General Non-Fiction with reference to the BSA Police

Many books have been written about Rhodesia over the years. Often, what can be described as no more than passing references to the BSA Police are sometimes included. Invariably these types of books cannot be considered as particularly relevant and useful sources of information on the Regimental History

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World Police and Paramilitary Forces (Click title to buy)
Stockton Press, London - 1986
ISBN: 978-0333386293
Pages 239-240 deal with the Zimbabwe Republic Police Force, with much mention of the BSAP.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

Rhodesia: Last Outpost of the British Empire 1890-1980 (Click title to buy)
Galago Publishing Pty Ltd 2010
ISBN: 978-1-9149854-39-7
I've just finished reading Peter Baxter's 500+ page book, Rhodesia - Last Outpost of the British Empire 1890 -1980., Published by Galago, April 2010 in hardback under ISBN 978-1-919854-39-7 ( ISBN 1-919-85439-8) This is a most informative and detailed narrative covering the political history of Rhodesia from beginning to end. Very readable with side stories, previously unheard of by yours truly . Well laced with references to the British South Africa Police ( In fact the jacket cover shows a mounted police officer in full dress kit, infront of the Blatherwick memorial, Morris depot, with the green and white Rhodesia flag and the Regimental flag.) including the Pioneer Column, Jameson Raid, riots in the 60's, Special branch, CIO and a postscript of the post independence rule of Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF. If you have never read about Rhodesia, this is the one book I would highly recommend to get a good grasp relating the ,characters,making of a country, the issues leading to UDI and the eventual capitulation leading to black rule.
Roger Capper, ex-BSAP 5936.
11 April 2011

BEVAN, Shelia
The Parting Years - A British Family and the end of the Empire
London : Radcliffe Press. 2001.
The story itself is not relevant to the BSA Police. The author, however, was married to Alfred Trevor BEVAN, a former member of the BSA Police (3790). Although the marriage took place after Trevor had left the Rhodesian Police, there are references to his service in the BSA Police and his meeting with members of the Force during his service in Nyasaland.

BINDA,Alexandre and COCKS, Christopher
The Saints: The Rhodesia Light Infantry (Click title to buy)
30 Degrees Publishing, Johannesburg - 2007
ISBN: 978-1920143077
The story of the RLI, although there is no mention of the BSAP in the index, but there are frequent mentions in the text, together with Special Branch, PATU and PRAW
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

BINDA, Alexandre and HEPENSTALL, David
Masodja: The Rhodesian African Rifles and Its Forerunner the Rhodesia Native Regiment (Click title to buy)
30 Degrees Publishing, Johannesburg - 2007
ISBN: 978-1920143039
Masodja is the pronunciation of “soldier” in the Shona language. The publication is the history of the Rhodesia African Rifles and its forerunner, the Rhodesian Native Regiment. Contains indexed references to the BSAP on 44 pages, dated back to the Great War and the obligation the Army had to the Force in that and the Second World War. There are also frequent mentions of SB, PATU and PRAW.
G eoff Quick
19 September 2009

BOPELA Thula and LUTHULI Daluxolo
Umkhonto we Sizwe: Fighting for a Divided People (Click title to buy)
Galago Publishing, Alberton
ISBN: 978-1919854168
Two former South African terrorists, who took part in the joint ZIPRA/MK operation in the Wankie area in 1967, have written book giving the views of those involved on the other side. Bopela was arrested and convicted of the murder of five members of the Security Forces. Sentenced to death he was later reprieved and spent thirteen years in Khami Prison. He makes complimentary mention of members of the BSAP, including Ron Peters, Mac McGuinnes and Luke Dancer. Compares the professionalism of the SAP very unfavourably against the BSAP.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

To the Banks of the Zambesi (Click title to buy)
Johannesburg : Thomas Nelson & Sons (Africa)(Pty)Ltd. 1965.
A story about that part of Central Africa between the Limpopo and Zambesi Rivers, which became Rhodesia. There is mention of the BSACP and the BSA Police, but the book should not be considered as being particularly informative when researching the Regimental History.

CARY, Robert
The Pioneer Corps (Click title to buy)
Galaxie Press,
Rhodesia, 1975
Comprehensive book with a demographic analysis of the men of the Corps-where they came from,where they were educated,how many stayed and died in Rhodesia.A diary of the trek to Mashonaland,a nominal roll ,a schedule of the rations,pay and equipment issued.Invaluable book for research.
5329/10511 Paddy Morton

Men, Mines and Animals in South Africa (Click title to buy)
London : Sampson Low, Martson & Co. 1893.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia.1969.
Churchill was a shareholder in the B.S.A.Co., who visited Mashonaland in 1891, to check the veracity of reports about the purported richness of the gold strikes. There is a brief mention of the BSACP, but the book cannot be considered as a particularly useful source of information, when researching the Regimental History.

This is our Land
Babobab Books, Salisbury, Rhodesia - 1963
This is a paperback collection of Rhodesiana stories, which the author had previously presented in an early morning broadcast on RBC. There is nothing specifically written about the BSAP, but throughout many of the stories about the Force and its predecessors are mentioned.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

COLE, Barbara
Sabotage and Torture
Three Knights, Amanzimtoti, 1988
ISBN: 0620130261
Written of events after 1980 but mentions members who were in BSA Police and mentions stations and CID. One of the Zim Airforce members arrested, Barry Lloyd was peviously a member of BSA Police, Philip Conjwayo was previously a member of BSA Police(CID).

The Great Boer War
London: George Bell & Sons 1900
A factual account of the Boer War, with maps. Chapter 24 devotes 20 pages to the Seige of Mafeking where details of the numerous actions of the beleaguered garrison is given and the hardships which were suffered. Mention is made of the composition of the beseiged garrison of irregular troops under Baden-Powell. Specific mention is made (on page 408) of an action on the 31st October when the Boers attacked a defensive outpost on Cannon Kopje to the south of the town. It was defended by Colonel Walford and 57 members of the BSA Police. The attack was repulsed with heavy losses to the Boers. Six members of the BSA Police were killed and five wounded in the engagement. Details are also given of Plumers relief column from Bechuanaland and their subsequent deployemnt in the Transvaal after the relief of Mafeking.

DIPPENAAR, Marius de Witt
1913 - 1988 South African Police Commemorative Album.
Silverton, South Africa : Promedia Publications (Pty)Ltd. 1988.
Includes a chapter on the S.A.P. in Rhodesia and touches briefly on the BSA Police.

The Autobiography of Kingsley Fairbridge.
London : Oxford University Press. 1927.
Bulawayo : Books of Rhodesia. 1974. Republished as Kingsley Fairbridge
His Life and Verse with additional text and illustrations..
Mention of the BSA Police Camps at Sinoia and Urungwe and a Trp. Percy Erskine Driver, who had previously been a Jameson Raider.

Crown and Charter : The Early Years of the B.S.A.Co.
Berkeley : University of California.1974
A passing reference to the raising of the Regiment in 1889, but puts more emphasis on the early economic and political development of Rhodesia.

The Story of an African Crisis
Constable, Westminster, 1897
Contemporary and detailed account of the Jameson Raid written very shortly after it occurred. Gives much detail on events leading up to it and afterwards as well as details of the police raiders themselves. Provides a fine account of the battle of Doornkop and includes a map of the action - Peter Stiff, 4831

Send Carrington.
Craighill, S.A. : A.D.Donker. 1984
Includes fairly good detail about the formation of the BBP, but makes only passing references to the BSACP.

GOWEN, Roger Anthony; BSA Police: 5157 1-Nov-1953 -
Voyage to Paradise.
n..p.: Frederick Muller Ltd. 1963.
The book is not about the BSA Police, but four members of the BSA Police from Bulawayo, who after leaving the Force returned to Britain and bought a boat and sailed it round the world. After many adventures, their vessel was shipwrecked off the coast of New Zealand.

GROGAN, Ewart Scott , DSO
From the Cape to Cairo
T Nelson & Sons, Ltd, 1900
The second book of a two book series chronicalling the first traverse of Africa from the South to North. This book, with a Foreword by Cecil John Rhodes, dated Bulawayo, September 1900, covers the expedition from Southern Rhodesia to Cairo. The author, a lesser known English explorer, describes in detail the hunts he conducted in the various territories as he progressed northwards via PEA, British Central Africa (Nyasaland) and GEA, etc. In Blantyre, the author records (on pg 71) of being introduced to Major Harding CMG, by the Commissioner of Northern Rhodesia, Mr Codrington. Major Harding was recruiting Angonis for the BSA Police at the time. Further mention is made of Major Harding's mission on page 375. Also of interest is that the author describes (on pg 23) of attending a trial, in Salisbury, of the Mashonalnand Rebellion particpants. He records the 'absolute justic meted out' and the leniency of the Courts where doubt of guilt or a technicality of law existed. He further expresses his admiration (pgs 93-99) of the work done by the BSA or Chartered Company and its 'mere handful of policemen, with less than a hundred native police' in bring law and order to a vast, wild tract of territory 'without fuss and practically without bloodshed'. An interesting book for those keen on early African colonial history or big game hunting in Cantral Africa. Frank Flowers (7404)

HAGGETT, Adrian and van TONDER, Gerry
Rhodesian Combined Forces Roll of Honour 1966-1981 (Click title to buy)
30 Degrees South Publishers, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-920143-75-6
Using an original basic Roll of Honour drawn up some time ago by Richard Wood, Adrian and Gerry expanded the data base so as to include specific information that would personalise an entry on the roll. This included service numbers, specific unit and command, an actual reason for death and, most important of all, a footnote column reflecting circumstances and place of death, age, place of burial, attestation date, and personal information. This was (and is) an extremely daunting task as their prime objective was authenticity, drawing from all available sources, including regimental publications and websites, Death Notices, all rolls of honour in existence that they could find and, through constant appeals, first-hand accounts from brothers-in-arms, family and friends. Many duplications and inaccuracies were encountered and corrected, and a significant new number of entries made of individuals who hitherto had gone unacknowledged. The result is unquestionably the most comprehensive Rhodesian Combined Forces Roll of Honour yet produced. It is not a commercial project.
Updated: 19 January 2013

HOARE, Rawdon
Rhodesian Mosaic (Click title to buy)
John Murray, 1934
A visitor/potential settler to Rhodesia, the author writes lightly and often humorously of his experiences and travels through the country in the early 1930s. He commences with his boat trip and reason for the trip, some general history and then gets on with the description of his travels and the peaople he met. There are mentions of the BSAP and/or Police and there is a chapter on the Railway strike in which he was active and apparently made a Commander of a platoon of Special Constables, his platoon sergeant being Corporal Powis of the BSAP. He had planning discussions with Col Frank Johnson who was also a platoon leader at the time. Simply written but holds the attention.
Ted Dowling

HOLE, Hugh Marshall
The Jameson Raid
Phillip Allan, London, 1930
Written from the viewpoint of a man who held a senior post in the BSA Police Co's Johannesburg office which brought him into contact with people who figured prominenly in the revolutionary project including Cecil Rhodes, Jameson (whose private secretary he was from 1991-93), Dr F Rutherford Harris, Col Frank Rhodes and others. He provides details of early preparations in Rhodesia, how the police raiders were recruited and armed, how they moved to Pitsani in Bechuanaland under Inspector Straker. How they fought and efeated three chiefs there and forced them to cede a strip of land for the proposed railway to the Chartered Company. Gives details of the raid itself, the raiders defeat at Doornkop and the aftermath - Peter Stiff, 4831

JONES, Neville
Rhodesian Genesis
Rhodesia Pioneers' & Early Settlers' Association, 1952
Describes journey of Pioneer Column and subsequent early events.Material for the book obtained from reminiscences with many early settlers including members of Pioneer Column and BSACompany Police, one being No.572 Trooper Alfred DREW. He presented his pioneer tunic and smasher hat to the BSAP and were treeasured exhibits at Morris Depot - Fred Punter

Red Buffalo
Juta, 1950
The story of Will Longden, Pioneer, Friend and Emissary of Rhodes,and cousin of author, who had an adventurous life including his upbringing on the Karoo, involvement in the Basuto War 1880, life on the move in South Africa, travelling through PEA to spend several months as Rhodes' repesentative in GunGunyana's kraal, running an oxwagon convoy into Rhodesia loaded with supplies for Jameson's attack on Bulawayo, with the relief column for Forbes who was trying to catch Lobengula, the 1896 Rebellion, working as first magistrate at Melsetter and much more. Mentions the BBP and BSACP on occasions. Author wrote book in conjunction with 'Red Buffalo'. Interesting, modestly written without flourish, a good read.
Ted Dowling

LONGFORD, Elizabeth
The Jameson Raid: The Prelude to the Boer War
Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 1960
Jonathan Ball Publishers, Johannesburg, 1982
ISBN: 0-86850-037-2
Deals with the full history of the Jameson Raid both before and afterwards. Explains how the BSA Co Police assembled at Pitsani in Bechuanaland obstensibly to protect railway construction against marauding natives. Explains how the 356-strong column set off for Johannesburg and the failed attempts to halt the raiders. Tells how a 100-strong force of Bettington's Horse set out to meet them but turned back. Finally it deals with the last stand at Doornkop where the raiders were defeated - Peter Stiff 4831

MAIN, Michael; BSA Police: 6293 13/2/1961 to 23-Dec-1976
Zambesi : Journey of a River.
Johannesburg : Southern Book Publishers (Pty)Ltd. 1990.
Written by a former member of the BSA Police, although there is only a brief reference to the Regiment and its involvement in the occupation of Schuckmannsburg in the Caprivi Strip during the Great War.

MEARS, Chris
Goodbye Rhodesia (Click title to buy)
Antony Rowe Publishing Services, 2005
ISBN: 978-1905200443
Autobiography of Lomagundi tobacco farmer's wife, 1952 - 77, who later was involved in tousism at Victoria Falls and then Fort Victoria. Her daughter joined BSA Police (WPO No.207) married a member of the Force. The author worked at Fort Victoria Police station for a while. There are several mentions of the Force.

MICHELL, Sir Lewis
The Life of the Rt Hon Cecil John Rhodes (Vols 1 & 2) (Click title to buy)
Edward Arnold London, 1910
Sir Lewis Michell was often referred to as Rhodes' bank. He not only established, at Rhodes' request, the first branch of the Standard Bank in Rhodesia but was associated in many other ways with the country. His intimate biograph of Rhodes gives the background to and makes mention of men like Cols Pennfather and Plumer. Writes about the occupation of Mashonaland and the BSACP's role in it as well as the little-mentioned 400 BSACP and BBP stationed at Macloutsie to guard against a Matabele invasion of Mashonaland. Catalogues the police occupation of Macequece in PEA, the Matable War, the Jameson Raid and the Matabele and Mashona Rebellions - Peter Stiff 4831

MILLIN, Sarah Gertrude
Rhodes (Click title to buy)
Chatto & Windus, London - 1936
Another Rhodes biography, which includes brief references to the reduction of manpower in the ranks of the BSACP following the Occupation of Mashonaland in 1890.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

The Rhodesian War - A Military History (Click title to buy)
Jonathan Ball Publisbers, Jeppestown - 1982
ISBN: 978-1844156948
An overview and detailed unvarnished account of the Rhodesian Bush War and includes mention of personalities such as Peter Walls and Ken Flowers, the latter having previously served in the BSAP.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

In Camera - Secret Justice in Rhodesia
(Click title to buy)
Weidnfeld & Nicolson, London - 1973
The author was a newspaperman living in Rhodesia who was detained in terms of the Emergency Powers Regulations and subsequently tried under the Official Secrets Act, an offence for which he was found guilty, but was acquitted on appeal. Story does not add anything to the history of the Force, but names the three members of the BSAP who arrested him and his conversations with two of them while being taken from Salisbury to his place of detention in Gwelo Prison. A fourth member of the Force, who was present when Nieswand subsequently left the country, is also identified..
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

Winds of Destruction (Click title to buy)
Crewe : Trafford Publishing (UK)Ltd, 2003
ISBN: 978-0954849030
Autobiography of a former member of the Rhodesian Airforce with particular mention of the relationship he established with leading members of the country's other Forces, including the BSA Police, during the terrorist war. Names of a number former members of the BSA Police included, as are some former members in group photographs.
Geoff Quick

PLUMER Lt.Col. Herbert
An Irregular Corps in Matabeleland (Click title to buy)
Kegan Paul, Treach Truber, London - 1897
Concerns the relieving forces sent up from South Africa at the time of the 1896 Rebellion. There are occasional mentions of the Matabeleland Mounted Police and their interaction with other defense forces.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

ROBINS, Eric and LEGGE, Ronald
Animal Dunkirk (Click title to buy)
London : Herbert Jenkins Ltd. 1959
The story of Lake Kariba and “Operation Noah” in 1958 to rescue the stranded game from the flooded Zambesi Valley. Mention made of two persons who served in the BSA Police.

RUSSELL, Nick BSA Police 9596 and WHITEHEAD, Chris
Darwin Days
Rhodesians Worldwide Magazine, 2005
ISBN: 1-59975-130-5
Calvin Coolidge once said, “Nothing in this world can take the place of perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Perseverance and determination alone are omnipotent' There are no doubt many examples of this statement that he refers to in American history, but it is exemplified in “Darwin Days” published by Chris Whitehead and Nick Russell (ex BSA Police), both of them young men who experienced life in Mount Darwin in the 1960’s and 70’s. Mount Darwin impacted on their lives, turning them rapidly from boys to men and in their reflections today, although there are attempts to hide them, the scars show through. This book is a collection of contributions from farmers, policemen, soldiers and civil servants who spent, in some cases a lot, in others only a little time in Mount Darwin. Some of the contributors were children who are today grown men and women. And it is these former children who have made some of the most graphic but modest and selfless contributions. This is a history book. There are stories of great courage, selfless bravery, sheer stupidity and much fun in unusual circumstances. But most of all, the collections illustrate the character of the Rhodesian farmer during the period between 1950 and 1980. The so-called ‘white colonial oppressors’ who not only built their farms from nothing, but assimilated the African people into their lives, albeit at arms length, with empathy and goodwill. Today their attitude to the African people is described by those who think they know best as ‘patronising’ and ‘superior’. Read these collections and judge for yourself. They tell us in simple modest language why Rhodesia was once the ‘breadbasket of Africa’, and perhaps in a way, why it is no longer. This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone who lived in the Rhodesia of old, for it not only tells about the character of the people of Mount Darwin, but about all Rhodesians. It is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to better understand Africa.
Kyran Robinson, Harare, June 2006

The Rhodesia Medal Roll: Honours & Decorations of the Rhodesian Conflict, 1970-1981
Jeppestown Press, London (, 2006
ISBN: 0-9553936-0-4
The 'Rhodesia Medal Roll' is a complete nominal roll of over 12,000+ gazetted awards of Rhodesian honours and decorations between 1970 and October 1981; around 6,000 of which are named to BSA Police or Police Reserve members. It includes the names of over 1,700 previously unpublished recipients, but excludes General Service Medals. The book also features a surname index to make cross-checking awards more convenient. The book is the result of 2 years' research in the UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Perfect for medal collectors and dealers, historians and genealogists - and a brilliant heirloom souvenir for recipients, their families and descendants.
David Saffery

SIEMON, Rosamund
The Eccentric Mr Wienholt UQP, 2005
ISBN: 0702234982
This book is a full biography of Wienholt including his upbringing, farming and political career as well as his adventures in Africa (which encompasses his time as a BSAP special service trooper) which led to his death. A good range of illustrations, all presented in a very readable way. (See also the book entry under WIENHOLT)
Ted Dowling
Updated: 31 March 2013

The Great Betrayal (Click title to buy)
London : Blake Publishing Ltd. 1997.
Memoirs of the last Rhodesian Prime Minister, with only a passing reference to the BSA Police.

Bygone Days (Click title to buy)
H.F.& G.Witherby, London and republished by Books of Rhodesia, Bulawayo - 1933 and 1976
An account of the Jameson Raid. Relates how Jameson's force of Mashonaland Mounted Police assembled at Pitsani in Bechuanaland and extensive training was embarked on. This unit commanded by Lt Col H F White comprised 372 officers and men with 480 horses, 128 mules and 65 'Cape boys'. They had one 12.5 pounder gun and six Maxims. After embarking on the raid they were supposed to be joined en route by the BBP under Col Raleigh Grey. They were but many refused to go and they were only 122 strong with drivers and other attendants with two seven pounders and two Maxims. Sir Hercules Robinson, the Governor of the Cape ordered the column to turn around but Jameson ignored the order. They were defeated by the Boers at the Battle of Doornkop. Includes details of the aftermath - Peter Stiff, 4831

The Autobiography of a Border Policeman (Click title to buy)
H.F. & G.Witherby, London - 1927
Stevens was a member of the Bechuanaland Border Police for several years,including the time of the 1893 Matabele War. He took part in the advance of the Southern Column from Bechuanaland into Matabeleland and also the pursuit of Lobengula in conjunction with members of the BSA Co., which included elements of the BSACP.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

coverSTIFF, Peter
BSA Police 4831. 31-Dec-1951 to 2-Jan-1972
Cry Zimbabwe - Independence Twenty Years On (Click title to buy)
Alberton, S.A.: Galago Publishing. 2000.
Covers the Zimbabwe post independence period. Although there is mention of the BSA Police and individuals in the Force all comment is related to the period subsequent to 1980 and is therefore not relevant to the history of the BSA Police.

The Rain Goddess (Click title to buy)
Jacaranda Press, Rhodesia, 1973
ISBN: 919-85406-1
In the late 1960s early 1970s Peter Stiff was a superintendent in the BSA Police. Internal insurgency combined with major armed guerrilla incursions from Zambia had commenced, but the government played them down to the public at large. In an effort to maintain public morale/ignorance only the police, and latterly regular army soldiers, were deployed on counter-insurgency operations. The government was determined to avoid casualties amongst young national servicemen. Stiff did not subscribe to the view that the public should be kept in the dark. After resigning his commission in 1972 he wrote this book, a 'fictional' account of the bush war based on his own experiences and those of his former police comrades. It was impossible to write it as non fiction because this would have carried the sanction of of a prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. The Rain Goddess served its purpose and alerted an amazed Rhodesian public to the undeclared war war then raging on its doorstep. The Rain Goddess is widely recognised as the classic novel on the Rhodesian Bush War. Latest edition published by Galago, Alberton, RSA. Cover can be lifted by right clicking on image in
Peter Stiff

The Silent War; South African Recce Operations 1969-1994 (Click title to buy)
Galago, Alberton - 1999
ISBN: 978-0620243001
The story of South African specials forces, in their operations in Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Lesotho, Mozambique and Botswana. They supplied the complete manpower for D Squadron Rhodesian SAS, which was deployed on Mozambique, Zambian and Botswana operations operations. Those killed in action are commemorated on the 22-SAS' memorial in the UK. Reveals how towards the end of the Rhodesian war arrangements were made for the SAS and Selous Scouts to be transferred in total to the SADF to become 6-Recce and 3-Recce respectively. This recruitment campaign also included members of BSAP Special Branch who were recruited for the Special Forces' top-secret Project Barnacle unit.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

SUTHERLAND, Robert S.; BSA Police: 1393 8/2/1911 to 31-Dec-1919
Zambesi Camp Fires (Click title to buy)
n.p. : Witherby. 1935
Tales by a former member of the BSA Police of hunting in Northern Rhodesia and the Zambesi Valley.

THOMPSON, Colonel John De Lisle (Jock)
The Story of Rhodesian Sport: Volume One: 1889 - 1935
Reproduction of the 1935 edition, published by Books of Rhodesia, Bulawayo. 1976
ISBN: 0 86920 150 6
This book chronicles the development of sport in Rhodesia. From our perspective, it is interesting to see that the roots of most sport in Rhodesia can be traced back to our Force. Indeed, the book documents the dominance of Police Teams and individual Policemen in early Rhodesian sport and how they went onto represent their country at a National level or became prominent sports administrators. Even if you are not into sport, this book is a recommended read for anyone interested in the history of the Force as it gives a fascinating insight into our former members. It contains numerous photographs of our early Police teams and individuals as well as anecdotes about them, both on and off the sports fields. Frank Flowers (7404)

THOMAS, Antony
London : BBC Books. 1996.
Biography of Cecil Rhodes in which the BSACP is mentioned twice in passing.

The Fighting Police of South Africa (Click title to buy)
N.p.: The Natal Witness. 1925
A tribute to all police forces in Southern Africa, with no particular unit names, although there is a chapter about the 1893 Shangani Patrol, which included members of the BSAP in its ranks.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

Sailor Soldier
Privately South Africa, 2005
ISBN: 0-620-32752-9
A privately published biography limited to 250 copies. The story of Comd. E. C. Tyndale-Briscoe, who served as a member of the Pioneer Column sent to Mashonaland in 1896 and based on his journals and diaries. Several references to the BSA Police in those early days.
Geoff Quick

The name Tyndale-Biscoe is well-known to all students of the Pioneer Column. This book is a biography of Cdr E C T-B (by his grand-nephew) which is substantially focused on his adventures in southern Africa. Although stated to be drawn from his diaries and letters when besieged at Ladysmith there is nothing to indicate the extent of any editing The reader must overlook considerable numbers of mistakes in spelling but if they were taken directly from the diaries then this can be forgiven.
The book has much of interest and adds to our knowledge and understanding of the activities of the Pioneer Column. There is much mentioned of the Mashonaland and Matabeleland Mounted Police units also.
The book had a limited run of 250 numbered copies and I understand a second edition (revised?) was issued in 2006
Ted Dowling

Welensky's 4000 Days
London : Collins, 1964
The life and death of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Only mention of the BSA Police is the Force's involvement in the 1959 Nyasaland Emergency, when members were sent to that country to assist in the restoration of law and order.
Geoff Quick

The Welensky Papers: A History of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (Click title to buy)
Graham Publishing, Durban, 1983
ISBN: 0-620-06410-2
A very comprehensive history of the Federation (1330 pages) much of which is Rhodesian history in those years. Numerous mentions of the BSA Police including the initial negotiations whether it should become a Federal force, Garfield Todd's insistence on using the army instead of the BSA Police to break the Wankie strike, how Labour's Barbara Castle insisted the BSA Police and SAP were one and the same, how the BSA Police was deployed to Nyasaland in 1959, the July riots in Rhodesia in 1961 and the role of the BSA Police, various mentions of Commissioner Basil Spurling and so on - Peter Stiff, 4831

So Far and No Further! Rhodesia's bid for Independence during the retreat from Empire - 1959-1965 (Click title to buy)
30Deg South Publishing (Pty) Ltd, 2005
ISBN: 9584890-2-5
A further well written and comprehensive and in-depth study of Rhodesia history in the lead up to the Unilateral Declaration of Independence with frequent references to the British South Africa Police and drawing from the private papers of Ian Smith made exclusively available to author Richard Wood. An excellent work which any researcher into Rhodesian history should have on his book self.
Andrew Field

BSA Police dog handler
The BSA Police Dog Section was first a part of the CID.


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