Compiled by Andrew Field (8646)

This page is dedicated to those members of the British South Africa Police who have been awarded medals or honours during their service in the force or subsequent to service in the force. The page has been split into two sections:

Information is generally ordered by surname and first names, followed by the life span of the person in brackets, or birth death years. Existing decorations at the time of the award are listed along with a force number and period of service in the BSA Police, in brackets, the rank at the time of the award, and the date of the award. If you believe you have found any errors in these listings, please report them to the , and where possible provide credible supporting documentation.

It is perhaps pertinent to quote from the Outpost Editorial of August 1965,

"A POLICEMAN'S gallantry is a personal, and often a lonely, thing. He carries out his duties in an environment in which it is impossible for him to know from one moment to the next, by day or night, throughout his twenty years or more of service, when the test will come or around which corner the danger may lurk.

He is not a soldier, tensed to a pitch of warlike hate, as among his comrades he hurls himself over the top to kill or be killed by a loathsome enemy. For the policeman it is different; his courage must be cool, un.emotional, and born of an inner conviction that the sacrifice which may at any moment be required of him is one without which society would be unable to survive.

In return, society incurs a certain responsibility towards its policemen. On to their shoulders, during the past 120 years or so, it has managed to shuffle off the burden of protecting its members from every internal enemy, from the petty thief to the murderer and saboteur. This responsibility, society may now feel, it adequately discharges by remunerating the Constable at a rate higher than that of the road-sweeper but rather less than that of the factory hand.

The policeman's loyalty to the traditions of his service cannot, of course, be bought-it is beyond price-but society owes more than it can pay in cash. One means it still has of repaying its debt to its policemen is to give them due honour when it may for their courage and devotion if they step beyond the strict line of duty in their work of protecting the community."

British and Colonial Awards

The Victoria Cross (VC)

The following persons, who were members of either the Mashonaland Mounted Police or Bulawayo Field Force (forerunners of the British South Africa Police), and later BSA Police, are recipients of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces:

  • Nesbitt, Randolph Cosby - On 19 June 1896 at Mazoe, near Salisbury, Rhodesia, Captain Nesbitt led a patrol consisting of only 13 men to go to the rescue of the miners at the Alice Mine in Mazoe Valley, who were surrounded by hordes of rebels. Captain Nesbitt and his patrol fought their way through the enemy and succeeded in getting the beleaguered party (including three women) back to Salisbury, in spite of heavy fighting in which three of the small rescue party were killed and five wounded. At the time, Nesbitt was 28 years old, and a Captain in the Mashonaland Mounted Police, British South Africa (predecessor of Southern Rhodesia) Forces during the Mashona Rebellion, Rhodesia when the deed took place. He later became a Native Commissioner and served in the Goromonzi district for many years. His medal is held in the National Archives of Zimbabwe.
  • Booth, Frederick Charles (1630) (1890 - 1960) was a 26 year old Sergeant in the British South Africa Police attached to the Rhodesian Native Regiment during the First World War, when on 12 February, 1917 (World War I) at Johannesbruck, in German East Africa (now Tanzania), during an attack in thick scrub on an enemy position, Sergeant Booth went forward alone to rescue an injured man. He then rallied the poorly organised native troops and brought them to the firing line. On many previous occasions this NCO had set a splendid example of pluck, and endurance. He was born in Holloway, North London, and educated at Cheltenham College served in the British South Africa Police, in Southern Rhodesia, from 1912 to 1917. Booth died on September 14, 1960, in Brighton, United Kingdom and is buried at Bear Road Cemetery, Brighton, Sussex, England, in the Red Cross Plot. The present whereabouts of his Victoria Cross is unknown.
  • Henderson, Herbert Stephen was a 26 years old Trooper in the Bulawayo Field Force, British South African Forces during the Matabeleland Rebellion, Rhodesia when on 30 March 1896 at Campbell's Store, near Bulawayo, Rhodesia, a patrol which had been sent to the rescue of another beleaguered patrol, was surprised by rebels and Trooper Henderson and another trooper were cut off from the main party. The second trooper was shot through the knee and his horse killed, so Trooper Henderson put the wounded man on his own horse, and, walking beside it, made his way to Bulawayo, 35 miles away. They had to move principally by night, as the country was full of marauding rebels and they had no food for two days and one night. His medal is held in a museuam in the United Kingdom.
  • Baxter, Frank William (1869 - 1896) was a 26 years old Trooper in the Bulawayo Field Force during the Matabeleland Rebellion, when on April 22, 1896 (Matabeleland Rebellion), near Umguza, Matabeleland, Rhodesia, he gave up his horse to a wounded comrade who was lagging behind, with an enemy force in hot pursuit. Baxter then tried to escape on foot, hanging on to the stirrup of another mounted scout of the Bulawayo Field Force, until he was hit in the side by enemy fire. He let go of the stirrup and died moments later. He was born on 29 December, 1869 in Woolwich, London. Baxter is buried at Bulawayo Town Cemetery, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. His medal is in the Ashcroft collection.

Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO)


  • Pestell, Sir John Richard (1916-2005) - CPM (No. 3815 - served from Apr-1939 to Jun-1965) post BSAP Service on 9-Jul-1969. Sir John was Private Secretary and Comptroller to the Governor of Southern Rhodesia (1965-1969)

Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE)


  • Edwards, Sir Alfred Hamilton Mackenzie (1862-1944) - CB; MVO (served from Nov-1912 to Jan-1923) Major General - Commissioner of Police

COMMANDER of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)


  • Graham, Malcolm David (1865-1941)(BSA Company Police pre amalgamation - served from 1891 to Dec-1892) post BSA Police service 0n 1 January 1919;
  • Ross, John Ellis (1893-1965) (Served from Oct-1913 to Dec-1950) Commissioner of Police on 1 January 1947;

Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE)


  • Appleby, James (1899-1985) - KPM (No. 2123 - served from Oct-1919 to Jun-1954) Commissioner on 8-Jan-1954;
  • Barfoot, Frank Eric (1913-1971) - QPM; CPM (No. 3342 - served from Apr-1933 to Jan-1968) Commissioner on 6/13-Jun-1964;
  • Capell, Algernon Essex (1869-1952) - DSO (served from Jul-1913 to Feb-1926) Colonel on 3-Jun-1924;
  • de Quehen, Basil Maurice (d.1993) - MVO (No. 3136 - served from Nov-1929 to Oct-1949) Post service with BSAP on 1-Jan-1959;
  • Jackson, Harold (1903-1998) - KPM; CPM (No. 2853 - served from Feb-1927 to Mar-1958) Lieutenant-Colonel on 1-Jan-1958;
  • Morris, John Sidney (1890-1961) (No. 1119 - served from Oct-1909 to Apr-1945) Commissioner on 3-Jun-1935;
  • Parson, George (1879-1950) - DSO; MID (served from Aug-1906 to Feb-1929 in Southern Rhodesia Constabulary, a predecessor force of the BSAP) Post Service with the force on 4-Jun-1934;
  • Ross, John Ellis (1893-1965) - CVO; KPM (No. 1771 - served from Oct-1913 to Dec-1950) Commissioner on 8-Jun-1950;
  • Spurling, Basil Gordon (1908-1991) - QPM; CPM (No. 3100 - served from Apr-1929 to Apr-1963) Commissioner on 13-Jun-1959;
  • St. Quinton, Noel (d.1970) (No. 941 - served from Jan-1908 to Mar-1909) Post Service;
  • Stops, George (1876-1940)(served from Oct-1896 to Feb-1933) Commissioner on 3-Jan-1933; and
  • Stubbs, William Frederick (d.1987) (No. 2434 - served from 14-Nov-1921 to 17-Apr-1924).

Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE)


  • Adams, Arthur Vesey (d.1972) (No. 1672 - served from Apr-1913 to Apr-1933) Post BSAP Service on 2-Jan-1942;
  • Black, JB - DFC (No. 3768V) Pre BSAP Reserve Service (Joined 1966);
  • Brundell, Joseph Cyril (d.1938) (No. 1142 - served from Jun-1901 to Oct-1935) on 1-Jan-1935;
  • Clemow, Hedley William (1890-1975) (No. 1701 - served from Aug-1913 to Oct-1945) Major on 18-Jun-1942;
  • Duncombe, Charles William (b.1907) MBE; CPM (No. 3102 - served from Apr-1929 to Jan-1962) Post BSAP Service on 1-Jan-1964;
  • Fitzwilliam, George Lionel Canard (b.1908) (No. 3089 - served from Mar-1929 to Nov-1963) S/A/Commissioner on 1-Jan-1964;
  • Fleming, Malcolm Granger - Police Reserve - Lieutenant Colonel on 1-Jan-1954;
  • Hamilton, Richard (d.1962) (No. 671 - served from Jun-1905 to Feb-1939) Major on 11-May-1937;
  • Harries, George Mervyn (1912-2001) - QPM; CPM (No. 3369 - served from Feb-1934 to Oct-1967) Deputy Commissioner on 1-Jan-1965;
  • Harrison, Frederick William (1896-1963) - CPM (No. 2323 - served from Jul-1920 to Jan-1951) Lieutenant Colonel on 9-Jun-1950;
  • Hickman, Arthur Selwyn (1900-1976) (No. 2622 - served from Aug-1924 to Nov-1955) Chief Superintendent on 9-Jun-1944;
  • Phillips, William James (d.1957) (No. 221 - served from Aug-1901 to Oct-1931) Major on 30-May-1919;
  • Shillingford, Norman Frederick (No. R524) Superintendent (Reserve) on 7-Jan-1949;
  • Stephens, Francis Trant (d.1946) - MC (No. 560 - served from Oct-1903 to Jul-1920) Major on 30-May-1919;
  • Syratt, William James (No. 4129 - served from Jun-1946 to Oct-1949); and
  • Thornton, George James (d.1948) (No. 18 - served from Nov-1896 to Apr-1923) Major on 1-Jan-1919

Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO)


  • De Quehen, Basil Maurice (d.1993)(No. 3136 - served from Nov-1929 to Oct-1949) on 14 April 1947;
  • Edwards, Sir Alfred Hamilton Mackenzie (1862-1944) (Served from Jan-1913 to Jan-1923 as Commissioner) Pre BSAPolice service on 30 December 1904;
  • Hampshire, Alec Herbert Grey(d.2002) (No. 3712 - served from Apr-1938 to Mar-1946) Flight-Lieutenant post BSA Police Service on 14 April 1947;

Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry (CPMG)


  • Coutts, Alexander Cameron Sibbald 'Sandy' (5234) - Sergeant on 31 January 1964
      Sergeant Coutts travelled to London in November 1964 to receive the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry from Her Majesty the Queen, an award received in recognition of his courage and display of personal bravery during the mass shooting incident on Premier Estates, in the Penhalonga District, in June 1963. Coutts had been shot twice at point blank range (once with a shot gun) when attempting to disarm Leopold Smith during a domestic dispute. Sandy had been in attendance with a local welfare officer. The accused, Smith, went on to kill four people and wound seven others. He was arrested, tried and hanged the following year. Sergeant Coutts joined the force in April 1954 and served for 20 years, retiring with the rank of Inspector.
  • Garikayi (possibly Varikayi) (17440) - Constable on 5 November 1964
      Constable Garikayi was awarded the the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry for his part in the arrest of armed criminals, near Salisbury, on 9 February 1964, risking his life and without regard for his personal safety. Despite being fired upon no less than four times, and he being unarmed, Garikayi refused to give up the pursuit for two dangerous criminals, later arresting them and bringing them to justice.
  • Tichawona(12064) - Constable on 5 November 1964
      Constable Tichawona acted with Constable Garikayi in the arrest, while under fire, of two armed criminals, again, without regard for his personal safety. Tichawona and Garikayi were presented with their medals at investiture parade held by the Governor of Southern Rhodesia.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)


  • Barclay-Hoole, Robert Clifford Barclay (No.556) C/Superintendent (Reserve) on 1-Jan-1957;
  • Bryant, Sydney Alfred Andrew (1926-) (No.4358 - served from Dec-1948);
  • Byrne, Kenelm Austin (No.969) C/Superintendent (Reserve) on 6-Jan-1952;
  • Deane-Simmons, Edward (d.1988) (No.2615 - served from Jun-1924 to Aug-1927);
  • Duncombe, Charles William (1907-) - CPM (No.3102 - served from Apr-1929 to Jan-1962) on 1-Jan-1945;
  • Flower, Kenneth (1914-1987) (No.3854 - served from Apr-1937 to Jun-1969) on 18-Jun-1954;
  • Gibbs, Peter Bawdry (No.1011) Superintendent (Reserve) on 19-Jun-1964;
  • Hammond, Harry (d.1941) (No.1152) Lieutenant on 3-Jun-1924;
  • Johnston, Dennis Sabin (1925-) (No.3967);
  • Kent, Peter Derick Frank (No.3876);
  • Moore, Thomas (1914-1988) (No.3763) Chief Superintendent on 1-Jan-1962;
  • Paynter, Richard De Camborne (No.2247/371R) Superintendent (Reserve) on 1-Jul-1944;
  • Prentice, JW (No.3567B);
  • Rochester, Hubert (No.855);
  • Shillingford, Norman Frederick (No.R524) Superintendent (Reserve) on 1-Jul-1944;
  • Smart, George Roy (No.4031F) PRAW Pilot on 1-Feb-1963;
  • Smith, Kenneth M (No.184) C/Superintendent (Reserve) on 6-Jan-1951;
  • Streeter, Ernest Stanley (1905-1995) - QPM; CPM (No.2807) Chief Superintendent on 1-Jan-1964;
  • Tebbit, John Charles (No.3684) Post Service (Retired 1946) on 5-Jan-1956;
  • Thompson, John Thomas (d.1999) (No.2873);
  • Twine, Julian Edward (No.6511);
  • Van Niekerk, Herbert Dunsterville (2006-) (No.3374) Captain on 1-Feb-1953; and
  • Walker, William Hampton Dawson (No.3088 - served from 22-Mar-1929 to 03-Aug-1957)

King's Police Medal for Meritorious Service (KPM)


  • List presently being compiled;

Queens Police Medal for Meritorious Service (QPM)


  • Bailey, Robert John Vivian - CPM (3703) Deputy Commissioner on 18-Jun-1965;
  • Barfoot, Frank Eric - CBE; CPM (3342) Commissioner on 16-Jun-1961;
  • Blowers, Harry Branton - CPM (3529) S/A/Commissioner on 14-Jun-1933;
  • Borland, Robert Hugh - CPM (3306) Lieutenant Colonel on 14-Jun-1957;
  • Botha, John Nicolas - CPLSM, CPM (3126) Assistant Commissioner on 4-Jan-1963;
  • Bunce, Ernest Hope - CPLSM, CPM (2724) Assistant Commissioner on 13-Jun-1958;
  • Duncombe, Charles William - CPM (3102) S/A/Commissioner on 17-Jun-1970;
  • Edwards, Stanley - CPM (3749) Captain on 8-Jan-1965;
  • Fitzwilliam, George Lionel - OBE, CPM (3089) S/A/Commissioner on 1-Jan-1960;
  • Flower, Kenneth - MBE, CPM (3854) Deputy Commissioner on 5-Jan-1962;
  • Harries, George Mervyn - OBE, CPM (3369) Deputy Commissioner on 6-Jun-1962;
  • Harvey, Fgeorge McLean - CPLSM, CPM (3118) S/A/Commissioner on 6-Jan-1961;
  • Henson, Barry Roy - CPM (5662) Post BSAP Service in Papua New Guinea;
  • Hickman, Arthur Selwyn - CPM, OSJ (2622) Commissioner on 1-Jan-1955;
  • Lennox, Ernest James - CPLSM, CPM (3119) Assistant Commissioner on 2-Jan-1959;
  • Price, Basil Joseph - CPM (2844) Major on 19-Jun-1959;
  • Redfern, Jack - CPM (3540) Captain on 1-Jan-1964;
  • Rogers, Graham Cecil - CPM (2537) Lieutenant Colonel on 8-Jan-1954;
  • Rolfe, Graham Sydney Ablitt - CPM, MID, 53 CORO (2934) S/A/Commissioner on 10-Jun-1955;
  • Spink, James - CPM, MID, 53 CORO (3743) Commissioner on 19-Jun-1964;
  • Spurling, Basil Gordon - CBE, CPM (3100) Commissioner on 4-Jan-1957;
  • Streeter, Ernest Stanley - MBE, CPM (2807) Major on 3-Jan-1958;
  • Thatcher, Charles William Howe - CPM, (3193) Assistant Commissioner on 1-Jan-1956;
  • Walker, William Hampton Dawson - MBE (MIL), CPM (3088) Lieutenant Colonel on 1-Jun-1958;

British Empire Medal for Gallantry (BEMG)


  • Ngwenya, Jaconiah,(No. 16263) Constable on 26-Apr-1963
      Constable Ngwenya had been part of a team which had saved the lives of two teenage African Children who were floundering in the flooded and swollen Shashe River near the Makaholi Research Station, in the Victoria Province. The three policemen, who acted with courage and displays of personal bravery, mounted a daring and dramatic rescue bid;
  • Thatcher, John Haigh Howe(No. 6126/9105) Constable on 26-Apr-1963
      Constable Thatcher had been part of the same team as Constable Ngwenya saving the lives of children in the Shashe River. He too acted with courage and displays of personal bravery, in mounting the rescue bid. John joined the BSA Police in February 1960 and did two tours of duty, retiring eventually in April 1978. He passed away in March 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa;
  • Ward, Harold Keith(No. 7808L) Field Reservist on 1-Jun-1963;

British Empire Medal (BEM)


  • Chaitezwi, James 'Jimmy' (No.9828) A/Station Sergeant on 5-Jan-1962;
  • Duthie, EM (No.7256L);
  • Forbes, Kenneth Edward (No.665X) Field Reservist on 19-Jun-1964;
  • Franzel, EW (No.5665G);
  • Frost, Percy Robert (No.2814H) S/Inspector (Reserve) on 1-Apr-1957;
  • Hampton, Harold Cuthbert (d.1979) (No.2028);
  • Hetherington, Edouard Henri Guinan (No.3467) S/Chief Inspector on 1-Jan-1959;
  • Hill, Francis Paul (No.4370);
  • Machado, Station Sergeant on 1-Jan-1963;
  • Martin, Gerald (1899-1972)(No.2317) in 1924;
  • Meyer, Johannes Thomas Nicholas (No.1118) Inspector (Reserve) on 1-Jun-1956;
  • Parr, Michael Ranleigh (1938-) (No.5642);
  • Purslow, Michael John (No.4840) Constable on 1-May-1956;
  • Walker, A (No.425) C/Inspector (Reserve) on 1-Jun-1960;
  • Ashby, Brian Reginald (No.570T - served from Jul-1940) Field Reservist on 19-June1964;

Rhodesian Awards

The Conspicuous Gallantry Decoration (CGD)

No members of the Defence Forces or Police were recipients of this medal.

The Grand Officer of the Legion of Merit (GLM)

For Outstanding Service to Rhodesia


  • Flower, Kenneth (1914-1987) - ID; MBE; QPM; CPM (No. 3654 - served from Apr-1937 to Jun-1969) Deputy Commissioner on 27-Apr-1979; and
  • Sherren, Peter Denis Wray Richard (1919-1995) - CLM; PCD; OLM; CPM; PLSM (No. 3862 - served from Aug-1939 to Feb-1978) Commissioner on 17-Jul-1978;

The Independence Decoration (ID)


  • Barfoot, Frank Eric - CBE (3342) Commissioner on 11-Nov-1970; and
  • Flower, Ken - MBE (3654) Deputy Commissioner on 20-Apr-1979

Commander of the Legion of Merit (CLM)

For Distinguished Service to Rhodesia


  • Allum, Peter Kevin - OLM; PCD; CPM; PLSM (3939) Commissioner on 11-Nov-1978;
  • Bristow, Sidney Frederick Samuel - PCD (3844) Commissioner on 11-Nov-1972;
  • Sherren, Peter Denis Wray Richard - PCD; OLM (3862) Commissioner on 11-Nov-1975;

Police Cross for Conspicuous Gallantry (PCG)


  • Edwards, Derrick George (8158) Patrol Officer on 25-Mar-1977
      Patrol Officer Edwards was a Stick Leader in a PATU patrol which came under intense and sustained enemy fire resulting in a member of the stick being wounded in an open vlei area without cover. Derrick, with total disregard for his own safety and under heavy fire, crawled foward to assist his wounded comrade pulling him back to a place where he could be treated under cover. He also recovered a radio set, which had fallen on open ground during the initial contact, also while under fire from the enemy. During this encounter Edwards sustain two bullet wounds. While in great pain he calmly called for assistance on the recovered radio. After enemy fire broke off Derrick refused the available morphine, insisting that this be administered to his wounded colleague before they was evacuated from the contact area. Derrick Edwards demonstrated great gallatry and personal valour;
  • Kampaundi, Columbus (21149) Constable on 20-Jun-1975
      Constable Kamupaundi had been travelling in a Rhino vehicle in convoy with other vehicles, when his vehicle came under fire. The vehicle was hit by an RPG-7 rocket, badly injuring others, including civilians, in the vehicle. After fending off two sustain attacks by the enemy, who eventually withdraw, Columbus, with total regard for his personal safety, and now injured with lacerations and bruising from the rocket attack, ran several kilometres through the bush to get to nearby Rusambo to seek assistance. Constable showed considerable bravery in his actions and conspicuous gallanty;
  • Manyawu, SM (22150) Constable on 25-Mar-1977;
  • Mazarire, E (22327) Constable on 5-Aug-1977;
  • O’Brien, Lindsay Robert (9440) Lance Section Officer on 8-Sep-1978;
      Lance Section Officer O'Brien was a member of the Support Unit and had been involved in many contacts and engagements with terrorists, in two of which he was injured by enemy fire, yet continued to command his section and engage his foe. In one incident Lindsay (known as 'Kiwi') had route marched his troop 17 kilometres and engaged insurgents who had another section of the Unit pinned down under fire. During a protracted follow up he received a serious shoulder injury, but continued on spoor until tracks were lost, before submitting to CASEVAC. In a later engagement O'Brien came under fire after laying ambush in an exposed position and was again severely wounded. An African colleague was killed in the action. Despite being in great pain and suffering, he continued to direct his troops under fire, eventually loosing consciousness. After recovery and basic field treatment he took back control of his troop and helped sweep the affected area. 'Kiwi' had demonstrated devotion to duty with great courage and personal valour without regard to his personal safety and suffering.

The Officer of the Legion of Merit (OLM)


  • Allen, Thomas Digby - PCD; CPM; PLSM (3779) Post Service (Retired 1973) on 11-Nov-1973;
  • Allum, Peter Kevin - PCD; CPM; PLSM (3939) Deputy Commissioner on 11-Nov-1976;
  • Atkinson, George - PCD; CPM; PLSM (4094) Deputy Commissioner on 11-Nov-1978;
  • Bailey, Robert John Vivian - PLSM (3703) Deputy Commissioner on 12-Jul-1971;
  • Burrell, Robert Edmund - PLSM (4795) Assistant Commissioner on 11-Nov-1978;
  • Crabtree, William - PCD; CPM (3708) Post Service (Retired 1970) on 12-Jul-1971;
  • Denley, Jack - PCD; CPM; PLSM (4261) Deputy Commissioner on 11-Nov-1978;
  • Fletcher, John Samuel Trevor - PLSM (4774) Assistant Commissioner on 27-Apr-1979;
  • Jouning, Leonard James - PCD; CPM; PLSM (3968) Deputy Commissioner on 11-Nov-1975;
  • McGuinness, Michael John Peter - PLSM (5197) C/Superintendent on 11-Nov-1978;
  • Sherren, Peter Denis Wray Richard - PCD; CPM; PLSM (3862) Deputy Commissioner on 11-Nov-1973;
  • Van Sittert, Eric Desmond - OLM; PCD; CPM; PLSM (3631) Post Service(Retired 1971) on 10-July-1972;

The Member of the Legion of Merit (MLM)


  • Bennison, Derrick Gordon - PCD; PMM (4258) S/A/Commissioner on 7-Dec-1979;
  • Blowers, Harry Branton (3529) Post Service (Retired 1967) on 11 -Nov-1971;
  • Brent, Darroll Lancelot (8556) Section Officer on 7-Jul-1978;
  • Burt, Peter John Byatt (5025) Post Service (Retired 1973) on 11-Nov-1977;
  • de Gray-Birch, John (7160/8468) D/Inspector on 11-Nov-1978;
  • Hedge, Douglas Cordy - PCD; PMM (4147) S/A/Commissioner on 7-Dec-1979;
  • Hollingworth, Donald (4490) Superintendent on 27-Apr-1979;
  • Ludgater, W J - PRAW Pilot on 12-Jul-1971;
  • Mansill, R -Superintendent (Reserve) on 27-Apr-1979;
  • Mason, Frederick Charles - PLSM (5934) C/Superintendent on 7-Dec-1979;
  • May, Eric John - PMM (4180) Post Service (Retired 1974) on 27-Apr-1979;
  • Murray, Philip Stuart (4437) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov-1978;
  • Nigadzino, Samuel (200763) Auxilliary Constable on 8-Sep-1978;
  • Palmer, P P - PRAW Pilot on 7-Dec-1979;
  • Parker, Robert William James (8175) Section Officer on 14-Jul-1978;
  • Peters, Donald Leslie (6158) Superintendent, Secretary and Comptroller to the President, on 3-May-1979
  • Redfern, Jack - CPM (3540) Post Service (Retired 1965) on 12-Jul-1971;
  • Shimongola, FAC (16021) Sergeant Major on 7-Jul-1978;
  • Wiltshire, Michael Benjamin (4857) Post Service (Retired 1970) on 27-Apr-1979;
  • Woan, Barry Robert Charles (8157) Section Officer on 7-Jul-1978;
  • Wright, James Anthony (4130) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov-1978;

The Police Decoration for Gallantry (PDG)


  • Bacon, Henry William(8539 )D/Section Officer on 5-Oct-1979;
  • Barker, Jim M (10328A ) Field Reservist on 23-Oct-1970;
  • Berry, Patrick Harry George (9268) Section Officer on 05-Feb-1980;
  • Bredenkamp, WL (90314 ) Field Reservist on 25-Mar-1977;
  • Conn, P A Field Reservist on 2-Aug-1974;
  • de Robillard, MCA (24465 ) Field Reservist on 25-Mar-1977;
  • Hewitt, Timothy Charles (8525 ) Posthumous (KIA 23-Feb-1977) on 5-Aug-1977;
  • Katsiru, AE (20792 ) D/Constable on 21-Feb-1975;
  • Kauzanani, E African Field Reserviston 9-Jun-1978;
  • Lailey, Graham John (8329 ) D/Section Officer on 17-Aug-1979;
  • Ludeke, Barend Jacobus (10041 ) Patrol Officer on 5-Oct-1979;
  • Marshall, Benjamin Edwin Noel (6188 ) Section Officer on 23-Oct-1970;
  • Masakwa, Mudema (16518 ) Lance Sergeant Major on 8-Sep-1978;
      Lance Sergeant Major Mudema Masakwa was honoured for his devotion to duty and bravery. Mudema had been in a reaction stick investigating the presence of terrorists at a mission school. On hearing the chant of chimurenga songs emanating from a nearby dormitory, Masakwa went to investigate alone, and found a terrorist conducting a pungwe. Without regard for his personal safety, and on his own, Mudema burst into the dormitory and confronted a lone terrorist. Masakwa faced up with an insurgent aiming an RPG7 rocket launcher at him and immediately initiated fire killing the terrorist, without harming civilians gathered. Had a stronger security force contact been initiated, many civilians may have been killed or injured in the cross-fire. Mudema showed great courage and valour.
  • Matthews, Thomas Bruce (9010 ) Section Officer on 25-Mar-1977;
  • Mkandhla, D African Field Reserviston 9-Jun-1978;
  • Ncube, M (21609 ) Constable on 15-Oct-1976;
  • Norton, Keith Hall (9172) in February 1980;
  • Paul, Duncan Jones (8980 ) Patrol Officer on 25-Mar-1977;
  • Phillips, Frederick Jan Smuts (5096 ) Inspector on 23-Oct-1970;
  • Shoko, C (20174 ) Constable on 20-Jun-1975;
  • Soka, G (24825 ) Posthumous (KIA 1-Sep-1977) on 9-Jun-1978;
  • Sutherns, Geoffrey David (10383 ) Patrol Officer on 5-Oct-1979;
  • Tiffin, Barry James (6075 ) Section Officer on 23-Oct-1970;
  • Twine, Julian Edward - MBE (6511 ) Inspector on 21-Feb-1975;

Police Cross for Distinguished Service (PCD)


  • Allen, Thomas Digby - CPM; PLSM; (3779 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov-1971;
  • Allum, Peter Kevin - CPM; PLSM; (3939) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov-1973;
  • Atkinson, George - CPM; PLSM; (4094 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1973;
  • Bellamy, Robert Steele Cremer - CPM; (3528 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Bennison, Derrick Gordon - MLM; PMM; (4258 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1978;
  • Bradfield, John Douglas - PMM; PLSM; (4511 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1976;
  • Braes, Andrew Meikle - CPM; (3803 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Bristow, Sidney Frederick Samuel - PCD (3844 ) Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Crabtree, William - OLM; CPM; (3708 ) Deputy Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Denley, Jack - OLM; CPM; PLSM; (4261 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1975;
  • Eames, Ronald Dudley (4221 ) S/A/Commissioner on 7-Dec-1979;
  • Gaitskell, Henry Kenneth Allfrey - CPM; (3620 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Gardner, Ronald George Edward - PMM; (4678 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1978;
  • Godwin, Alan Roger - CPM; (3657 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Hedge, Douglas Cordy - PMM; (4147 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1977;
  • Jouning, Leonard James - OLM; CPM; PLSM; (3968 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Lamont, Lawrence - PLSM; (4052 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1973;
  • Lee, Gainforth G - CPM; (3535 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • McCulloch, Patrick James (4380 ) S/A/Commissioner on 7-Dec-1979;
  • Murray, Philip Stuart - PMM; PLSM; MLM; (4437 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1976;
  • Oppenheim, Edward Abraham - CPM; PLSM; (3480 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Podmore, Clifford Newell - CPM; PLSM; (3895 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1975;
  • Robinson, Derrick - CPM; PLSM; (4224 ) Assistant Commissioner on 10-Jul-1972;
  • Sanderson, Dennison Harvey - PMM; PLSM; (4138 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1978;
  • Sheriff, Edward James - RGSM (4024 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1972;
  • Sherren, Peter Denis Wray Richard - CLM; GLM; OLM; CPM; PLSM; (3862 ) Deputy Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Thorpe, Charles Terence - RGSM (4028 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1974;
  • Turner, Laurence Herbert - CPM (3668 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Van Sittert, Eric Desmond - CPM; PLSM; (3631 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Ward, Thomas George (4344 ) S/A/Commissioner on 7-Dec-1979;
  • White, Eric Gordon Hammett - CPM; (3512 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Wordsworth, John Layton Rudolph - CPM; (3525 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1971;
  • Wright, Douglas William - CPM; (4071 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1973;
  • Wright, James Anthony - PMM; PLSM; (4130 ) S/A/Commissioner on 11-Nov- 1977;

Meritorious Conduct Medal (MCM)


  • Bajila, E (No. 24146) Constable on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Beveridge, Duncan Robert McManus (No. 7915 - served from Feb-1968 to Jun-1980) Section Officer on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Chaba, Peter (No. 201002) Auxilliary Constable - Posthumous) on 30-Nov-1979;
  • Cloete, Pieter Jacobus (No. 8677 - served from Sep-1971 to May-1982) Section Officer on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Collins, WHC (No. 17581) Field Reservist on 13-Apr-1979;
  • Colridge, John R (No. 10372) Group Leader on 16-Feb-1979;
  • Curle, Robin Patrick Kilfoil (No. 10344 - served from Jan-1978 to May-1980) Patrol Officer on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Dewe, Peter Fairhurst (No. 7677 - served from Jan-1967 to May-1980) D/Section Officer on 05-Oct-1979;
  • Fourie, Andre Pierre (No. 9853 - served from Dec-1976 to Mar-1980) Section Officer on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Galloway, JA (No. 16999B) Field Reservist on 01-Jan-1971;
  • Gawler, GD (No. 22854Q) Field Reservist on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Harris, JW (No. 18049S) Field Reservist on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Harvey, John McAllister (No. 9667 - served from Jun-1976 to Oct-1979) Patrol Officer on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Hopkins, Allen Denbigh Mitchell (No. 7772 - served from Jun-1967 to Nov-1982) Inspector on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Howard, Michael Dalton (No. 7502 - served from Dec-1965 to Jul-1980) D/Inspector on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Kemp, Robert Scotney (No. 8765 - served from Feb-1972 to Mar-1981) Section Officer on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Knight, OH (No. 13747E) PRAW Pilot on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Masfen, Lancelot Charles (No. 8696 - served from Oct-1971 to May-1981) Section Officer on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Moser, K (No. 16392R) Field Reservist on 01-Jan-1971;
  • Moyo, C (No. 200840A) Constable on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Mugamula, M (No. 18052) Sergeant on 20-Jul-1979;
  • Ncube, (No. 201610A) Constable on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Ncube, T (No. 200839A) Constable on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Nel, Jacob Jacobus (No. 9386 - served from Mar-1975 to Apr-1980) D/Section Officer on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Ngoshi, W (No. 23783) L/Sergeant on 20-Jul-1979;
  • Olgilvie, GF (No. 17193M) Field Reservist on 01-Jan-1971;
  • Oosthuizen, JM (No. 14980G) Stick Leader on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Palphramand, I (No. 16887E) Field Reservist on 01-Jan-1971;
  • Pocock, Digby Carbis Innes - Silver Baton (No. 7777 - served from Jun-1967 to Mar-1982) D/Inspector on 22-Dec-1978;
  • Rausch, Derek Michael (No. 10185 - served from Oct-1977 to Sep-1980) Patrol Officer on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Spencer, Edward Herbert (No. 6974 - served from Jun-1963 to May-1980) Inspector on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Spurr, Neville Garth (No. 6874/8032 - served from Feb-1963 to Oct-1980) D/Inspector on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Straw, DI (No. 90659R) Field Reservist on 30-Nov-1979;
  • Volker, Ephraim A (No. 14978E) Field Reservist - Posthumous (KIA 03-Aug-1979) on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Watson, JR (No. 27065S) PRAW Pilot on 07-Dec-1979;
  • Wickenden, John (No. 3990 - served from Apr-1946 to Oct-1966) Superintendent - Posthumous (KIA 12-Oct-1966) on 23-Oct-1978;
  • Young, Andrew Lyle Veary (No. 9361 - served from Feb-1975 to Jul-1980) D/Inspector on 07-Dec-1979;


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Taylor, Brian - Listings of Colonial Awards to members of the BSA Police;

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