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ADF 8646
25 August 2018

Members K - Kilo
Kaplan, Mervyn - Pinner, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8056 - Inspector - RGSM, ZIM, XYSM
Joined 13 February 1968 - Squad: 8/1968; served to 5 May 1981
Branch Membership: Mashonaland

My service included, Salisbury Charge Office, Salisbury Traffic, Information Room and Tomlinson Depot. Would like to hear from all the lost mates out there from depot days, Cranborne days and Salisbury days, more especially old squad mates from 8/68.
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Kay, Shirley - Radnage, United Kingdom
Force Number: WP145 - W/Inspector - ZIM; XYSM; PLEM; RGSM
Joined: 13 October 1969 - Squad: 2/1969; served until 30 April 1985
+44 (0) 778 777 8105
Served primarily in Bulawayo: Central/Hillside/Sauerstown/Queens Park Donnington/CID/Traffic Branch/Officer-in-Charge Magistrates/High Courts Bulawayo. Last stationed as Provincial Inspector, Drill Hall. Would be great to hear from any former collleagues who can still cast their minds back 30-40 years plus - horrors!
Updated: 23 May 2014
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Keen, Terence - Toronto, Canada
Force Number: 7875 - D/Inspector - RGSM
Joined: 9 January 1968 - Squad: 1/1968; served until 30 September 1981
Branch Membership: North America
416 605 0795 - Fax: 416 515 7345
1 Squad 68, ExM at Prov. Uniform Wankie district Bulalwayo CID/SB, i/c SB Vic Falls PCIO CID Gwelo and OIC Car theft Salisbury
Updated: 29 February 2012
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Kelly, Patrick Graham - Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 6182 - C/Superintendent - ZIM; RGSM; PLSM
Joined: July 1960 - Squad: 5/1960; served until August 1980
Branch Membership: Natal
Updated: 17 March 2017
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Kempen, Kim - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 9854 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 1976; served until 1980

Living in Cape Town. Married with 2 children. Owns a service station.
Updated: 21 January 2011
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Kennedy - Mazarron, Spain
Force Number: 5956 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: February 1959 - Squad: 2/1959; served until 1973

+34 640691170
Serves some 13 years in the BSA Police, then formed my our company which I sold, to leave Rhodesia. Moved to S.A. for 3 years, then to the U.K. where I worked for some 5 years before moving to the Middle East. Worked there for some 8 years before retiring to the U.K.Retired to Spain where I have lived for the last four years.
Updated: 7 June 2019
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Kennelly, Eric - St Fillans, UK
Force Number: 6835 - C/Inspector - RGSM ZIM
Joined 2 January 1963 - Squad: 1/63
Date of; served to July 1980
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
01764 685263
In 1980 I returned to SA, served in the SA Army and retired in 1993 as Lt. Col. Opened a flyfishing business in Natal Midlands before moving to Scotland in 2000.
Updated: 7 February 2009
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Kent, Douglas Gordon - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8766 - Inspector - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: February 1972 - Squad: 2/1972; served until September 1982
263 92288855
Matabeleland Highway Patrol for 4 years, Acted Chief Inspector of Traffic and then acted OC Traffic Bulawayo. After discharge, 10,5 years factory manager at Johnson and Fletcher, Bulawayo and currently 21 years at Zimtile, Bulawayo.
Updated: 6 April 2019
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Kerley, Kenneth - Coleford, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6797 - Section Officer
Joined: November 1962; served until November 1965
Branch Membership: Mashonaland
I was recruited in London by Insp John Woodcock and served in the radio branch at the Salisbury HQ. Whilst still having my uniform hat,truncheon and two pairs of long police socks I do not have my service number. Would it be possible for you to supply the necessary details for me to enroll in your association. I am now retired living in the Forest of Dean Gloucestershire.
Updated: 23 May 2014
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Kerr, Malcolm Alexander Clifford - Hilton, South Africa
Force Number: 110604 - S/Section Officer - GSM ZIM
Joined: 13 July 1978 - Squad: 11/1978; served until 30 April 1981
After depot training, posted to Gwanda charge office / stock theft, posted back to Morris Depot as instructor (Mike Lambourne, John Arnott, Dave MK, Tackie Macintosh.Zim to SA 1983, last 15 years in Howick running own health and safety consultancy. Arrived Surrey UK August 2008. Look forward to connecting with anyone I served with.
Updated: 11 July 2015
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Kerr, Ruth Louise see Van Wyk
Kershaw, Harry - Liecester, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6771 - Patrol Officer
Joined 10th October 1962 - Squad: 11/62
Date of; served to October 1966
Joined Que Que (Rural) then Silobela, CID Bulawayo and finally Lupane. Had a wonderful 4 years in the force but returned to the Uk in 68 and spent 26 years with Allied Breweries and latterly 12 years with a local family brewery in Liecester. Now retired and play gold, tennis and squash. Enjoy travel and gardening.
Updated: 12 July 2008
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Kersten, Mike - Sandton, South Africa
Force Number: 10336 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined 4 January 1978- Squad: 2/78
Date of; served to 31 March 1980

Stationed at Gwelo Central then Gokwe.
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Kettle, Michael James Ray - Bloemfontein, South Africa
Force Number: 6808 - C/Inspector - RGSM; ZIM; PLSM
Joined: December 1962 - Squad: 13/1962; served until November 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal
051 4465003
Served in the District Branch of force at several remote stations including Nuanetsi, Zaka, Lupani. Seconded to Support Unit for 2 years, followed by Mashonaland Operations and Kariba (Bumi). Got Married whilst stationed in Umtali. Finally stationed at Wedza and Rusape from where discharge was taken. Moved to RSA. Retired 2007 from The South African Breweries.
Updated: 12 May 2017
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Keys, William 'Willie' - Brisbane, Australia
Force Number:7432 - Inspector - RGSM and Campaign Medal
Joined: Septemeber 1965 - Squad: 8/1965; served until 1975 Discharge: 1975
Branch Membership: Australia

+61 7 0419710602
I saw service at Sby Central; Highlands; Avondale; Marandellas; Mtoko; MIC Mtoroshanga; (MIC Centenary - Op.Hurricane); Special Assignment GC Ops; Sby Central MIC Enquiries; Gwelo MIC Enquiries. After leaving the Force in 1975, we entered private business. In 1981 we immigrated to Australia. Entered Australian Corporate life and rose to be a Managing Director. Read Law and and gained a LLB and Grad.Dip Legal Practice. Retired from legal practice and spending time travelling nationally and internationally.
Updated: 13 July 2019
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Kilborn, Bryan Richard - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number : 6143
Joined 18 March 1960; served to 20 May 1980
Branch Membership: Transvaal
+27+11+7870681 Fax +27+11+7870681
2 Squad 1960. Salisbury Central , Hatfield , Bulawayo Central , Donnington , Bulawayo Info Room , Mzilikazi , Gwelo Central. Moved to SA 1981. Director Maxiprest Tyers to present. Would like all old chums to contact.
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King, Michael John - Manly West, Australia
Force Number: 7012 - C/Inspector - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: October 1963 - Squad: 9/1963; served until February 1981
Branch Membership: Australia


Retired in Brisbane, Australia

Updated: 17 May 2019
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Knight, Bob - Northampton, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9505 - Patrol Officer - Commissioner's Commendation
Joined 1 November 1975
Date of; served to 31 October 1978
Looking for old squad mates from Support Unit, Mounted Troop. Squad skipper, Insp. Malcolm Marsh
Updated: 7 February 2009
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Knox-Davides, Bleign - Pretoria, South Africa
Force Number: 7603 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 6 June 1966; served until August 1976
Formerly a member of Natal Reg Assn and from 2005-2008 United Kingdom branch. Am member of MOTH order-(vacant chair) in Pta. Having spent time with Checkers, Spar, and allied FMCG firms, opted for self-employment which business sold in 05 to enable a long-held desire to travel spent 46 months in U.K. hope to retire end of yr, at 69. Happy memories of 10yrs Mash Prov, Rusape Dist Shabani and P.G.H.Q.
Updated: 1 September 2013
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Knight (nee Irvine), Jan - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: WP335 - W/Patrol Officer
Joined: 10 May 1976 - Squad: 2/1976; served until February 1981

Passed out of Morris depot posted to Salisbury Control room, 3 releif, Join S.W.A.T. team 1977 would like to hear from any one who remembers me
Updated: 30 September 2010
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Kuspert, Alan - Caddington, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8873 - Patrol Officer
Joined: October 1972; served until October 1978
Update Operations Manager for a research and surveillance airline. Conduct atmospheric research worldwide.
Updated: 3 December 2016
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Members L - Lima
le Sueur, David Henry - Cambridge, New Zealand
Force Number: 5333 - Section Officer
Joined: May 1955 - Squad: 2/1955; served until May 1965
Branch Membership: New Zealand
+64 7 8237018
+64 21 0699440
Son of WAP31 Anna le Sueur (later Schollum) and step-son of 3693 C.A. (Bill) Schollum. Emigrated to New Zealand shortly after retirement (on gratuity) and worked in the insurance industry - ending up as National Sales Manager for AA Insurance. Married 1968 (Yvonne), one son born 2 February 1972 (Mark). Drove a Taxi in Wellington for 4 years and then a school bus for 3 years - now fully retired.
Updated: 25 October 2016
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Laing, Iain - Durban, South Africa
Force Number: C151/6253 - A/Commissioner - PLSM;RGSM;
Joined: 10 January 1961 - Squad: 1/1961; served until 23 March 1982
Branch Membership: Natal
Cadet in various stations in Sby. District- Que Que Rural, Gokwe, Enkeldoorn, Lalapanzi, Essexvale, Gwanda, Umtali (Grand Reef & Dispol). Came to RSA in 1982 to Mt Edgecombe and Pmb as Loss control manager.Have run a number of Residential/golf and business Estates since 1999. Presently running a business Estate in Kwamashu, Durban. It would be good to hear from others from the Force who remember me
Updated: 16 April 2014
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Lamb, Keith William - Abergavenny, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7385 - Patrol Officer – RGSM; ZIM
Joined 19th July 1965 - Squad: 7/65
Date of; served to September 1970
01873 850 166
Ex Regular member and A reserve member. Now serving as an ordained minister with Griffithstown Congregational Church, South Wales
Updated: 27 October 2007
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Lambert, Andy - Rotorua, New Zealand
Force Number: 848, 9356, 110910 - S/Section Officer - RGSM
Joined 17 December 1974 - Squad: 8/74
Date of; served to March 1980

Served mainly in Chiredzi and Mt Darwin, then with the Support Unit. Rejoined as a Driving Instructor at Cranborne until leaving in 1980
Updated: 8 December 2007
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Lambourn, Mike - Anerley, South Africa
Force Number: 7790 - Chief Inspector - RLSM; RGSM; ZIM
Joined 24 July 1967
Date of; served to 31 December 1982
Branch Membership: Mashonaland
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Lamont, Ian - Margate, South Africa
Regimental Number: 10157 - Patrol Officer
Joined 1 August 1977 - Squad: 11/1977
Date of; served to 1 August 1980

Spent three great years in Umtali rural and central, anyone from that ear get hold of me.
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Lane, Barry - Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 6520 - Patrol Officer
Joined 1 November 1961 - Squad: 13/61
Date of; served to 15 July 1965
Branch Membership: Transvaal and Natal
031 764 5694 - Fax: 031 764 5793
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Lane, Barry Neville
Force Number : 6915
Joined 11 April 1963; served to 17 May 1968
0827220708 Fax 0437269087
Would like to contact any ex-members who remember me, looking specifically for Peter Nicholls, Chris Garnett.
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Lapage, John Graham Phayre - High Wycombe, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7057 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined 13 February 1964 - Squad: 1/64
Date of; served to 31 August 1967
01494 438 432
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Law , Alan - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Force Number: 111107 - Patrol Officer
Joined 24 January 1980 - Squad: 2/80
; served to 24 January 1982
Branch Membership: Eastern Cape
+27 84 7040434
After passing out of Morris Depot, served at West Nicholson, under Dave Blake, and later Western Commonage, under Randall Walker-Randall.
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Lawn, David Edward Benjamin - Wellington, New Zealand
Force Number : 111050
Joined October 1979; served to June 1982
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Lawrence, Ian - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 6904 - Inspector - RGSM, PLSM, ZIM
Joined: March 1963 - Squad: 4/1963; served until 1 May 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal
011 642 0635; Fax: 011 6420857
Cadet 1959 to 1960 force No 153 Regular member 1963 to 1981 Force No 6904
Updated: 27 January 2013
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Lawrence, Jack - Corsham, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7346 - Section Officer (T) - RGSM
Joined: May 1965 - Squad: 5/1965; served until May 1968
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
+44 1249701715
Recruited UK served Railway Avenue as SO(T) in comms. Left 1968 went to National Parks and Wildlife Management, then Rhodesian Airforce Comms and Security finally Rio Tinto Mining. Returned to UK 1983 employed by Wiltshire Police in control room. Retired 2000. Still living and happy, in Corsham.
Updated: 16 July 2016
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Le Crerar, Roger 'Lee' - Arlesey, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6371
Joined: 24 April 1961 - Squad: 6/1961; served until 2 July 1980
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Served at Salisbury Central in both the Charge Office and Information Room then Salisbury Dogs.Broke service for three years, returning to the Force with Force Number 8499, back into Salisbury Dogs,the Dog Training School and finally the Support Unit for three and a bit years.
Updated: 12 September 2015
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Lear, Michael William - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 92015 - Patrol Officer Medals: n/a
Joined: October 1976 - Squad: 3/1976; served until March 1978
Branch Membership: Mashonaland
Updated: 12 May 2017
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Ledger, Alan - Retford, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8224 - Inspector - GS - ZIM - LS
Joined 15 April 1969 - Squad: 4/69
Date of; served to 31 December 1983
Membership: UK
0044 1777 706573
Updated: 7 February 2009
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Lee, Christopher - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 6927 - S/A/Commissioner
Joined: 11 April 1963 - Squad: 5/63; served until 30 November 1989
Branch Membership: Mashonaland

After depot to Bulawayo Central, information room. Westgate, Mzilikazi. i/c wet canteens Byo. i/c dry canteen Byo. to staff branch. Dist Clerk Gwelo. Finance Clerk Mat prov. PGHQ - prom Supt May 1980.S.O. Admin, SO Building, SS0 Quartermaster, CSO Admin. Presently retired. Living at 'Chipping' where I had built my house.
Updated: 4 August 2014
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Lemmer, David Michael - Auckland, New Zealand
Force Number: 8648 - D/Inspector
Joined: 1 July 1971 - Squad: 6/1971
Branch Membership: New Zealand

Updated: 30 November 2013
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Lendrum, David Ian Anthony - Chichester, United Kingdom
Force Number: C441 & 7761 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: January 1967 - Squad: Cdet 1/67; served until 31-05-72
0044 1243 513694
Joined as a Cadet in Jan '67 and returned to Depot in April for P/O training. Did all my service in Salisbury, Central, Harare, Info Room, Enquiries and finally at Avondale
Updated: 3 July 2010
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Linscott, Mike - Adelaide, Australia
Force Number: 5195 - Sergeant
Joined: 4 January 1954 - Squad: 1/1954; Served until 31 July 1964
Updated: 17 January 2015
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Litton, George Bryan - Stonehouse, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5537 - Section Officer - RGSM
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
01453 828401
Retired. District Police stationed at Headlands, Umtali Rural, Chirundu, Mrewa, Bindura, Mazoe Centenary. Co-founder member of Western Cape Branch.
Updated: 5 March 2016
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Litton, George Bryan - Stonehouse, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5537 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 23 September 1956 - Squad: 7/1956; served until 29 February 1968
Branch Membership: United Kingdom

Retired. District Police stationed at Headlands, Umtali Rural, Chirundu, Mrewa, Bindura, Mazoe and Centenary. Co-founder member of the Western Cape Branch of the Association.
Updated: 28 July 2012
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Loftus, Michael Paul - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 7463 - Inspector
Joined: 15 October 1965 - Squad: 9/1965; served until 2 May 1980
Branch Membership:Western Cape
+27 21 5576974

Served Chisamba,Umtali,Dog Section,Gwelo & Salisbury.Enq.Section,Sby, Charge Office, Info.Room, CPU, Waterfalls,Q'Rep, Sby Prov,Mabelreign,Umtali Rural. Joined 5 Recce and left to join Civvy Street. Fortunate to join Imperial Group and ended up National Ops Director, Logistics Division. Retired at 55yrs and pottered around for a few years before travelling to UK and surrounding Countries, especially my roots in Ireland. Commute between Cape Town and England annually to see family. Love the sunshine.
Updated: 28 February 2015
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Londt, Lourens Edward - Birmingham, UK
Force Number: 111282 H - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined 6 May 1979 - Squad: 7/80
Date of; served to 5 May 1982
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Long, Peter Port Edward, South Africa
Force Number: 7167 - Inspector - RGSM
Joined: October 1964 - Squad: 7/1964; served until May 1980
Branch Membership: Natal
+27 718860290
Semi retirement in Port Edward, assisting Estate Agency with the accounts.
Updated: 10 January 2017
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Long, Stirling - Dawsonville, United States
Force Number: 9208 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 07 January 1974 - Squad: 05/1974; served until 28 February 1978
Hi Guys, This is really wonderful, my thanks to those involved especially Andrew Field for his up keep of this site. I live in Dawsonville, approximately 60 miles from Atlanta, in the mountains. Georgia very pretty, much like North Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Nowadays I do nothing remotely close to my career in SA where I worked as a Financial Planner. When we got to the States our first State was California. We arrived in the midst of a severe recession, so I ended up driving 18 wheelers across the States. It was a brilliant way to learn America. I loved the sabbatical, the diesel must have got to me. Todate I have been to 48 of the 50 States. Nowadays I work for a Pest Control Company in Gainesville as a Field Inspector. I have a son Jordan Long who is in the Military here in the States. He is a Chopper Pilot based at Fort Rucker Alabama.He spent five months last year in Afghanistan. With him in Uniform we Longs completed Four Generations of being Military Folk. I a! m in regular contact with my twin Garth
Updated: 24 May 2014
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Long (nee McAfee), Susan Katherine - Bli Bli, Australia
Force Number: WP318 - W/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: Jan 1976 - Squad: A/1976; served until 1978
Branch Membership: Australia
+61 408716104
Seconded to Waterfalls & Q Rep Harare Central. Now living on the Sunshine Coast, near Brisbane, Australia.
Updated: 29 October 2016
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Looker, Terry - Uxbridge Ontario, Canada
Force Number : 4941
Joined 7 July 1952; served to 31 July 1976
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
905 852 6431

Served in Chipinga - Umtali - CID Bulawayo - Rusape - Eiffel Flats - Chakari - Selous - Fort Victoria - Gwelo - Shabani - Enkeldoorn and Salisbury. Audrey and I moved to Canada, with daughters Debbie and Janet in 1982 - have been working for the Ontario SPCA for the last 12 years as their chief inspector - will retire in June 1999. In contact with Glen McDonald ex CID who is now retired in the town of Windsor and with Dickie Cox who now lives in Aylmer Ontario.
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Lornie, Alastair - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8207 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 4 March 1969
Updated: 17 February 2013
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Lotter, Leslie Louis - Alberton, South Africa
Force Number: 7581 - Inspector - RGSM; ZIM; XVSM; ESM
Joined: 16 April 1966 - Squad: 3/1966; served until 13 May 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal
Currently working for property rental company based in Alberton. Still happily married to Cathy nee Berry 41 years on 6 Sep. One married daughter now in Australia with 12 year old grand son. Second daughter living in Alberton with 6 year old grandson. Very active Christian member at Alberton Methodist Church.
Updated: 8 September 2010
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Louw, Chris - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8664 - D/Section Officer
Joined: 21 August 1971 - Squad: 7/1971; served until 30 September 1980

Updated: 15 November 2010
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Louw, Mike - Kimberley, South Africa
Force Number: 9041 - Patrol Officer
Joined 3 September 1973 - Squad: 3/73
Date of; served to 1 December 1976
0828236000 - Fax: 053 8410052
I was stationed in Shamva from late 1973 to late 1974. I was then posted to Centenary and ended up in the Zambezi Valley at Mazarabani. What wonderful years and memories I have. Any old friends or colleagues please contact me.
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Lovell, Frank Michael - St Albans, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5300 - Constable
Attested August 1954 - Squad: 7/54; served until May 1956
On leaving the force, I had a spell in the RNASC stationed in Salisbury Depot and then at Llewellen Bulawayo on leaving I moved to Jhb where I was involved in the motor trade,and then I joined Dunlop and was with them in Jhb Byo and Durban, I took early retirementin88 & moved to Capetown where I did driving instruction for 12 years, Doug Griersons, daughters were some of my pupils.When my two daughters & there families moved to UK in 2000, my wife Glynne and I soon followed.
Updated: 4 April 2010
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Low, David 'Dave' - Boesmansrriviermond, South Africa
Force Number: 6870 - D/C/Inspector - RGSM
Joined: 14 February 1963 - Squad: 3/63; served until 01 May 1980
Branch Membership: Eastern Cape and Transvaal
0825573030; Fax: 0866844770
Returned to RSA on leaving the Force and settled in Durban with wife Patricia and 2 daughters. In 2000, after winding up of partnership with Peter Watermeyer, moved to Johannesburg from where went into semi-retirement in 2007. Presently resident in Boesmansriviermond with wife Ruth. Member of both Eastern Cape and Gauteng Branches of the Association.
Updated: 5 June 2011
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Lowe, Derek - Durban, South Africa
Force Number : 8966
Joined 1973 - Squad 3/73; served to 31 December19 79
Branch Membership: Natal
+27-31-3684270 Fax +27-31-3373203
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Lowe, Ian - Alfreton, UK
Force Number: 8807 - Inspector
Joined May 1972 - Squad: 4/72
Date of; served to September 1980
+44 1773 863611
Have been living in the UK since 1987 and have opened my own company selling Computer software for the financial market. Would like to meet up with anyone in the UK who knew me back in those far off days, or even hear from some old friends.
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Lowein, Trevor - Zimbabwe
Force Number : 10088
Joined April 1976; served to May 1980

Served as a Cadet in Hartley before going to Depot (9/77). Served at Borrowdale, Mrewa, Wedza and Bindura
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Lowen, Trevor - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number : 10522
Joined 18 April 1978; served to 1 May 1980

Married Bev Paxton ex WSO(SB) now living in Jo'burg. Interested in making contact with anyone from Squads 8-9/78- 'Wat me worry' or any one from Stops Camp Bulawayo.
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Lowson, Rob - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 9034 - Patrol Officer GSM
Joined: October 1973 - Squad: 6/1973; served until November 1978
Served as a Member in Uniform and Ground Coverage in Salisburg and Mount Darwin. Joined Border Timbers Forestry in Umtali until 1984 then emigrated to Johannesburg where I run a small carpeting business. Qualified as a Journalist and Commercial Hot Air balloon Pilot. My flying career lasted 15 years ending last year when I was unable to pass my aviation medical. Would like to hear from a few of those old friends
Updated: 30 September 2011
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Lubbe, Houston Rodney - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 8554 - D/Inspector - RGSM PLSM ZIM
Joined: January 1971 - Squad: 2/1971; served until May 1982
+27 82 858 2668
Updated: 22 January 2016
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Lucke, Colin Charles - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Force Number: 110710 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined December 1978 - Squad: 1578; served to1980
Branch Membership: Natal
0836304165 - Fax: 0866159186
Moved to S.A. in 1980. Involved in Forestry until five years ago. Now a partner in a lodge in Mozambique. Live in PMBurg, S.A.
Updated: 4 March 2010
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Ludeke, Bill - New Plymouth, New Zealand
Force Number : 10041 - Patrol Officer - PDG; RGSM
Joined 12 April 1977; served to 12 June 1980
64-06-7521003 Fax
Comment: Stationed in Norton, specailized to S.I.S., attached to Special branch, stationed Darwendale and finished off at Goromonzi
Updated: 19 June 2010
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Lund, Peter 'Timber' - Beijing, China
Force Number: 6731 - Patrol Officer

Served in Que Que, Gokwe and Support Unit from 1962-1965. Subsequently founder member of Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Hong Kong and until retirement with the Department of the Solicitor General, Canada. Later Adjunct Professor Shandong University and Public Security University, Beijing. Gokwe photos at www.flickr.com/photos/circlefly/
Updated: 16 June 2012
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Lunderstedt, John - South Africa
Force Number: NS902304
Joined: January 1977; served until December 1978
Updated: 11 July 2015
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Lyes, Peter
Force Number : 6695
Joined June 1962; served to 31 August 1987
Branch Membership: Natal
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Lynn, David - Howick, South Africa
Force Number: 6872 - C/Inspector - PLSM; RGSM; RICM.
Joined: February 1963 - Squad: 3/1963; served until May 1982
Branch Membership: Natal Midlands
Mat Prov. Byo Central: Information Room / Enquiry Section. Byo suburban: Hillside, Mzilikazi, West Comm. Wankie District: Wankie & Sibankwazi. Sby Prov: Harare. Instructional Branch Depot and PGHQ. Retired with rank of Chief Inspector. On leaving the Force was appointed as Personnel Manager for The Treger Group in Sby.Emigrated south to Durban to join African Explosives & Chemicals. (AE&CI) Retired in May 2011 after 27 years in corporate world.
Updated: 11 August 2018
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