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Uniform of the Rhodesian Horse Volunteers.

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Introduction The very first BSAP New Zealand get-together was on 30 August 1969, at the Harbour Lights restaurant, Auckland. The first committee members appointed were:
  • 3693 Schollum;
  • 5339 Hopper;
  • 7750 Burridge;
  • 4346 Cottam;
  • 7853 Harris; and
  • the late 4788 Lendrum.
Foundation members of the New Zealand Branch were: 3902 Everitt; 5217 Foulkes; 7354 Johnson; 7307 Money; 4757 Pilbrough; WAP 31 Ann Schollum (deceased); 6906 Symes (deceased); 5617 Wilmot; 6031 Kerby; 5333 Le Sueur; 5448 Martin-Buss; 7497 Turner D.; 4928 Brindle; Knowles; 5368 Manning; 6303 Nortje (Australia, Queensland); 4355 Middleton-Stokes; and 6153 Turner J. It was decided then to accept NRP as Associate members, but none shown in 1985 Kiwi Outpost, save Terry Cottam NRP.
Principal ContactPersons wishing to make contact with the branch should contact the .
Mobile: +64 27 4738668
Branch Outpost Your Branch Outpost Magazine is at
this link
Office Bearers

Steve McIntosh-Dona - Chairman

Dick Hopper

Mike Harvey
Hon Secretary

Peter Burridge

Winston Hart

Les Lloyd