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BSA Company Police Trooper circa 1890.

Images by Dick Hamley
author of
'The Regiment'

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The Australia Branch was formed in 1998 and is currently administered by a National Committee made up of members from all the States and Territories throughout Australia. It covers the whole of Australia and we now have over 240 members and growing monthly. Queensland ceased being a Branch in 2010 and in 2016 became a station along with all the other States.
The National Committee meets at least six times a year with meetings being held via Skype due to the size and time zones of Australia, normally on a Saturday morning. Annually, we hold three core functions: Annual General meeting which is usually in March (followed by a braai which could be in any Capital City), Annual Luncheons are held at various times between September and November in each State and various Christmas barbecueís in December, venues are notified to members. The Committee has recently decided to increase the number of informal social gatherings to provide greater interaction between members and families.
State Liaison Officers or Station Liaison Officers have been appointed in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT, South Australia Western Australia and Queensland.
In 2016, the Queensland Branch dissolved and the territory is recognised now as a 'station' with its own State Liaison Officer.
Members and prospective members (including former members of the Rhodesian forces and the Colonial Police) are welcome to attend any of our functions. They may also apply for membership of the Branch, either as a full or Associate Member, subject to satisfying our constitutional requirements.

Principal ContactPersons wishing to make contact with the branch should contact the
26 Dryandra Crescent, Darlington, WA 6070, Australia.
Telephone: +61 438 905 131

BSAP Australia Group on Facebook
Office Bearers

Alan Hadfield

Will Keys

Howard Martin

Pauline McCarthy
Hon Secretary
Introduction The Branch currently publishes a half-yearly magazine 'Aussie Outpost' which is distributed to all members and also published on the BSAP website. The Editorship had recently changed from Kerry Hoadley (5316) to Simon Johnstone (7773) who lives in New South Wales.
Editor Aussie Outpost : Simon Johnstone
Simon writes: "I attested as a naive teenager in June 1967 to Five Squad of that year. I had arrived just days before in Rhodesia from South Africa, but originally came from Ireland. After Morris Depot under the 'tender care' of the amazing Inspector 'Tackie' MacIntosh, and Driving School in Cranbourne; I was posted to Salisbury Central and attached to PATU. I later served in the inner Salisbury station - Braeside - and then moved to the outer Salisbury station - Borrowdale - which included suburbia, small holdings, large farms and the Chishawasha TTL.
In 1970, after completing my three years as a PO, I switched to A Reserve - still attached to Borrowdale - rumour has it before being drafted to Mortuary detail - who knows! Rumours had a nasty habit of coming true then. What wasn't a rumour is I moved into radio production and television and spent the next five years at Edwin & Rachelle studios, The RBC radio stations - Jacaranda, Matopos and National - and also Rhodesia Television as one of the news anchors.
I left in late September 1975, a week or so after my last PATU trip, sad to leave a country that captured my heart, but needing to widen my broadcasting horizons. I came to Australia and held a number of senior radio and television posts before moving into PR and then IT with my own company. I am now separated and have a 21 year old daughter completing uni. I was very pleased to have a modest contribution to the Centenary Parade in Canberra in September 2013 and to renew many wonderful connections from BSAP days."

The Editor of the Aussie Outpost may be contacted by