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The British South Africa Police force is steeped in the history of then Rhodesia and much has been written about the force over the years by historians, adventurers and a good number of former members themselves. This page attempts to bring to you a bibliography of non-fiction works written by former members of the BSA Police, but which make no reference to the British South Africa Police.

The Webmaster's grateful thanks is extended to the active members of the BSAP History group (See Discussion Groups) who put this list together and the group's moderator Geoff Quick who allowed this list to be published on these pages for your benefit.

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CROMPTON, John BSA Police 1757; Served 1913 to 1919
The Hunting Wasp
Collins - 1948
John was the pen name under which Tpr 1757 John Battersby Crompton Lamburn, author of "Trooper Fault" wrote a number of popular books on natural history. Other titles include "The Hive", "The Spider", and "Ways of the Ant". All of them occasionally reflect or directly draw on his experiences in the BSAP. As a biologist (South African, but with no other connection to the BSAP) I read several of the books in my youth, and profited. They are informal, personal, entertaining and instructive, in spite of some faux pas in technical matters, some of which could be editing errors (eg "coastal" for "costal"). They do however reflect considerable background study and serious thought, and deserve respect accordingly.' John Richfield

ELLERT, Henrik BSA Police 7052; Served 1964 to 1980
The Traditional African Art of Zimbabwe
CBC Publishing 2002
ISBN: 0-9515209-5-4
The book describes and discusses a wide range of traditional African art in Zimbabwe. It includes over 97 colour photographs of mainly Shona artefacts in traditional daily use.

BLAKE, Fraser BSAP Police 6961; Served 1963 to 1966
Dear Chips (Click title to buy)
Fraser Blake, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9576748-1-3
Dear Chips' is a remarkable collection of over 60 fascinating and well-written letters between Norman Blake and his son, Fraser. 'The Old Boy', working in Eritrea for the Ethiopian Government prepares 'Chips' for life in the British South Africa Police in Southern Rhodesia. Fraser, in his early 20s, is also advised on issues as diverse as money and women, alcohol and God, courtesy and honesty, not forgetting the importance of well made shoes and suits. Relish the nostalgia as Chips, half a century on, evaluates the Old Boy's loving guidance.
Updated: 28 November 2013

SMITH, Ivan BSA Police 7357; Served 1965 to 1977
Mad Dog Killers: The Story of a Congo Mercenary (Click title to buy)
30 Degrees South Publishers, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-920143-51-0
During that long, hot summer of 1964, Ivan Smith, a mercenary volunteer in the Armée Nationale Congolais, came to witness and understand fear, the law of the jungle and the lust for killing that permeates Africa. A member of ‘Mad Mike’ Hoare’s 5 Commando Group, he and his companions were nominally soldiers but there was little in the way of campaigns, tactics and discipline. Of conventional warfare there was none. Loyalty to country or unit did not exist and the fear of death was the only commander. Many more mercenaries died from an accidental discharge, in a drunken shoot-out or from a bullet in the back than were ever killed in action by Simba rebels. Nearly half a century later, Ivan Smith re-lives the nightmare that was the Congo.
Updated: 18 February 2012

STEVENS, Andrew BSAPolice: 6226; Served: 1960 to 1964
Flight of the Falcons from Greek shores to African skies
Candia Books 2011
ISBN 978 0958 495172
First published 2008. To make the book, described as “a good read” even more readable, maps have been included in the revised edition. So even the reader who is unfamiliar with the geography and history of Greece can follow the tale of Edward’s dramatic escape from Greece and its modern history with ease. Greece with its classical sites, marvelous beaches, cuisine and weather attracts more than 20 million visitors each year. It is also blessed with the most hospitable people in the world or as General Sir Charles Napier, one time Administrator of part of modern Greece, once said: “The merry Greeks are worth all other nations put together.” Edward is forced to flee Greece in 1941 in a small boat.
Updated: 3 December 2011

STIFF, Peter BSA Police: 4831; Served: 1951 to 1972
The Silent War; South African Recce Operations 1969-1994
Galago, Alberton, RSA, 1999
ISBN: 1-919-854-045
The complete story of the Recce Regiments (South African specials forces)in their operations in Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Lesotho, Mozambique and Botswana. They supplied the complete manpower for D Squadron Rhodesian SAS which was deployed on Mozambique, Zambian and Botswana operations operations. Those killed in action are commemorated on the 22-SAS' memorial at Hereford UK. Reveals how towards the end of the war arrangements were made for the SAS and Selous Scouts to be transferred in total to the SADF to become 6-Recce and 3-Recce respectively. This recruitment campaign also included members of BSA Police Special Branch who were recruited for the Special Forces' top secret Project Barnacle unit.
The Road to Armageddon
Galago Publishing, Alberton, RSA, 1980
ISBN: 0-947020-01-2
The threatened arrival at the Normandy beaches on D-day plus 2 days of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich could have won Hitler the war. They did raze Oradour-sûr- Glane, murder its inhabitants and commit numerous other unspeakable atrocities. Some were tried as war criminals but the majority escaped, including their commander SS Brigadefuhrer und Generalmajor der Waffen SS, Heinz Lammerding, who although sentenced to death in absentia was never found. They were harassed and successfully delayed for 17 days by Allied Special Forces and the Maquis, an incredible achievement indeed. But although the historical personages in this novel are as real as history, the main characters are finctional - they never existed.
Tommy Goes Home
Jacaranda Press, Salisbury, 1977
ISBN: 0-7974-0279-9
The true story of how the eccentric Manfred Forster and his family bought a lion cub from a lion park in West Germany and took it with them overland to Africa with the intention of releasing it back into the wild. It explains how during their travels in Angola they found themselves in advertantly involved in the war that raged there during the Portuguese pull-out.
Peter Stiff

WALMSLEY, Chris BSA Police NSPO900460 (Nevin Weakley); Served 1974
Mugabe - My Part in His Victory (Click title to buy)
Grosvenor House Publishing, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-908447-64-7
This publication is nostalgic, humorous, and both serious and light hearted. Written by a former NSPO it is the story of his time in the BSAP and whilst some names therein have been changed for various reasons it is not difficult to identify those with whom one is aware of, or had contact with, during service. Well worth a read.
Brian Pym
Updated: 5 February 2012

YOUNG, David BSA Police: 6783; Served: 1962 to 1983
It's Dead Simple, Really
David Young, 2008
ISBN: 0-7974-1906-3
How and why people learn. Why they very often don't. How to improve your learning opportunities and abilities and achieve lifelong learning.
David Young

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