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The BSA Police District Trooper circa 1938.

Images by Dick Hamley
author of
'The Regiment'

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Introduction As far as can be ascertained at the moment the Kwazulu-Natal Regimental Association was formed during the 1976. It comprises former regular and reserve members who not only live in Kwazulu-Natal Province but includes non-resident members - two as far afield as the UK.

Members residing in the Natal Midlands formed their own Branch of the Association some years ago, mainly due to distances involved in attending the various functions and activities, so the data quoted hereunder excludes the Natal Midlands Branch as such, although there is a strong 'cross-membership' of both interests.

Kwazulu-Natal currently has a paid up membership of 188, which includes 20 'non' -residents. However, we know of at least another 34 former colleagues whom we hope one day will come aboard (before the ship sinks!) A feature of this province is the formation of six separate Stations, each 'controlled' by a Member in Charge. However, only four (Durban South, Durban North, South Coast and Durban West) are active at the moment.
Principal ContactPersons wishing to make contact with the Association should contact the
Address: PO Box 804, Linkhills 3653.
Telephone: +27 31 762 1010;
Mobile: +
Office Bearers

Trevor Wilson

Des Howse
Hon Secretary

Ethne Ayrton-White
Hon. Treasurer
Magazine The Kwazulu-Natal Regimental Association produces the Natal Outpost magazine twice a year.
Current Natal Outpost Editor
Mike Mays
Trevor Wilson is the editor of the Natal Outpost. Before Joining the BSA Police, Trevor served with the Metropolitan Police as a Cadet, serving at three stations in South London. He joined the BSA Police in 1957 and first served in Salisbury then Manicaland Province. On being promoted to Inspector, he returned to, Salisbury and served on a number of suburban stations and both, Beatrice and Marandellas. Trevor served a short spell on Traffic Section and then moved onto PGHQ Security and Planning. He was commissioned in 1973 and posted to the Joint Planning Staff (Secretariat for the Joint Commanders and Director of Intelligence) at Milton Buildings, as the first full time Police Officer. This was followed by a posting to Mashonaland Province Police Reserve and Security, and then he took over as O.C. Bindura District for nearly two years, before being moved back to Salisbury Province as the Chief. Supt (P R and S). He ended his service as in Salisbury Province as the Ass Com (Crime and Security), and took his discharge in 1981. Trevor joined South African Breweries in Pretoria and later became Warehouse Manager at Garankuwa and Rosslyn Breweries, before being squeezed back into Loss Control/Risk Management, finally becoming the South African Divisional Risk Manager. After 22 years in SAB he completed consultancy work and finally retired with his wife, Linda to Hillcrest.

The Editor of the The Natal Outpost may be contacted by

Past Outpost editors: Trevor Dutton.