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The United Kingdom Branch, originally called the home branch is the oldest existing Branch outside Zimbabwe having been set up in 1923. The Branch has over 600 members, publishes its Outpost magazine 3 times a year, operates an Almoner service in conjunction with the BSAP Trust to support and assist members who suffer distress and has a History Section with the object of "gathering", recording and preserving BSAP records and memorabilia. There are five main functions every year, The Regimental Dinner, AGM, Braai, Remembrance Parade and Christmas Sundowner .In addition regular functions and gatherings are held all over the British Isles, in Anglia, East Midlands, the South East, South West, North West, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

The United Kingdom Branch has a page on Facebook. One would have to be a member of the social network to access this page

The Branch has organised major events over the years including the Centenary Dinner, in 1989 attended by the Honorary Commissioner, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, the construction of a memorial to the BSAP at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Stafford and The Last Parade on 23rd July 2010 when at a ceremony attended by over 350 former members, wives, partners, relatives and guests the Memorial was unveiled, dedicated, the Roll of Honour blessed, laid up in the chapel, and the final command “British South Africa Police – Dismiss” was given. The Branch publishes the Books of the BSAP series and an ongoing exercise is the Outpost Digitalisation Project to digitise the entire collection of Force magazines from 1911 – 1980.

A range of memorabilia is available from the QRep and from the newly launched UK Branch Online Shop (see below) or go direct to the shop.

Wish to know more about Branch activity and benefits of membership?

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The United Kingdom Branch welcomes new members and invites applications from eligible persons. Full membership is open to all former members of the BSAP and BSAP Reserve; Associate Membership may be granted to the spouse, widow or widower, son or daughter over the age of 18 of a member of the Association or former member of the BSAP; former members of the Rhodesian Army, Air Force or Prison Service; or person who may have had a close association with the BSAP.

To apply to join the Branch Standing Order Forms
(Click this header to download the online application form to desktop and complete using Adobe Reader Fill and Sign, then email to the or download, print, complete and scan/email or post to Hon. Secretary.

BSAP Trust DonationsTo set up a regular donation to the BSAP Trust, please download the BSAP Standing Order form below. If you are a United Kingdom tax payer please download and complete the Gift Aid form below.

BSAP Trust Standing OrderGift Aid Form
Principal ContactPersons wishing to make contact with the branch should contact the
Rowan Tree Cottage, Lochton, Coldstream, TD12 4NH
Telephone: +44 1890 830235;
United Kingdom Branch: New Members The United Kingdom Branch of the BSA Police Regimental Association would like to invite all former members, including NS and Reservists, to consider joining the BSA Police Regimental Association. The Branch recently published a pamphlet with its last newsletter which is available on this website (click on the link). There is also a membership application form which can now be completed and e-mailed to the Branch for processing. You will need Adobe PDF Reader or similar software. Please read the pamphlet and consider taking the first step towards membership of the Branch.
12 September 2015

BSAP Memorial at the
National Memorial Arboretum
Office Bearers

Mike Coleman

Alan Toms
Deputy Chairman

Steve Acornley
Hon Secretary

Jim Harris
Hon Treasurer

Tony Granger

Bertie Cubitt

Bruce Braes

Hywel Parry-Jones

Peter Biddulph

Peter Phillips - Hon.Life President
Honorary Appointments of United Kingdom Branch Members
Branch News
In Memoriam: Thomas Andrew 'Sandy' Stokes
Thomas Andrew 'Sandy, Stokes 5586, died, aged 81 years, on 20 June 2017 in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Sandy, who was an Honorary Life Member of the UK Branch of the Association, served from 2 December 1956 to 2 December 1966 leaving on gratuity with the rank of Section Officer. Sandy will best be remembered for being "mine host" to the annual Irish Gathering held at his farm for many years. The Branch and former colleagues extend their sincere condolences and deepest sympathy. He shall be sadly missed.
AL 85248
24 June 2017

Annual General Meeting The Annual General Meeting was held on 20 May 2017 in the Trafalgar Room at the Victory Services Club, Seymour Street, London and attended by 44 former members and guests. As there were no new nominations, the existing committee was unanimously re-elected for another year. Les Burrow and Alan Lane were appointed Honorary Life Members of the Branch.
(Photos: Peter Dancer/John Balchin : Neville Brent/Charlie Atkinson)
AL 85248
19 June 2017

Scottish Gathering The 7th Annual Scottish Gathering was held on Saturday 13 May 2017 when 39 former members, family and guests, including some" invaders" from across the border, gathered at The Royal Scots Club, in Edinburgh for a traditional three course Scottish lunch. A great time was had by all.
(Photo: Eric Robb/Rob Minchin/Gordon Best)
AL 85248
19 June 2017

South West Gathering The spring gathering of the South West region took place on Saturday 6 May 2016 at the Dolphin Hotel, Bovey Tracey, Devon. This venue is proving to be popular, with 40 former members and guests putting in an appearance. It was especially pleasing to welcome Paul and Jane Cooke who had travelled from Northamptonshire to attend.
(Photos: David Vickery/David Lemon : Guy Halls/Paul Rust)
AL 85248
19 June 2017

United Kingdom Outpost 95: Spring 2017 Parry Jones, Editor of the UK Outpost, has sent in his Spring Edition 95 UK Outpost for your reading pleasure. Another excellent offering from the United Kingdom Branch including loads of news about former members; recent remembrance parades and gathering; and a few interesting articles too. Association newsletters are an important aspect of connection with former members and this edition is worth the download, with special thanks to the Editor.
ADF 8646
5 April 2017

South East Gathering Sixty seven former members, family and friends met up again at The Pippin, in Maidstone, Kent on the 22nd April 2017 for yet another successful lunchtime gathering organised by Biff Way. There was the usual banter between members and it was pleasing to see some new faces which augers well for future gatherings.

- Picture top: Percy Clarrige, Phil Nobes, Phil Mead
- Picture below: Allan Mills, Bruce Bridgewood
AL 5248
29 April 2017

In Memoriam : John Joseph Conleth Berry
John Berry 5584 died, aged 82 years, on 25 April 2017 in Country Kildare, Ireland. John, who was an Honorary Life Member of the UK Branch of the Regimental Association, served from 2 December 1956 to 31 December 1966 leaving on gratuity with the rank of Section Officer. John made a major contribution to the Regimental Association and in particular the UK Branch by being instrumental, almost single handed, in producing, compiling and editing a series of books on the BSA Police, the last of which was only recently published. The Branch and former colleagues extend their sincere condolences and deepest sympathy. He shall be sadly missed.
AL 5248
29 April 2017

In Memoriam : Robert 'Bob' Dalziel
Robert 'Bob' Dalziel 6992 died, aged 85 years, on 18 March 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland. Bob, who was a member of the UK Branch of the Association, joined the Force on 22 July 1963 serving as the Regimental Saddler until 30 April 1980 when he retired with the rank of Chief Inspector (T). Moving back to Scotland, Bob worked as a saddler and general leatherworker for a private company in Glasgow before securing the position of Saddler for Strathclyde Police Force. The Branch and former colleagues extend their sincere condolences and deepest sympathy. He shall be sadly missed.
AL 5248
27 March 2017

Gordon Finishes the Monte Carlo Rally - In Memory of his late Wife Moira
Gordon Best (7264) recently completed the Monte Carlo Rally in his 56 year old, 1960 Rover P4 100 Saloon, Cuthbert, in memory of his beloved late wife, Moira, who had been a rally enthuiast. She died on 20th October 2016 and missed out on participating in this rally epic. The return journey was some 4,200 kilometers in distance!
Gordon recently wrote to say that he had completed the rally,
"Hi everyone, well from the top of the Alps to the yachting billionaires marina, yes, Moira, we have done it (Just!!!), with us fortunately all the way to get us out of the snow ice ditches, miss the Stop Sign, make a cyclist go to the loo early, and the lady driver in the CitroÎn on the wrong side in the rocky tunnel, the Alpine Christmas decorations that confuse red traffic lights to green! Oh yes, and the smiling Gendarmerie for not looking at the speed limits as Cuthbert roared by throughout the last 34 hrs of nonstop lunacy in arriving at time check.
Scenery just stunning in the few seconds coming out of hairpins, people magnificent waving cheering photos, chatting. What an unforgettable experience that we are trying to digest in our Dinner suits over dinner at the 5-Star Fairmont on the seafront dripping with gold/yachts/ship's. Cheers MOIRA from all of us"
Office Bearers and members of the Regimental Associations congratulate Gordon and ' Cuthbert' on a magnificant achievement in memory of Gordon's late wife, Moria. You may still donate to the cause.

ADF 8646
1 February 2017

New Book - United Kingdom Branch Online Shop
Title: Nyati - The Last Quartermaster
Author: Hamley, Richard - BSA Police 5567/6219 - Served 1956-1982 (two tours)
Publisher: Regimental Association - United Kingdom Branch
Availability: UK Branch Online Shop
Review: This is the 21st, and probably final book, in the series of Books of the BSAP and is a tour de force of the BSAP. It is a compilation of the works of Richard Hamley, author, historian, artist and cartoonist. Former Assistant Commissioner Hamley was Senior Staff Officer Quartermaster when the flag of the BSAP was lowered for the last time and so became the Last Quartermaster of the BSAP. Richard is an accomplished artist, cartoonist, author, historian and is best known for his book 'The Regiment', now long out of print, a history of the BSAP accompanied by magnificent colour plates of BSAP uniforms worn by members through the years of its existence. Nyati includes a full facsimile of The Regiment with the plates and can be regarded as a pocket companion to Blue and Old Gold, the official history of the BSAP by Hugh Philips to whom Nyati is dedicated. Nyati also includes Richard's musing on other BSAP topics such as the Regimental Colours and his 'Random Reminiscences of a Rhodesian Copper', a series of cartoons depicting life in Depot and subsequent service in the BSAP. An appendix describes the present day activities of the BSAP Regimental Association and pays tribute to those historians and archivists who have done so much to preserve the history of what was a unique and probably the best police force in the world. Produced on gloss paper in full colour this is one book anyone who served in the BSAP should have on their book shelf.
12 November 2016
Forthcoming The following forthcoming functions may be of interest. For further detils contact the To be Advised
Monthly Gathering (informal)
First Tuesday every month from 5pm Victory Services Club, Seymour Street, London W2 2HF Nearest Underground : Marble Arch Tel: 020 7616 8335 www.vsc.co.uk
19 August 2017
Annual Braai Stoneleigh Park Coventry - contact Parry Jones
9 September 2017
Irish Gathering Woodside, Howth, County Dublin - contact
10 September 2017
North West Gathering Feildens Arms, Whalley Road, Mellor Brook, BB2 7PR - Contact Brien Bonynge 01516 391369
29 September 2017
70th Anniversary Regimental Dinner Victory Services Club
5 December 2017
Christmas Sundowner
10 December 2017
North West Gathering Feildens Arms, Whalley Road, Mellor Brook, BB2 7PR - Contact Brien Bonynge 01516 391369
Joining the Branch Would you like to join the United Kingdom Branch of the Regimental Association? This pamphlet will give your a few reasons why you should consider it. Please complete this application form and post this to the Hon. Secretary.
Overseas Visitors' Liaison Biff Way has accepted the appointment of the UK Branch overseas visitor liaison, and in this role he will make contact with the friends of overseas visitors and try to arrange a get-together. He will encourage all visitors to attend the first Tuesday meetings at the Victory Services Club. Any former member of the BSAP who is visiting the UK is asked to contact Biff, with dates and itinerary of their visit and the names of any friends they want informed.
Clonmel Gathering

Left to right. Kneeling/Sitting: M. Fitzgerald, G. Long, S. Long, K. Flynn, J. Meekin, W. Kavanagh, A. Way, M. Berry, C. Harvey, L. Finnigan, M. Mitchell, E. Norris
2nd Row/Stand: S.Stokes, L. Toms, C. Meekin, C. Kavanagh, B. Flynn, P.OíHara, G. Norris, R. Harvey Back Row: B. Way, J.Berry, A. Toms, P. Biddulph, P. Deasy, T. Meekin, R.Finnigan, J.Foster, D. Foster, T. Devoy, M.Drury, P. Phillips, L. Burrow, F. Punter, P. Leen, N. Hall

Introduction The Branch currently publishes a magazine, 'The United Kingdom Outpost', three times a year that is distributed to all members and also published on the BSAP website. The United Kingdom Outpost magazine is edited by Parry Jones (6609), ably assisted by Alan Lane (5248).
Editor United Kingdom Outpost : Hywel Parry-Jones Born in Wales, Parry joined the BSAP in 1962 and was stationed in Salisbury before transferring to CID/SB in 1965. He served in the Gold Section and SB Que Que, and on promotion, CID Bulawayo from where he retired as Superintendent in July 1981. Parry returned to the United Kingdom, but later went to Papua New Guinea where he held an appointment as Principal, Detective Training School. He later joined the commission investigating corruption by politicians and civil servants in Papua New Guinea before returning to the United Kingdom in 1993. Parry finally retired in 2007 and keeps busy with Masonic activities, birding, amateur opera, trying to keep out of mischief and Regimental Association matters. He is the Functions Secretary in addition to his editorial duties. Parry is a widower, his wife, Jan, having died of cancer in 2008. He has four children and four grandchildren.

The Editor of the United Kingdom Outpost may be contacted by

The Almoner
The Almoner of the UK Branch is a member of the Branch Executive Committee who has the responsibility to be aware of and arrange assistance for any branch member, or their spouse, widow and family, in case of need, distress or hardship. To this end he endeavours to:
  • maintain regular contact with members and widow(er)s;
  • react promptly to information received concerning the welfare of members;
  • liaise with the Trustees of the BSAP Trust about cases and, where appropriate, submit applications for financial grants; and
  • attend or arrange for an Association representative at funerals – this includes the provision of the Force Cap & Flag if requested.

Financial hardship is initially dealt with via the State benefit system before referring applications to the Trustees. The UK Branch currently has over 60 Almoner Assistants to ensure that all areas are catered for and available to assist our members. All information concerning the health, welfare or financial situation of members is always treated as confidential.

The current Almoner is Tony Granger who says that members or their relatives can contact him at anytime should they wish to pass on any information about themselves or a relative - or just for support at the end of the phone. This also includes those resident overseas who contact the Almoner with similar information. He may be contact on telephone (Home) +44 1743 360827 or

The BSAP Trust
The BSAP Trust** was founded in 1987 in terms of a Deed of Trust executed by Mike Leach, Fred Mason and Tim Weimer. It is a UK registered charity, 297183. The object of the Trust is to:

“Provide assistance and support to members of the United Kingdom Branch of the BSAP Regimental Association and their dependants who are distressed by sickness or poverty”.

The Trustees are subject to the supervision of the Charity Commissioners and must therefore abide strictly by the provisions of the Deed of Trust and the rules governing UK based charities.

It is supported solely by donations and as a registered charity the Trust qualifies to claim Gift Aid relief for donations made by UK tax payers. Many members make regular donations and a number have made bequests to the Trust in their wills.

The Patron of the Trust is Field Marshal the Lord Walker of Aldringham, perhaps better known as Michael Walker son of Col. Walker, BSAP.

Assistance is normally provided in the form of a grant although assistance in debt reduction has been given in a number of cases. Before making a grant the Trustees are required to satisfy themselves that the applicant is in receipt of all social benefits to which the applicant may be entitled and therefore have to ask applicants to make a full financial disclosure when applying for assistance. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence.

Any member who wishes to apply for assistance or who feels another member would benefit from a grant should initially contact the almoner who will make the neccessary enquiries.

The Trustees make an Annual report to the AGM of the UK Branch and the audited accounts are also circulated. The latest report may be seen here.

Person who have made, or may make, donations to the BSAP Trust may wish to download a

Gift Aid Declaration Form.

** The BSAP Trust, having as its objectives 'to provide assistance and support to members of the United Kingdom Branch of the British South Africa Police Regimental Association and their dependants who are distressed by sickness or poverty' is restricted, by law, to servicing only the needs of members of the United Kingdom Branch.

United Kingdom Branch: Online Shop
The United Kingdom Branch of the Regimental Association is happy to announce the opening of an online shop for use by all former members and all of those interested in products on offer by the shop. The online project will supplement the sterling work being done by the UK Branch “QRep”, Bertie Cubbit, who shall continue to sell items at functions and gatherings. The online shop has been set up on the www.bsap.org web server, from which links to the online shop may be found.
At this time, there is a good selection of books and apparel along with the recently issued compact disc (CD) of magazines of the BSA Police and a few miscellaneous items. Access to the online shop is international, but products are distributed from the UK Branch only. In due course, efforts will be made by the branch to expand what is on offer, including e-products. It is likely that the ever popular Books of the British South Africa Police Series will continue to be expanded.
Access to the online store is simple – click on this link . You will be encouraged to register with the store. This will help notifications of new products. Payments are received through the PayPal system and you may purchase with appropriate credit cards, or if you live and have cheque facilities in the UK, by cheque. The UK Branch would welcome your cyber-browsing.
Please report queries and errors to the or the .