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The BSA Police District Trooper circa 1938.

Images by Dick Hamley
author of
'The Regiment'

Introduction The Matabeleland Branch, alongside other branches based in Zimbabwe, used to fall under the wing of the Central Branch until the latter was disbanded and formed into a Central Advisory Committee. The Matabeleland Branch now stands as an autonomous body with its own constitution and serves the interests of former members of the force in the Matabeleland region.
Principal ContactPersons wishing to make contact with the branch should contact the
Address: 1 Mukwa Rd, Newton West.
Telephone: +263 9 470972;
Mobile: +263 712 213607
Office Bearers

Ken Macdonald

Karl Hurry
Vice Chairman
Branch News

Matabeleland AGM The Annual General Meeting of the Matabeleland Branch of the Regimental Association was held on 14 March 2015, at the (Green & White) poolside bar at the home of Karl & Denise Hurry, situated in Bulawayo. Following the Chairmanís Report, the Treasurer opined that the Branch's finances were satisfactory. The present Committee were voted in en bloc: Ken MacDonald (Chairman); Karl Hurry (Vice Chairman/Treasurer); Denise Hurry (Secretary); Gordon Geddes and Tom Cranston (Committee Members). There followed a social braai.
1 March 2015

Informal Functions No informal, monthly gatherings are held by the branch.
Forthcoming The following forthcoming functions may be of interest. For further detils contact the
General Gathering and Sundowner  
Saturday 28th November 2015
Branch Annual Reunion Lunch Church Hall, Church of Ascention, Leander Avenue, Hillside
Joining the Branch Would you like to join the Matabeleland Branch of the Regimental Association? Write to the Hon. Secretary.