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Structure - Circa 1903

The amalgamation of the various forces into a combined force in based on the Commandant General's Orders of 5 October 1903 defined the structure of the new BSA Police at that time. The force was to be commanded by a Commandant, two Chief Inspectors in command of Divisions, Inspector and Sub-Inspectors. Magisterial Districts were provided as the general geographic divisions of territories and there was the creation of 11 Troops, one per District.

Troopers at Sinoia
Mashonaland Division
  • 'A' Troop - Salisbury (with Headquarter element)
  • 'B' Troop - Goromonzi
  • 'C' Troop - Sinoia
  • 'D' Troop - Umtali
  • 'E' Troop - Depot
  • 'F' Troop - Fort Victoria

Matabeleland Division

  • 'G' Troop - Gwanda
  • 'H' Troop - Gwelo
  • 'J' Troop - Filabuzi
  • 'K' Troop - Bulawayo
  • 'L' Troop - Fort Usher
Structure - Circa 1911

The apparent rapid expansion of the force in just 8 years is evidenced by the larger number of stations and men attached to the basic Troop structure established in 1903. It appears that in the process 'J' Troop - Filabuzi was merged into 'G' Troop.

Mashonaland Division

  • Zaka Station 1921
    'A' Troop - Salisbury (with Headquarter element)
  • 'B' Troop Abercorn; Darwin; Goromonzi; Kimberley Reefs; Marandellas; Mazoe; Mrewa; Mtoko;
  • 'C' Troop Battlefields; Gadzema; Gatooma; Hartley; Kanyemba; Sinoia; Sipolilo;
  • 'D' Troop Chipinga; Inyanga; Melsetter; Odzi; Penhalonga; Rusape; Umtali;
  • 'E' Troop Depot, Salisbury;
  • 'F' Troop Chibi; Chilimanzi; Fort Victoria; Gutu; Ndanga

Matabeleland Division

  • 'G' Troop Belingwe; Filabuzi; Fort Rixon; Gwanda; Tuli; West Nicholson;
  • 'H' Troop Enkeldoorn; Gwelo; Que Que; Selukwe; Umvuma
  • 'K' Troop Bulawayo; Essexvale; Inyati; Nyamandhlovu; Umzingwane; Victoria Falls; Wankie
  • 'L' Troop Figtree; Fort Usher; Holi; Madabis; Mphoengs; Plumtree
Structure - Circa 1975

The geographic layout of the force's Provincial and District Command (circa 1975) was based on the national Provincial boundaries and Magisterial District boundaries. A Province was normally commanded by a Senior Assistant Commissioner (generally with an Assistant Commissioner, except in the case of the two larger Provinces, Mashonaland and Matabeleland, where two Assistant Commissioners were in support of command). The Criminal Investigation Department and Special Branch Provinces were commanded by Assistant Commissioners (the Provincial Criminal Investigation Officer - PCIO) from the CID and in the smaller Provinces the position of Provincial Special Branch Officer (PSBO) was combined with that of the PCIO. Districts were generally commanded by Chief Superintendents.

Rhodesian Police Provinces and Districts with principal Centers

Manicaland Province: (Headquarters based at Umtali in Rhodesia's Eastern Highlands - ZEF4)

  • Chipinga District: Cashel(ZEF402); Chipinga(ZEF406); Chisumbanji(ZEF413); Melsetter(ZEF403); Nyanyadzi(ZEF410); Nyashanu(ZEF414);
  • Rusape District: Headlands(ZEF409); Inyanga(ZEF401); Inyazura(ZEF408); Mayo(ZEF411); Rusape(ZEF407);
  • Umtali Urban District: Umtali Central; Sakubva
  • Umtali Rural District: Buhera(ZEF412); Odzi(ZEF404); Penhalonga(ZEF405); Sakubva(ZEF416); Umtali - Rural(ZEF415).

Mashonaland Province: (Headquarter based at Salisbury - ZEF2)

  • Miami Charge Office 1954
    Bindura District: Bindura (ZEF204); Mt Darwin (ZEF209); Shamva (ZEF207); Centenary; Concession (ZEF206); Kanyemba (ZEF225); Mazoe (ZEF212); Mukumbura; Sipolilo (ZEF226); Umvukwes;
  • Lomagundi District (Headquarters in Sinoia):Banket (ZEF201); Chirundu (ZEF205); Karoi (ZEF221); Sinoia (ZEF218); Bumi Hills; Chenanga Base(Mangula); Darwendale (ZEF203); Kariba (ZEF210); Mangula; Mtoroshanga (ZEF223);
  • Marandellas District:Goromonzi (ZEF208); Macheke (ZEF203); Marandellas (ZEF211); Mrewa (ZEF214); Mtoko (ZEF215); Nyamapanda (ZEF222); Wedza (ZEF220);

Matabeleland Province: (Headquarters based at Bulawayo - ZEF3)

  • Bulawayo Central District:
  • Bulawayo Suburban District:
  • Bulawayo West District:
  • Bulawayo Rural District:
  • Wankie District:
  • Gwanda District:

Midlands Province: (ZEF6) (Headquarters based at Gwelo)

Que Que District Headquarters
  • Gwelo Urban District:
  • Gwelo Rural District:
  • Que Que District:
  • Gatooma District:
  • Shabani District:

Salisbury Province:

  • Salisbury Central:
  • Salisbury South:
  • Salisbury Suburban:

Victoria Province: (Headquarters in Fort Victoria ZEF7)

Victoria Provincial Head Office (1968)
  • Fort Victoria District: Bikita (ZEF703); Chatsworth (ZEF704); Chibi - original F Troop Station (ZEF701); Chilimanzi - F Troop (ZEF704); Fort Victoria - Rural ; Fort Victoria (Victoria) - F Troop (ZEF7); Gutu - F Troop (ZEF706); Mashaba (ZEF705); Zaka (ZEF707);
  • Chiredzi District: Chiredzi (ZEF710); Nuanetsi (ZEF702); Rutenga (ZEF711); Triangle (ZEF708); Vila Salazar (ZEF709).

Mount Darwin Charge Office (circa 1951): Photo courtesy Cliff Rogers (4753)

Kezi Charge Office (circa 1954): Picture courtesy Fred Punter (4853)

BSA Police Inspector circa 1941.

Images by Dick Hamley
author of
'The Regiment'



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