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ADF 8646
25 August 2018

Members Q - Quebec
Quick, Geoff - Edington, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6681 - D/C/Inspector - PLSM, RGSM, ZIM
Joined: 14 May 1962 - Squad: 6/1962; served until 14 May 1980
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ;
01278 722095 Fax:
A former district man, who after a spell with Dog Section spent the rest of his time in the Force with the CID, including an interesting five years at SBHQ. Met some super people in the BSAP many of whom I'm still in contact through the Regimental Association in the UK. Happy days!
Updated: 13 October 2013
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Quickfall, Patrick - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7328 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined 13 April 1965 - Squad: 4/1965; served until 30 September 1969
Branch Membership: United Kingdom Branch
07756 636041
Served at Marandellas,Kariba and Beatrice.Founder member of the Jam Jar Inn at Kariba along with Messrs Bullmore, Pugsley, John, Preller, Shelley, Seaward, Carver, Paine, McBride, Harvey, Saul, Lebish and Sandy Sanderson.
Updated: 22 May 2010
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Members R - Romeo
Raath, Auvergne 'Auv' - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 5784 - Constable
Joined 15 December 1957- Squad: Squad 11/57; served to 30 December 1959
+263 4 300786; Fax: +263 4 300793
Left the force prematurely (by purchase) after I had had a one-sided argument with a very senior police officer. The Cavalry Club attitude of 'them and us' did not sit very well with me at the time. Otherwise lots of very pleasant memories and good mates.
Updated: 15 February 2009
Rabie, Gavin - Capetown, South Africa
Force Number: 9147 - Patrol Officer
Joined: January 1974 - Squad: 2/1974; served until 1977
Updated: 23 June 2018
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Rainsford, Moira - Francistown, Botswana
Force Number: 235 - RGSM
Joined 27 November 1973 - Squad: 1/74; served to 20 December 1975
00 267 74 114701
Updated: 27 October 2007
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Rainford, John 'Alan' - Bundaberg, Australia
Force Number: 6821 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined: December 1962 - Squad: 13/1962; served until December 1967
Branch Membership: Australia
Served at Inyati Mat.Prov.Byo.Central.I/C Statistics Office Byo.Central and 2nd I/c.African Police Camp,Byo.in Staff Branch. Worked in UK.National Blood Transfusion Service,Lancaster & Senior Security Officer Diamond Mines).Sierra Leonne.Now Australia,Bundaberg,Retired
Updated: 29 October 2016
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Rankin, Robert Fleming - Great Yeldham, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7004 - Inspector - RGSM; PLSM
Joined: September 1963 - Squad: 8/1963; served until January 1983
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Joined in July 63 as a cadet C310. After completing depot training,mounted escorts and mounted patrols stationed at Gwelo, Enkeldoorn, Hippo Valley,Bulawayo (Dog Section, Western Area's, Traffic, Highway Patrol, Sub Aqua). After GC stint at Beit Bridge moved to Bulawayo District (Kezi, Filabusi,Nkayi). Left ZRP from Zvishavani/Mberengwa in 1982.
Updated: 12 May 2017
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Ransley, Richard Charles - Montrose, Scotland, UK
Force Number: 7467 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 16 October 1965 - Squad: 09/1965; served until 28 February 1970
E-Mail: ;
01674 820267/07856383096
Almost 35 years in Africa, plus ten + in Scotland, retired and happy about it. Must have enjoyed Afica - two marriages, 5 children, two g'childs and soon to be a third, and I keep returning for holidays & travels. From Kariba in the North to Cape Town in the South and a lot of places in between - Windhoek Namiba for 16 years,and each place an experience not to be forgotten. I've been told to write the book and maybe I shall oneday when the pace of life slows down a little...Happy to talk to all 'old comrades' and catch up on what's happened since 'then'....Cheers mine's a Pilsner.
Updated: 8 September 2010
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Rausch, Derek Michael - Pretoria, South Africa
Force Number: 10185 - Patrol Officer - RGSM MCM ZIM
Joined: 3 October 1977 - Squad: 11/1977; served until 2 September 1980
Branch Membership:Transvaal
012 8110551
Updated: 15 March 2015
Ray, Dick - Ross on Wye, United Kingdom 30 March 2003
Force Number: 5075 - C/Superintendent - PLSM, RGSM
Date of Joined 6 June 1953 - Squad: 4/53; served to 12 December 1977
Branch Membership: United Kingdom

Editor, United Kingdom Outpost. Retired, living at Goodrich near Ross on Wye, Herefordshire.
Rayner, Jonathan Andrew - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 8049 - Inspector - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: August 1968 - Squad: 8/1968; served until August 1981
Served at Gwelo Central, Belingwe, Bikita, PGHQ, Tomlinson Depot. On leaving worked at Beverley Building Society for 3 years, then moved to Standard Bank in Johannesburg and did vegetable farming for ten years. Currently Regional Manager for Entropic Tutors for Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban areas, based in Roodepoort.
Updated: 7 August 2017
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Redman, Clinton - East London, South Africa
Force Number: 110734 D - S/Patrol Officer
Joined: 3 January 1979 - Squad: 1/1979; served until 31 December 1981
Wounded at Nembudzia, during ops against Sitholes Auxiliaries after which stationed at Queens Park, Bulawayo till my discharge.
Updated: 20 February 2011
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Redmond, Paddy - Bedford, UK
Force Number: 8543 - Inspector
Joined 31st December 1970 - Squad: 1/71

In Bedfordshire Police - Civilian Staff - Financial Investigator
Reeler, Mike - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 8299
Joined 6 August 1969; served to 6 August 1980
Membership - Western Cape (RSA)
Rees, Lincoln - Gosford NSW, Australia
Force Number: 10444
Joined February 1978 - Squad: 5/1978; served to May 1980
Keen to contact anyone from squads 5/6 1978. Have misplaced passout photo and would love copy. Also keen to contact anyone who remembers me. My father, Jerry, BSAP tennis and golf champion for many years would also be interested in hearing from old mates. Contact at same address.
Reeve, Martin - Perth, Australia
Force Number: 9841 - Section Officer
Joined 15 December 1976 - Squad: 12/76; served until 12 October 1981

20 March 2010
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Reeves, Graham - Edenvale, South Africa
Force Number: 9716 - Section Officer
Joined: 2 August 1976 - Squad: 5/1976; served until 31 August 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal Branch
Stationed Gatooma Central,Battlefields, SB Gwelo,SB Shabani, Belingwe and finally Que Que Central. Keen to hear from anybody that served with me, or remembers me.
Updated: 30 September 2010
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Reitz, Debra Ann see Davis
Reitz, Neil - Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Force Number: 9502
Joined 9 December 1975; served to 03 May 1982

Stationed at Bulawayo Central, Gwanda and then Police Mounted Troop. Later transferred to the Support Unit and Police Special Tactics Troop where I remained prior to my discharge from the Force. Would like to contact old Force friends.
Restorick, Graeme - Alton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9573 - Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined 21 February 1976 - Squad: 2/76; served to 2 January 2001
Branch Membership: United Kingdom Branch

PEC and SB Bulawayo and Beitbridge. Left Zims in '87, worked in aviation security and did a bit of travelling. Am know firmly ensconced in UK.
Updated: 13 June 2009
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Reyneke Kevin John - Bukoba, Tanzania
Force Number: 9722 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined 16 August 1976 - Squad: 7/76; served until March 1982
255 782587775
Updated: 20 February 2010
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Reynolds, Adrian - Colchester, United Kingdom
Force Number: 4841 - Constable
Joined 28 January 1952 - Squad: 1/1955; served to 27 Januanry 1955

Telephone 01206 513424
Returned to UK 1955 and served three years in the Special Investigation Branch, Corps of Royal Military Police. Then joined Northern Rhodesia Police in 1958 where served in Special Branch. Continued in Zambia police, after Independence, retiring in July, 1966 with rank of Assistant Superintendent.
Richmond, Alan - Taunton, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8352 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: December 1969 - Squad: 10/1969; served until 1974
E-Mail: ;
Updated: 27 May 2014
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Rickson, Jeremy - Ludlow, UK
Force Number: 7612 - D/Inspector - RGSM
Joined 3rd july 1966 - Squad: 5/66; served to july 1978
Riddell, David P - Sydney, Australia
Force Number: 111038S - Patrol Officer
Joined: January 1977; served until December 1978
+61 439402104
National Service - NSPO: Chipinga, Ruangwe, Headlands. followed by short course Squadron selection/para course. Originally from Headlands. Semi-retired sports physio/perpetual student.
Updated: 23 May 2014
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Rix, Margaret see Ronne
Robas, Ian - Luton, United Kingdom
Force Number: 10595 - Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: July 1978 - Squad: 11/78; served until October 1981
Branch Membership: Western Cape
+44 (0)1582487449
+44 (0)7446884289
Born Bulawayo, went to Chaplin High School (Gwelo) and Churchill High School (Salisbury). Emmigrated to RSA in October 1982 and married Julie in December 1983. Have two children Wade (24) and Carly (21). Emmigrated to the UK in March 1993. Currently a police officer in the Metropolitan Police London.

Updated: 23 September 2017
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Robbie, Kenneth Scott - Haydock Merseyside, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7148 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined 13 July 1964; served to 28 May 1971
Attested in 1964. Was in the 1st squad to enter depot as Constables and pass out as Patrol Officers with the FN rifle instead of the .303. Posted to Gatooma Headquarters and the to Hartley for a year under C/I Ron Dick. Then transferred to Salisbury Traffic till end of service. Left Rhodesia end 80 to settle in S. Africa and then have recently moved over to UK to work here as nothing in SA. Please contact me if you were a member of Sby traffic between 66-71 and resident in Manchester or Liverpool. I was a member of the West Cape Reg. Assoc but stopped when I came to UK
Updated: 22 June 2010
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Roberts, Christopher John - Maidstone; United Kingdom
Force Number: 6432 - Inspector - PLSM; RGSM; ZIM
Joined: August 1961 - Squad: 9/1961; served until May 1982
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Updated: 16 July 2016
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Roberts, David Owen 'Taffy' - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number:7389 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: July 1965 - Squad: 7/1965; Served until October 1977 (from Reserves)
Branch Membership: Western Cape
Stations: Uniform: Harare, Fort Victoria Urban, Chibi, Chatsworth CID Sby:Theft from M/V, I/C Cycles, Fraud Squad, Fingerprint Bureau. Reserves: Brightlights, PATU (Alpha Alpha), Special Branch Currently semi_retired: Management Consultant, Non-Executive Director.
Updated: 7 August 2017
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Roberts, David Paul - Kleinmond, South Africa
Force Number: 8060 - D/Inspector - RGSM
Joined: 19 August 1968 - Squad: 7/1998; served until 14 November 1978
Branch Membership: Western Cape Branch
E-Mail: ;
+27 28 271 5647 - Fax: 086 664 3984
Service history - Uniform Branch Borrowdale & Highlands 1969-71 - CID Storebreakings and Salisbury Drug Section 1971/2 - SB Centenary 1973/4 - SB Salisbury Central - SBHQ 1975/7 - CIDHQ 1978. Family - married (3rd) to Jackie. 3 children from 1st marriage and 6 grandchildren. Current employment - Client Services Manager for an Internet-based travel company in Strand, Western Cape. Of historical interest - My grandfather, Percy Charles Roberts (1732) served in the BSAP from 3 September 1913 to 31 January 1923.
Updated: 26 June 2010
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Roberts, David - Adelaide, Australia
Force Number: 9732 - Patrol Officer
Joined Sept 1976; served to Sept 1979

After basic training I tranferred to Southerton. Joined SIS and finished off at Avondale.
Updated: 20 September 2008
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Roberts, Sinclair Laguna Beach, California, United States
Force Number: 110700 - Section Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: December, 1978 - Squad: 14/1978; served until December, 1982

My family and I live in Orange County, CA in one of the most picturesque coastal cities in the US. Perfect for running, and weather that is a lot like home. I am a licensed Realtor and enjoy my job as I get out in the sun. My wife Audrey and I take a road trip every year to a different wild area in the country. Mostly places with rivers or national parks. With no prospect of ever going home, what better place to spend our golden years?
Updated: 5 December 2019
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Robertson, Michael 'Robbie' - Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8163 - Inspector - RGSM; ZIM; XYSM
Joined: 12 January 1969 - Squad: 11/1968; served until 15 October 1982
Branch Membership: United Kingdom Branch
I joined the BSAP as a cadet originally (C529) in January 1968 and attested as a P/O the following Jan. Posted to district police stationed mainly in the Midland before moving to Mash Prov. Resigned inn 1982 stationed at Marondera. Left Zimbabwe in 2004 to relocate to the UK and settled in Cheltenam, Gloucester. Working as a bookkeeper for a number of franchise stores in Gloucester.
Updated: 15 November 2010
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Robinson, Kerr - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 9078 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Date of Joined 17 December 1973; served to June 1977
Branch Membership:Gauteng
(011) 768 2693
Robinson, Kim - Bexhill, UK
Force Number: 9581
Joined 1 March 1976 - Squad: 3/76 - Patrol Officer - RGSM; served to 31 March 1979

I was at Bulawayo Central and then on to Traffic Patrol Section and then on to Traffic Accident Section in Bulawayo with the usual part Time PATU and Riot Squad
Updated: 29 September 2007
Robinson, Lee - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9721 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Date of Joined August 1976; served to August 1979
Branch Membership:United Kingdom
Served at Mabelreign and Salisbury GCSB.
Roffey Maurice E.
Force Number: 4623 - Inspector - PLSM
Joined 11 May 1950 - Squad 6/1950; served to 31 July 1972

Gwelo Town. and Rural, Umvuma (with PK at end of garden) Silobela(new) Inyanga. Sinoia. Banket. Norton. 10 years with Rio Tinto then return to the UK for 19 years . Finally to New Zealand to be near the family.
Rogers, David Kenneth - East London, South Africa
Force Number: 7139/8938 - Inspector - RGSM,ZIM
Attested 11th August 1964 - Squad: 5/1964; served until July 1981
Branch Membership: Western Cape
043 721 3110 - Fax: 043 671561
Served mostly in Matabeleland (Bulawayo) at Central, Western Commonage, Westgate and as Officer in Charge of Sauerstown. Was also Captain of W.Comms soc cer team, as well as the Police Team. We also had a successful darts team. Have worked as Area General Manager and Director of a couple of Security Companies, but now run my own Consultancy dealing mainly with training,, assessments and moderation of skills developments, and auditing of ISO 9001 and 18000. Married to Anne 20th May 1972. 3 daughters. 5 grandchildren. On face book.
Updated: 12 September 2015
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Ronne (nee Rix), Margaret - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: WP126 - W/Patrol Officer
Joined: February 1967 - Squad: 1/1967; served until July 1970
Branch Membership: Transvaal Branch
Updated: 23 May 2014
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Rookes (Nee Bennett), Barbara - Perth, Australia
Force Number: WP008 - W/Sergeant
Joined: January 1952; served until July 1957
08 92467827
Was a Detective Sergeant stationed in Salisbury District HQ as a Typist/Radio Operator,also assisted in crimes that required a female to be present
Updated: 17 December 2016
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Rose Innes, Bruce - East London, South Africa
Force Number: 8632 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined 27 April 1971 - Squad: 5/71; served to 30 April 1974
0436434139 - Fax: 0436423060
Ross, Brad - Ringwood, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Force Number: 110857 - Patrol Officer - Marksman
Joined: March 1979 - Squad: 7/1979; served until May 1980
Equitation Squad. Mrewa, Mashambanaka (front line in those days!) Still married to my schoolgirl sweetheart, 5 great kids and 2 wonderful grandkids. IT professional now back in the land of my ancestors. Grateful for my BSAP experiences and humbly indebted for all I learned during that time.
Updated: 22 January 2016
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Ross, Dave - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: c1033/10502 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM ZIM Marksman
Joined 29 December 1977- Squad: 15/77; served to December 1980
Went to Support Unit after Depot... Oscar and Quebec Troops and Hotel and Golf Coys (under Barry Woan and Dick Cotton) and then to Sby Patrol Dog Section (instructor Noddy Quillian). Now lying low in Joeys. Spent ten years in Durbs and eleven years in CT.
Updated: 15 February 2009
Ross, John - Gaborone, Botswana
Force Number: C739/8936 - Inspector - RGSM; ZIM
Joined January 1972; served to September 1982
+2673928251 - Fax: +2673188359
Updated: 8 November 2009
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Rossiter, Peter Lewis - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 10373 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Joined 1978 - Squad: 3/1978; served until 1981
E-Mail: ;
After leaving the force early in 1981, I left for South Africa and joind the Anglo American Corporation where I served for some 23+ years. I started my own security consultancy business in 2004 and am still at it focussing mainly on the mining industry. Still return to Zim on business and pleasure trips every year and just love the trip down memory lane. Would love to make contact with other squad members in depot during 1978 and bulawayo boys between 1978 and 1981.
Updated: 6 April 2012
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Ross-Smith, Allan - Kidderminster, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8014 - Inspector
Joined: June 1968 - Squad: 6/1968; served until August 1980
E-Mail: ; Mobile: +44(0) 7974530684
Moved to SA and joined Murray & Roberts before branching off into boating and serious BASS angling. Built boats and took two teams to fish in USA Divisional Champs (BASS). Moved to George and started my own businesses in construction and a Deli/Coffee shop. Moved to the UK in 2006 and started my own refurb. business. Joined Integral as a Contracts manager and retired 3 years ago.
Updated: 29 June 2014
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Rowen, Henry ( Ted ) - Capetown , South Africa
Force Number: 5467 - Inspector - RGSM
Joined 15th April l956 - Squad: 4/56; served to April l971
Branch Membership: Western Cape
027 (0)21 9753106 - Fax: 5467
Sby Town - Enq section - traffic accidents - CID attchment - AP Reserve - Railway Police - Rhodesville - Hatfield; Q Rep Mash etc
Rowles, Ian - Southampton, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9550 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Date of Joined 2/1/76 - Squad:1/76; served to 31/7/79
Ex Rhodesian Army, had some great fun while stationed at West Comm, (5 months), then joined Support Unit and did my training with Allman Powers, any of you guys remember him? Even his dog was called sir! Left in 79 and joined Parks and Wildlife at Main Camp, Wankie. Circumstances forced me to leave and since then have been in SA, United Kingdom, Greece and United Kingdom again, mostly as a warship building consultant! I recognise a few names on this site and will certainly be in contact. Niel Reitz, after all that biltong I gave you at Main Camp you owe me a beer!
Rowley, Mike - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8021 - Superintendent - RGSM, ZIM, PLSM
Joined 29 June 1968; served to 3 May 1983
Branch Membership:Mashonaland
+263-4-300770 - Fax: +263-4-300770
Served at Chipinge (1969-70), Umtali Rural (1970), Umtali Central (1970-72), Que Que Central (1973-75), Gokwe (1976-77), Gweru Camps (1977-78), Fort Victoria/Masvingo Rural (1978-82), P.G.H.Q.(1982-83). Son of 4023 Joe Rowley. After leaving the Force, worked at Safeguard (for Ted Mallon) and Guard-Alert Group (for Peter Robinson). Started own business - Solitaire Electronic Security (Pvt) Ltd - three years ago.
Rowley, Spencer Ross - Nottingham, United Kingdom
Force Number: 110843 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: January 1978 - Squad: NS 2/1978; served until Jan 1981

Attested January 1978 as N.S., re-attested in 1979 as regular. After depot was posted to Salisbury Central PEC, and was billeted at Harare Police quarters. Completed 3 years in Jan 1981.
Updated: 6 April 2019
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Rowsell (Now Hammar), Jane - Empangeni, South Africa
Force Number: WP450 - Women Section Officer - RGSM
Joined 28 February 1978; served to 8 August 1981
035 - 7920068
I joined in early 1978. First posting Mabelreign, Salisbury, then Donnington, Bulawayo and finally back to Morris Depot as an instructor. Worked in travel (agency and airline)for 15years and now raising kids and parrots in Zululand!
Rowsell, Peter - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Force Number: 4807
Joined 5 November 1951; served to May 1956
Membership - Natal
0331 - 421724 Fax 0331 - 421724
Rudd, Roger Henry Randburg, South Africa
Force Number: 8040 - Inspector - RGSM, ZIM
Joined: August 1968 - Squad: 7/1968; served until November 1978
Branch Membership: Transvaal
+27 11 794 9917

Ft Vic (U), Zaka, Signals Salisbury and Ft Vic, Villa Salazar, Ft Vic (R), Gutu, Que Que, Support Unit.
Updated: 4 August 2018
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Russell, Christopher John Philip - Centurion, South Africa
Force Number: 7184 - Superintendent - RGSM,ZIM,ZLSM, XSM
Joined 10 November 1964 - Squad: 8/64; served until 30 November 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal
+27 833082556
Served at Ft. Vic(U), Nuanetsi, Chiredzi, Bikita, GC Co-ordinator Vic Prov.,CID Property Section Byo, CID Gold Section Byo, SB Vic Falls, CID Property & Fraud Section Sby,CID/SB Wankie
Updated: 17 December 2016
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Russell,Murray - Chester, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8030 - D/Inspector - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: July 1968 - Squad: 7/1978; served until January 1981
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Salisbury Central, Southerton, Avondale, Support Unit, CID Salisbury
Updated: 12 May 2017
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Russell, Peter - Buckingham, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6721 - Superintendent - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: August 1962 - Squad: 9/1962; served until May 1980
E-Mail: ;
01280 816237
Mash District. Wedza,Marandellas,Mrewa, Goromonzi,Mangula. Mat District: Victoria Falls. Vic Prov;Prov Inspector PR and Patu. Morris Depot:Law and Police. Salisbury Urban and Staff Office Traffic and Transport PGHQ. Security Business South Africa and UK and I am now retired.
Updated: 20 February 2011
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