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The BSA Police District Trooper circa 1938.

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Introduction The BSAP Regimental Constitutional College was established on 2nd October 2016 following the adoption of a revised constitution of the BSAP Regimental Association by all Associations and Branches that subscribe to the objects of the BSAP Regimental Association. The new constitution can be viewed here: (BSAP Constitution). The objects of the BSAP Regimental Association can be summarised as -


The provision of Benevolence to its members in need of a helping hand; the maintenance of the esprit de corps and Comradeship of the British South Africa Police; the Remembrance of those who served in British South Africa Police and the preservation of the history of that Force.
The Constitution charges the College with the duty and responsibility to:
  • uphold the name and brand of the British South Africa Police Regimental Association and protect its trademarks and copyright where applicable;
  • be the custodian of the Constitution of the Association;
  • authorize the establishment of new Branches which shall adopt this Constitution in its entirety with such variations as shall be required by local law to be approved by the College;
  • be tasked with promoting and fostering the sustainable continuation of the Association worldwide and encouraging liaison and co-operation between the Branches;
  • have the authority to award Association honours; and
  • act in an advisory or referral capacity to all Branches where necessary and to adjudicate and rule on any disputes that may arise between the Branches and, where called upon by a Branch, within that Branch of the Association.
The College is made up of one delegate from each Branch or Association. The delegates elect one of their number to be Chairman of the College who also assumes the title of President of the BSAP Regimental Association. The Branch or Association to which the Chairman is subscribed becomes the seat of the College and the Honorary Secretary of the Chairman's Branch becomes the Secretary of the College. The President serves for three years following which a new election takes place.
Any member who wishes to raise a matter which affects the constitution of the Regimental Association should approach the delegate of the Branch or Association to which he is subscribed. The delegate will then put the matter to the College for discussion and determination.
Principal Contact Persons wishing to make contact with the Constitutional College should contact the
Address: Plantation Road, IM9 5AY Port St. Mary, Isle of Man
+44 7624 201559

Members of any Regimental Association Branch should where possible approach the College via their Branch Representative (see below).
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Central Newsletter: Edition 101 Rod Finnigan has sent in the last Central Newsletter - Edition 101 for your reading pleasure. Following the re-writing of the Regimental Association Constitution, and restructuring of the organisation, the Central Advisory Committee has been replaced by a body, the Constitutional College, which is representative of all the divers BSA Police Regimental Associations around the world. The College has convened and elected its Chairman, Alan Toms, who automatically assumes the Presidency of the Regimental Association. At this stage, it is not intended by the College to publish a regular newsletter, so this is the last of the Central Newsletters... Please click on the link above for a PDF version of the newsletter
ADF 8646
26 October 2016
Message from the President
The exercise to revise and update the constitution of the Regimental Association was completed in May and in the subsequent election I had the honour and privilege to be elected as President of the Association.
The revised constitution will allow the Association to better provide the objects for which it was established over one hundred years ago - Benevolence, Comradeship, Remembrance.
Membership is open to anyone who has worn the uniform of the BSAP be that Regular, Reserve or National Service and the new constitution has extended the eligibility for full membership to include a spouse or direct descendant of any one of those who wore the uniform. This amendment is intended to ensure the BSAP Regimental Association continues long after the last person who served in the BSAP has passed on.
I know there are a number of former members of the BSAP who for whatever reason do not want to join the Association. I ask them to reconsider. Even if they do not want to attend the functions or feel they can keep in touch quite well enough via social media, their annual subscription will assist those members of the Association to provide the Benevolence to former colleagues who may need a helping hand and ensure, through such means as Memorials and preservation of magazines and records, that the achievements of the BSAP and those who served it are properly Remembered.
Finally I thank those members serving on the committees of the various Branches and Associations around the world for their continuing efforts which keep the BSAP Regimental Association functioning and continuing to maintain the traditions and values of the finest police force in the world - The British South Africa Police.

Alan Toms 7391
President - BSAP Regimental Association
AT 7391
21 December 2016
Office Bearers

Alan Toms
Chairman and President
Honourable Life Vice Presidents of the Regimental Association