 November 2008
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Watters, Cynthia - UK 24 December 2002
Regimental Number: WP112 - W/Section Officer - GSM
Date of Joined 15 November 1965 - Squad: 1/1966; served until September 1972
Watters, Richard - Sydney, Australia
Force Number: 4845 - Constable
Joined 28 January 1952 - Squad: 1/52; served until 14 August 1957
Association Branch Membership: Australia
E-mail: ;
02 9489 0184 - Fax: 02 9487 7274
Arrived in Australia 1958, en route to South America. Instead went to uni took B.COMM (NSW) and stayed. First wife patricia(1961). Manager research and statistic (Sydney Stock Exchange) during 1970s share boom. Later share registrar (CSR). Now independent share market trader. 2nd wife (needed the lobola) Robyn(1983) (practising eye surgeon) one girl, two boys, guy at uni, Fraser in final year at Knox, playing in the 1st rugby 15. Charlotte(1st marriage) Lumleys (hedge fund) London.
Way, Biff - Centurion, South Africa
Force Number: 5625
Joined 4 January 1957 - Squad: 1/1957; served until 31 March 1977
Branch Membership: Transvaal
E-Mail: ;
+27 12 6642037
Attested with squad 1/57 members - served in Gwelo, Fort Vic, Enkeldoorn, Que Que, Fort Vic Rural and Chibi before transferring to C.I.D. Bulawayo. Served in most departments in the C.I.D. Left the force and worked initially as a Tobacco Auctioneer for T.A. a nd then transferred into the motor trade - was Manager of Cairns Borrowdale before emergrating to South Africa where I worked for the Tongaat Hulett group, S.A. Breweries, Afrox and currently for Nabisco S.A. (Pty) Limited, where I have been the National Security Manager for the past six years.
Webb, Alastair James- Kempton Park, South Africa
Force Number: C70/5807 - D/C/Inspector - PMM; RGSM; PLSM; ZIM
Joined: 5 February 1958 - Squad: 2/58
Branch Membership: Transvaal Branch
E-Mail: ;
+27 82 668 6695
Updated: 31 March 2019
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Webb, Tim Somerset Kigali, Rwanda
Force Number: 6883 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 13 February 1963 - Squad: 3/1963; served until June 1966
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Updated: 11 July 2015
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Webster, Cliff - Swapkopmund, Namibia
Force Number: C262 and 6948 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM, MLM(Mil), ZIM Joined 9 May, 1963 - Squad: 6/63; served until 30 June, 1966
Branch Membership: Transvaal
Fax: 0097143167224
Total four and a half years in BSAP. Later joined Rhod. Army and studied Medicine. Served as Regimental Medical Officer of RLI for years 1977 to 1980. Joined Anglo American/De Beers and served in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia until Jan., 2000. Head of Emirates Medical Services from February, 2000. Retired from Emirates April, 2010, and currently consulting with an Occupational Medicine Group in Namibia.
Updated: 7 April 2012
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Weedman, Linda- Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: WP421 - W/Patrol Officer
Joined: 1 October 1977 - Squad: 4/1977
Branch Membership: Mashonaland Branch
Harare traffic B car driver. Later entered world of accounting/ finance and now a Certified Financial Planner(R)with my own small business. Love still being able to help people in a different way. Techno challenged but on Facebook!
Updated: 7 August 2011
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Weidemann, Paul Robert - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 8945 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: March 1973 - Squad: 2/1973; served until July 1978
071 882 1356
I joined in January 1973 and was in squad 2/73 but because I was not 18 yet was issued a Cadet number. On my birthday (5/3/73)I was given my force number of 8945. I was first stationed in Gatooma, then Hartley and did a relief stint in Selous.I applied for attachment to Special Branch and was first sent to Gwelo and then to Shabani While in Shabani I resigned from the force and moved to South Africa in July 1978. Presently working as an estate agent in Strand Western Cape.
Updated: 21 February 2018
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Weinzheimer, Kai Werner Lothar - Centurion, South Africa
Force Number: 9496 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: November 1975; served until November 1978
Branch Membership: Transvaal
+27 824519117
Served in Gwelo but was mostly operational in SB and spent most of my three in the bush. Presently Group Managing Director of PRSS Holdings(Pty) Ltd. The Holding Company consists of six operating companies, located around South Africa. Provide full range of security and related services. My head office is situated in Centurion, Pretoria.
Updated: 8 December 2018
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Welch, Clifford Douglas- Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 10213 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 29 November 1977 - Squad: 12/1977; served until 31 December 1981
E-Mail: ;
0712 600 627
Updated: 21 January 2011
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Wellburn, Kenneth- Fort Lauderdale, USA
Force Number: 4948 - Constable
Left Rhodesia 1955, joined Hong Kong Police retired in 1977 and moved to USA in 1980.
Updated: 19 September 2009
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Wernberg, Grant Stewart Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Force Number: NS901265 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: July 1975 - Squad: 5/1975; served until January 1980
Branch Membership: Natal
+27 (41) 372 1179
+27 (66) 237 0680
Joined as a NSPO Served 2+ years in Matabeleland (Gwanda District)under John Tedford (OIC) and Chris Carver (DISPOL). Then served in PATU as a reservist until end of last call-up, January 1980. Would love to make coms with anyone from the old family. Currently living in PE, self employed, 3 children/5 grandchildren.
Updated: 17 May 2019
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West, Christopher Bruce - Petersfield, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6876 - Inspector
Joined: February 1963; served until 1982
Branch Membership: Matabeleland
Retired, living in the UK. Lived in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia from 2012-2016.
Updated: 2 February 2019
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Westland, Gordon 'Bimbo'- Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9885 - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 25 January 1977 - Squad: 1/1977; served until 1981
E-Mail: ;
Equitation squad, West Comm, CPU West Nguboyenja, BUEU, PGHQ-The Outpost.
Updated: 21 January 2011
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Weston (Nee Riddle), Fiona - Auckland, New Zealand
Force Number: WP427 - W/Section Officer
Joined November 1977 - Squad: 4/77; served until June 1981
Stationed at Bulawayo Central, Licence Inspectorate and Mzilikazi.
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Weston, Mike- Highfields, Australia
Force Number: 9404/110690 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 1974 - Squad: 8/1974; served until 1981 E-Mail:
Went through depot as a cadet (C846, first posting Sby Central, Control Room. Support Unit (ZA Troop, Traffic and Sub Aqua.
Updated: 19 June 2010
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Whale (Nee Clarke), Doreen Ethel - Denmark, Australia
Force Number: WP39 W/Sergeant
Joined 1939; served until 1946
E-mail: ;
08 98482734
I am filling out this form for my mum who served during the war and then later worked for the Police in Bulawayo until 1962 when we came to Perth, Western Australia as a family. Mum is still alive and now 87. Dad has since died (LRDG) and post master at Macheke. My name is Sally Simmons (nee Whale).
Updated: 19 December 2009
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Wheeler, Graham- Walton-On-Thames, UK
Force Number: 901671/10046 - Section Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Date of Joined 1 January 1976 - Squad: 6/76; served until 18 March 1981
E-Mail: ;
Other members of my family 'ex members' Ray Wheeler (Matabeleland) Steve Wheeler (Dog Section)
Wheeler, Ian- Hull, UK
Force Number: 8717 - D/Section Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined 29.12.1971 - Squad: 9/71; served until 3/9/1982
Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ;
01482 708332
Updated: 9 November 2008
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White, Fred - Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Force Number: 4090
Joined 11 June 1946; served until 22 August 1952
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
White, Greg - Co.Cork, Ireland
Force Number: 6658
Joined: April 1962 - Squad: 5/1962; served until 5/1972
+353868070224 (Fax too)
Am a retired Jungian oriented psychotherapist and holistic health adviser and spiritual teacher.In gratitude for the extraordinary life experience that I shared with ex comrades had in Africa I am happy to offer my expertise to interested parties. Part of that expertise is making present sense of haunting dreams or memories. This will obviously offered in strict confidence, and at no cost. http://www.endlesspossibilities.ie
Updated: 1 April 2016
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Whiting (nee O Donnell), Shevaun- Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: WP228 - GSM
Joined 1 September 1973 - Squad: 3/73; served until June 1978
E-Mail: ;
Whitelaw, James 'Jamie' George, Southern Cape, South Africa
Force Number: 5001 - A/Commissioner - PLSM
Joined: December1952 - Squad: 12/1952; served until August 1982
Branch Membership: Western Cape
Mostly served in the districts until January 1975 when I went to SBHQ as O/C Ground Coverage until September 1979 when I went to Gatooma District and finally to Victoria Province. Have been in George since January 1983. Until 2010 was active as an Insurance Broker. Eventually retired to play more golf.
Updated: 17 May 2019
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Whittaker, Colin - Perth, Western Australia
Force Number: 6211
Joined 1960; served until 1967
E-Mail: ;
(08) 9498 0233 Fax (08) 9498 0244
I joined the BSAP as a cadet in 1959 serving at Avondale and PGHQ C160. Attested in 1960 served at Marlborough Information Room, Salisbury thereafter CID Salisbury, theft from cars and fraud squad before going into Special Branch. Moved to CID Gwelo about 1964 resigned from Force in 1967. Served with Henry Wolhuter, Dave Blacker, Dave Wright, Ted Starling, Jock McGuiness and loads of others. I would particularly like to hear from Bob Wishart who I believe was injured during the war or anyone who has knowledge of his contact details. I currently own a private investigations business in Perth, Western Australia having served 20 years with the Ministry of Justice Internals. Anyone who remembers me, call home.
Widdop, John - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8061 - Section Officer
Joined: August 1968 - Squad: 8/1968; served until July 1981

Updated: 22 February 2019
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Wielopolski, L.K. 'Willy' - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 6764 - C/Inspector
Date of Joined 1 October 1962 - Squad: 11/1962; served until 5 May 1981
Membership: Transvaal
E-Mail: ;
Most service in District and now run own P.I. business from home in Jbg.
Wigston, Michael - Sydney, Australia
Force Number: 10338 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 5 January 1978 - Squad: 2/1978; served until May 1981
E-Mail: ;
Stationed at West Comm (Bulawayo), and PATU. Ended up working in I.T. and have lived variously in Cape Town, London, Derby, Melbourne and Sydney (now working at ASIC). Am on FaceBook.
Updated: 11 July 2014
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Willcox, John Edmund - Jersey, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5359 - C/Inspector - RGSM
Joined: June 1955
District stations Mashonaland, then I/c Inyanga and Gokwe ended Law and Police instructor in Depot. Jersey prison service 15 years from 1977 then airport security for another 15! Married to Pauline in happy retirement for past 10 years now 80.
Updated: 12 May 2017
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Wills, Michael William London, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5920 - Patrol Officer
Joined: November 1958 - Squad: 10/1958; served until 1966
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Currently Team Leader (part time) Customer Service Terminal 5 Heathrow (Omniserv)
Updated: 7 June 2019
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Wilkins, Alastair Gordon Stafford Benoni, South Africa
Force Number: 110800 Rank: Patrol Officer Medals: RGSM, ZIM
Joined: January 1979; served until November 1980
Branch Membership: Transvaal
+27 74 102 8470
+27 74 102 8470
I am currently living in Benoni, South Africa. I work in freight as an export project coordinator. I am very involved in cycling and enter numerous races throughout the year.
Updated: 23 September 2017
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Wilkin, William Ian - Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 8392 - D/Inspector
Joined January 1970 - Squad: 1/70; served until Aug 1982
Association Branch Membership: Natal
E-mail: ;
Bulawayo, Gwelo, Salisbury and many points North. CID and SB.
Wilkins, Alastair Gordon Stafford- Benoni, South Africa
Force Number: 110800 - Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: January 1979; served until November 1980
E-Mail: ;
I am currently living in Benoni, South Africa. I work in freight as an export project coordinator. I am very involved in cycling and enter numerous races throughout the year.
Updated: 8 February 2014
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Willard, Laing - Melton Mowbray, UK
Force Number: 9031 (C652) - S/Section Officer
Date of Joined April 1972 - Squad: 5/1973; served until January 1979
E-Mail: ;
01664 560449
Served as a cadet until basic training as a P/O in squad 5/73. Served in Salisbury Central Charge office, Harare Central, Southerton,and HQ before leaving to emigrate to the UK. Retrained as an electrician and now service large commercial laundry and drying equipment across the East Midlands.
Williams, Michael Clive- Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 6484 - Superintendent
Joined: Aug 1961 - Squad: 11/1961; served until 1981
Branch Membership: Natal
E-Mail: ;
Updated: 13 October 2013
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Williams, Peter Robin - Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Force Number: 4499 - Constable - SADF Commendation Medal
Joined: November 1949 -Squad: 11/49; served until November 1952
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Upon my discharge I served with the N.R.Police retiring in April 1964 as an Assistant Superintendent. This was followed by three years as assistant chief security officer at the General Motors plants, Port Elizabeth. After UDI I returned to S.R. joined Internal Affairs and was DC Mount Darwin 1977 - 1981. I then accepted a commission with the SADF finally retiring aged 60 in the rank of Commandant
Updated: 7 August 2017
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Williams, Robert Albert - Stratham, Australia
Force Number: 10053 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 2 May 1977 - Squad: 7/1977; served until 31 December 1979
E-Mail: ;
+61897955818; Mobile: +61427770720
Its post was Mazoe in 1977. A month later transferred to Marandellas Investigation Unit. 78 joined SIS until it was disbanded in April 79. Transferred to Mtoko where I remained until December 79.
Updated: 23 May 2014
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Williams, Sam- Perth, Australia
Force Number: 4780 - Superintendent
Joined: 1951 - Squad: 10/1951; served until 1973
Branch Membership: Australia Branch
E-Mail: ;
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Williamson, Frederick - Calpe, Spain
Force Number: 7242 - Patrol Officer
Date of Joined January 1965; served until January 1968
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ;
0034 96 583 8550
Change of address - PD Olta Mar 1C, 03710 Calpe, Alicante, Spain
Willoughby, John Bacup, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7050
Joined: January 1964; served until April 1977
After passing out from Depot squad 1/64 was station at Umvukwes, Bindura, Shamva, Chirundu, Sinoia, West Comm and CPU Byo West. Retired on gratuity April 1977 and moved to Johannesburg where employed by Shield Security for several years. Moved to East London 1983 and from there to UK 1997. Retired 2016 and living in Lancashire.
Updated: 26 November 2016
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Wills, Michael William- London, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5920 - Patrol Officer
Joined: November 1958 - Squad: 10/1958; served until 1966
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ;
Still working full time at Heathrow-London as a Team Leader in Customer Service based in Terminal 5 member of Linkedin
Updated: 16 April 2014
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Wilson, Brian - Perth, Australia
Force Number: 9663 - C/Inspector - GSM
Joined 29 June 1976 - Squad: 6/76; served until 31 July 1984
Association Branch Membership: Australia
E-mail: ;
08 9258 6710 - Fax: 08 9258 4974
Stationed at Borrowdale, Makumbi Mission Base, and Karoi Police Station. I then passed the trade test and was posted to Armoury on the Hard Square, where I completed my apprenticeship as a Fitter inc. Machining. I am registered with the Institute of Incorporated Engineers in the UK
Wilson , David- Ottawa, Canada
Force Number: 6813 - Inspector - RGSM
Joined 13 Decemmber 1962 - Squad: 13/1962
Date of Date of; served until '1 May 1980
E-mail: ;
613 7218090 - Fax: 613 7213708
Served Bulawayo,Shabani,Sinoia and Bulawayo again. Known to many as 'Dutch'. Served in the SAN. Left for Canada 1989 and with wife Cynthia, daughters Tanya,Lisa and son Gordon. My clan is increasing in size ,3 grandchildren and counting. Eager to hear from and respond to comrades of Glorious Times Past. Yours in the Corps.
Updated: 25 February 2010
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Wilson, Ian Michael - Sydney, Australia
Force Number: 110752G - Patrol Officer
Joined: January 1979 - Squad: 3/1979; served until December 1981
Posted to Highlands, Breaside, Riot Squads at time of election. Police Urban Emergency Unit and Licience Inspectors.
Updated: 21 February 2018
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Wilson, Rod - Merseyside, United Kingdom
Force Number: 4933 - Constable
Date of Joined 2 June 1952 - Squad: 7/1952; served until 1 June 1955
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-mail: ;
0151 605 1333
Unfortunate enough to have first Posting to Inyati under Sam Weller with Nigel Argyle whom I next met in San Francisco in 2001. Then to Essexvale and Bulawayo with Ron Pilbrough and Ray Haines then finished at Mzilikazi with John Walton
Wilson, Trevor- Hillcrest Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 5661 - A/Commissioner - RGSM; PLSM; ZSM
Joined: 17 March 1957 - Squad: 4/57; served until 1 March 1981
Branch Membership: Natal Branch
E-Mail: ;
031 716 8233
Served at Sby Central C.O, Enquiry Section, Mortuary and Control Room, Umtali, Driving School, Southerton, Waterfalls, PGHQ, Joint Planning Staff, Mash Prov and Sby Prov. OC Police Reserve, and Ass. Com. Crime & Security, Sby Prov. Relocated to Pretoria, SA and joined SA Breweries, retiring as Div. Risk Manager.
Updated: 5 June 2011
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Wiltshire, Michael B - Christchurch, New Zealand
Force Number: 4857 - C/Superintendent - MLM
Joined: February 1952 - Squad: 2/1952; served until February 1970
Branch Membership: New Zealand
Updated: 12 May 2017
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Winter, Malcolm d'Alroy- Centurion, South Africa
Force Number: 7010 - C/Inspector
Joined: 10 October 1963 - Squad: 10/1963; served until 10 October 1980
E-Mail: ;
0845856385 Fax:
Was stationed at Beatrice,Marandellas, Mount Darwin, Shabani, Gwelo ( Assistant Q/Rep Midlands) Support Unit V Troop, and thereafter working with Paddy Balwin running the training camp, thereafter i/c Wankie. Now semi retired and looking for something to do in the Centurion area S/A.
Updated: 29 February 2012
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Woan, Barry Robert Charles - Ramsgate, South Africa
Force Number: C533/8157 - Inspector - RGSM,MLM,ZIM,TYM
Joined: 26 December 1968 - Squad: 11/1968; served until 13 May 1982
Branch Membership: Natal
E-Mail: ;
039 3122028; Mobile: 0834430533
Joined Cadet Squad 1/68 on 20/01/68 and Recruit Squad 11/68 in December.Member of Display Team and Opening of Parliament in 1969.Served Mzilikazi and Donnington.Member of PATU and Sub Aqua.Joined Support Unit in 74 and served until 82.Worked in Pvt Security Company for 25 years in Johannesburg. Now retired in Ramsgate
Updated: 9 August 2014
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Wolvaardt, Chris- Middelburg, South Africa
Force Number: 9346 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 28 January 1975 - Squad: 2/1975; served until December 1978
E-Mail: ;
0839527085 - Fax: 0132827846
Am deputy director of a NGO Welfare Organisation situated in Middelburg Mpumalanga. Was first stationed at Zaka, then went back to Morris Depot as Instuctor, then on to CPU Harare and finished off at Traffic Harare
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Wood, Andrew - Saldanha Bay, South Africa
Force Number: 7955 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined 8 April 1968 - Squad: 4/68; served until 31 October 1973
Branch Membership: Capetown
E-mail: ;
+22 7141678
Served in Bulawayo in various postings including Central, Hillside, Court Section which was a great place for doing nothing except riding around on motorbikes! Short stint in CID and ended off in Info Room. Now Mussel Farming for the past 17 years.
Wood, David John - Stowmarket, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8321 - S/Section Officer
Joined: October 1969; served until January 1974
E-Mail: ;
441449615187; Mobile: 441449615187
Returned to the Uk after five years and completed 37 years service in total in the British Police Force. Now retired.
Updated: 31 August 2014
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Wood, Harry- Wells, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7895 - Section Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Attested 9 January;1968 - Squad: 1/1968; served until 31 December 1980
Branch Membership: Mashonaland
E-Mail: ;
Left my beloved Rhodesia/Zimbabwe in 2002 and immigrated to the U/K; could not longer afford private school fees; had to give my kids a decent education; really miss our good life back home.
Updated: 2 May 2010
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Wood, Michael- Leigh on Sea, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5486 - D/Section Officer
Joined: May 1956; served until April 1967
E-Mail: ;
01702 474480
I have now sold the Little Swallow Restaurant and have retired to a life of golf , travel and good living.
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Wood, Nick- Hereford, UK
Force Number: 8992
Date of Joined 6 August 1972; served until 31 March1978
Woodburne, Jonathan Gerrard 'Swazi'- Kimberley, South Africa
Force Number: 6751 - Inspector - RGSM, PLSM, ZIM, ZEM
Joined: 27 September 1962 - Squad: 10/1962; served until 06 August 1982
Branch Membership: Transvaal Branch
E-Mail: ;
(Home) 053-8421040, (Cell) 072 125 3616
After leaving BSAP, joined De Beers security at Finsch Mine Lime Acres, South Africa. Retired 2001 as Security Manager (Superintendent), Koffiefontein Mine in the Free State. Presently living in Kimberley, S.A. Married to Chrissie nee Blignaut, from Enkeldoorn. Have 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter, all living in South Africa. Anyone from the good old days wishing to make contact, please do so.
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Woods, Kevin John- Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 8531 - Inspector - RGSM ZIM
Joined: 5 November 1970 - Squad: 6/1970; served until 6 August 1981
Branch Membership: Natal Branch
Uniform Branch, Support unit and CPU. Then CIO.
Updated: 3 December 2011
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Woods, Michael Joe - Gunnedah, Australia
Force Number: 7861 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: December 1967 - Squad: 8/1967; served until May 1973
+61+7+4662 3601
Stationed at Salisbury Central, Information Room, Inyanga and Bulawayo Traffic. The usual PATU stints in Mashonaland, Manicaland and Matabeleland. Also served 12 years in Northern Territory Police Force. Director and in partnership with my son Luke Woods, business called ‘Alternative Contract Solutions Pty Ltd’ – involved in Project Management to the mining and energy sectors. Should anyone be passing through Dalby, please feel free to stop by for a cuppa or a beer.
Updated: 4 August 2018
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Woolnough, Raymond- Townsville, Australia
Force Number: C911 / 9874 - Section Officer - RGSM, ZIM & 5 Austalian Medals
Joined: 29 January 1976 then 24 January 1977 - Squad: 11/1977; served until 26 April 1983
Branch Membership: Queensland Branch
E-Mail: ;
0400 753 724
I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia). After leaving school in December 1975, I joined the BSAP on 29 January 1976. I remained in the BSAP for seven and a half years and attained the rank of Section Officer. My final posting was to Harare Training facility. I migrated to Australia with my then wife Andrea and my son Dale on 12 June 1986. My daughter, Kylie, was born in Australia in August 1986. I enlisted into the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) on 26 February 1987. I remained in the RAAF for 22 years, performing a variety of duties and being promoted through the ranks quickly. I was eventually promoted to Warrant Officer (Discipline) and held this position for two years. In 2001 I was appointed as Air Command Warrant Officer, based in Sydney NSW. In 2005 I was appointed as Warrant Officer of the Air Force. I continued in this role until my retirement from the permanent RAAF on 27 February 2009. In 2007, I was appointed a Member in the Military Division
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Worden, Alfred John - Wellington, New_Zealand
Force Number: 5334 - C/Superintendent - PLSM
Joined: 8 May 1955 - Squad: 3/1955; served until 7 May 1980
Branch Membership:New Zealand
; Membership: New Zealand Branch 64 4 9380490

Served in District Branch: Umtali, Inyanga, Rusape, Enkeldoorn, i/c Chilimanzi, Ft Victoria Rural, i,c Bikita, Chiredzi, PWO Victoria i/c Plumtree, i/c Sinoia. Border Control Officer Lomagundi, S/O to Compol, Combined Ops HQ: Protection Forces Co-ordinator. Married in Rusape, wife Doreen, d aughter Mandy, Son Christopher. Moved to UK 1982 and NZ 2013 following death of Doreen.Now resident with Mandy and husband Derek, son of the late 4298 Supt John Worsley.
Updated: 28 February 2015
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Worrall-Clare, Steve - Ramsgate, South Africa
Force Number: 7522 - S/Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 1966 - Squad: 1/1966; served until 1977
Branch Membership: Natal Midlands
039 3149772
Served Umvukwes, Centenary, Mazoe, Waterfalls CID/SB Redbricks.P.A.T.U Hard Square. On leaving Force opened 3 Security Co in RSA. Engaged in the local church in 1990 and became a full time Pastor in 2000. Now head up an International Prayer based Ministry "The Prayer Window". Have written several books and have circumnavigated the globe 23 times in the last 12 years. Would love to hear from all and any BSAP believers. Contact Steve
Updated: 29 October 2016
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Worrod, Alaric- Cambridge, United Kingdom
Force Number: 22023 - R/Patrol Officer
Joined: 1974
E-Mail: ;
077 6013 6888
I can't remember the exact dates of joining and leaving - All my records were stolen whilst living in Kenya some years later - I was in the A Reserve stationed out of Salisbury Central whilst in traffic and later stationed at Avondale.
Updated: 18 June 2011
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Wright, Brian - Bergville, South Africa
Force Number: 7692 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined 10 January 1967 - Squad: 1/1967; served until 18 March 1971
Branch Membership: Natal Midlands+Transvaal
E-mail: ;
082-4136330 - Fax: 0866752440
After almost 40 years still consider the time spent in the BSAP the best days of my life. Equitation display squad 1967. Stationed Mzilikazi, Nkai, Tjolotjo and Bindura. Claim to fame - BSAP Bisley Champion in 1970. (No! - I did not beat Don Hollingsworth. He chickened out and went to shoot, as a private entry, in the Commonwealth Games in Bisley.)
Wright, David John - Ballito, South Africa
Force Number: 5666 - C/Superintendent
Joined: March 1957; served until July 1978
Branch Membership: Natal
27 32 5381104
27 82 8001669
Served Gwelo,Bulawayo,Vic Falls and Salisbury mainly CID and SB.
Updated: 15 January 2018
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Wynn, Lawrence - Swindon, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5886
Joined 29 September 1958 - Squad: 8/58; served until 12 January 1963
Medals: GSM Malaya : Cyprus UN :GSM Northern Ireland
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ;
British National Service 1955-57; BSAP 1958-63; Swaziland Police 1963-66; HMForces 1967-83; Property Management 1983-2004; Retired 2004
Wynn, Stuart - Hillcrest, South Africa
Force Number: 9609 - Section Officer (T) - RGSM
Joined: 1 April 1976; served until May 1980
+27825636055 ;
Have 4 years in the BSAP based in Fort Victoria, then Salisbury Central and in between several postings to Bindura, Sinoa, Maranandellas. Thereafter was with CIO for 13 months before moving to SA. Have spent 35 years in Furniture Retail - recently been retrenched as holding company went into Business Rescue. Living in Hillcrest KZN, loving it and have just started an Online Shopping website called - FlockTogether
Updated: 19 December 2015
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