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The British South Africa Police force is steeped in the history of then Rhodesia and much has been written about the force over the years by historians, adventurers and a good number of former members themselves. This page attempts to bring to you a bibliography of works which make reference to the British South Africa Police.

The Webmaster's grateful thanks is extended to the active members of the BSAP History group (See Discussion Groups) who put this list together and the group's moderator Geoff Quick who allowed this list to be published on these pages for your benefit.

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ABBOT, Peter and BOTHAM, Philip
Modern African Wars : Rhodesia 1965 - 80 (Click title to buy)
London : Osprey Publishing Ltd. 1986.
Osprey published a “Man at War” series, which included No. 183 the Rhodesian war book. Number of colour plates (by Mike Chappell), together with many black and white photographs of all members of the Security Forces. The BSA Police plate shows a Deputy Commissioner, an African Constable and a European Support Unit member, all in uniform.

ALDERSON, E.A.H.Lieut.-Colonel
With the Mounted Infantry and the M.F.F. 1896 (Click title to buy)
London : Methuen & Co.Ltd. 1898.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1971.
An account of military operations during the 1896 Mashonaland Rebellion. Mention is made of the Mashonaland Mounted Police and the names of persons who served in the Unit. Book contains casualty lists in which the names of the of the MMP are included. There is an Appendix giving details of patrols, some of which were performed by members of the MMP.

AMERY, L.S. ed.
Times History of the War in South Africa 1899 - 1902. 7 Vols (Click title to buy)
London : Sampson Low, Marston & Co.Ltd. 1909.
The seventh volume is the index, which was published in 1909. The other volumes appeared before this date. The history of the South African War includes frequent references to the BSA Police's involvement in the conflict in Bechuanaland and the Transvaal.

The Forgotten Front 1914-1918 (Click title to buy)
Tempus Publishing Ltd 2004
The story of the East African Campaign. Although the names BSA Police and Rhodesian Police do not appear in the index, they are included in the text (p.103, p.129 and p.290). There is, however, extensive coverage given to Murray's Column, led by 1017 Col. Ronald Ernest Murray, who attested into the BSA Police on 12-Apr-1899 and was later commissioned. In 1915 he led a Column in East Africa under General Northey, which as well as the BSA Police, included from time to time members of the NRP, KAR, 1st RNR and South African Infantry Regiment in its ranks. The publication will be useful to researchers interested in the movement of BSA Police during the Great War in German East Africa.

Badges and Insignia of the Rhodesian Security Forces 1890 - 1980 (Click title to buy)
Germiston, S.A.: Alec Kaplan & Son. 1987
Although some are not listed, the book is a comprehensive record of badges and insignia of the Rhodesian Security Forces, including the Mashonaland and Matabeleland Mounted Police, the Southern Rhodesian Constabulary and the BSA Police, but not the BSACP. Researchers should, however, beware as the book is reputed to contain a number of inaccuracies. One count suggested at least 35 errors, including some relevant to the BSA Police.

Horse and Rider Tales from Africa and Australia (Click title to buy)
Arthur H Stockwell Ltd, Ilfracombe, 1960
An interesting book of a foreword and ten short chapters regarding equestrian interest in southern Africa and Australia. One chapter deals with the Mounted Men of the British South Africa Police, another with Fredrick Courtney Selous (hunting on horseback). The BSAP chapter deals with equestrian stories from the early days of Rhodesia. Particular BSAP personalities mentioned: Trooper Thomas and the postal incident of 18 December 1890; Trooper AJ Mallet-Veale “of the Company’s B Troop” recounts an incident when acting as a despatch rider taking a ride between Charter and Umfuli station. This story is taken from the Dec 1940 edn of The Outpost; Trooper Frank William Baxter who would have been awarded the VC had he survived is attempt to save Cpl Wiseman in 22 Apr 1896; Lt Fredrick Harding Crewe whose gallant actions to save Godfrey Hook by giving him his horse was immortalised by Frank Dodd RI in his painting, now hanging in the Durban Museum and Art Gallery (Is this painting still on display in Durban?). Finally, there is an interesting piece on riding in the bush and on the types of equestrian patrols mounted by the BSAP. There is a fine photograph of a post WWII mounted BSAP trooper.
Andrew Banks

ASTON, P.E. ed.
The Raid on the Transvaal (Click title to buy)
London : Dean & Son. 1896.
Gives a general resume of the Raid, including the build up, the Raid itself and the aftermath. Does not seem to include anything that has not been published in other books. Jameson's name appears on the cover, although he is not known to have been the author. Opinion of a BSA Police historian is that the book does not increase knowledge of the actual participants or overall numbers involved.

Paradise Plundered
Privately Published: Jim Barker - 2007
The author was a Rhodesian farmer in the Karoi area. He was a member of PATU and then PRAW. Many stories of his service in the BSAP and mentions by name members of the Police reserve and regulars in the Force during the terrorist war. Describes his troubles with the Mugabe Government and the eventual forced takeover of his farm in 2003.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

BAXTER, T.W. ed.
Guide to the Public Archives of Rhodesia (Click title to buy)
Salisbury : National Archives of Rhodesia. 1969.
The book is described as Vol. 1 1890 - 1923. It contains frequent references to the BSA Police, which are the subject of a separate entry elsewhere in the Bibliography. A Vol.2 of the Guide was never published.

BAXTER, T.W. and BURKE, E.E. .
Guide to the Historical Manuscripts in the National Archives of Rhodesia. Salisbury (Click title to buy)
National Archives of Rhodesia. 1970 Archives
The Historical Manuscripts Collection at the National Archives in now Zimbabwe, includes references to the personal papers of many individuals, who served in one or other of Rhodesia's law enforcement agencies. Details have been extracted and are included elsewhere in the Bibliography. No Guide covering the period subsequent to 1970 was ever published.

BEACH, D.N. Foreword
The ‘96 Rebellions : The British South Africa Company Reports on the Native Disturbances in Rhodesia, 1896 97 (Click title to buy)
Originally published as : The British South Africa Company Reports on the Native Disturbances in Rhodesia 1896 - 1897.
London : BSA Co. 1898.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1975.
Details of patrols in which members of the BSA Police were involved are recorded. Also included are the names of those policemen, who were wounded or died.

BERRY, John (ed); BSA Police: 5584 - Served: December 1956 to December 1966
Commanding the Regiment
BSAP Regimental Association United Kingdom Branch, 2009
Jointly written with Fred Punter, this book is a basic history of the various commanders and Commissioners of the British South Africa Police from 1890 to 1980.
14 March 2009

Down the Decades with the British South Africa Police
BSAP Regimental AssnUnited Kingdom Branch, 2007 The British South Africa Police and its immediate forerunner, the British South Africa Company's Police, was responsible for maintaining law and order in the vast territories between the Limpopo and Zambesi Rivers and the Bechuanaland Protectorate on the West and Portuguese East Africa on the East. These territories became Southern Rhodesia, named after Cecil Rhodes who was the driving force behind the BSA Company. From commencement in 1889 until disbandment in 1980 the BSAP steadily evolved from a military organisation, the First Line of Defence of Rhodesia, to a modern Police Force. It still maintained the traditions of a Regiment in its discipline and after disbandment the many branches of the Old Comrades organisations world wide of the BSAP are titled Regimental Associations. This booklet comprises articles from each decade of the Force's existence and illustrates the evolution. At the beginning the horse was the main means of transport and gradually through the 20th century mechanical transport took over and more sophisticated techniques were employed. At the end during the major counter-insurgency operations of the Rhodesian Bush war, aircraft and helicopters were used. Ironically, at the end, there was still a Mounted Unit operational which rendered valuable service. Hopefully, all the articles together give a snapshot of the history of the BSAP.
Fred Punter
5 October 2008

Mocke - Tales of the British South Africa Police
jointly with STOCK, Alan
BSAP Regimental Association United Kingdom Branch, 2007
Eben Mocke, BSAP Trooper 1437 was one of the most prolific contributors to the Outpost magazine. This book is a collection of his Outpost stories and some others which appear for the first time. Also included is Mocke's response to questions asked by staff of the National Archives of Rhodesia in the late 1960s who were recording the memories of persons they considered 'late pioneers' of the country
Fred Punter

The British South Africa Police of Southern Rhodesia has been fortunate in having many members who wrote interesting accounts of their experiences in the Police, especially in the early days of the Force.
One of the greatest of these, if not the greatest, was Eben Mocke. Writing under various non-de-plumes such as ‘1437’, ( his Regimental Number), and ‘Pioneer’ he was one of the most prolific contributors to the B.S.A.P. Magazine, The Outpost magazine, whose editor, Alan Stock had met Eben Mocke and escorted him to Bulawayo to meet the bushman, Cwai, whom Mocke had not seen for fifty years.
Eben’s stories spanned the years from the Boer War and First World War on into the Seventies. His ‘Kalahari Patrol’ is a master-piece of bush patrolling. In his submission to the National Archives of Rhodesia he gave valuable information on the late Pioneer period of the country.
Letters from his contemporaries are included in this book, some of them critical, but all confirming what a great veldsman he was.
John Berry
5 Mar 2010

The British South Africa Police: Military Operations Outside Southern Rhodesia during World War One and Two
jointly edited with ROGERS, Cliff (ed) and STOCK, Alan Peter (ed) BSAP Regimental Association United Kingdom Branch, 2008
This book is a compilation of memoirs and articles about the British South Africa Police involvement in military operations outside Southern Rhodesia during World Wars 1 & 2. Most have been published before in various forms a long time ago but these earlier and fragmented publications are now difficult for the ordinary reader to access and so are re-published here in one easy to read book. Part One covers World War 1 and consists of various memoirs written by men who took part in the events, with connecting and explanatory text. There is thus some duplication but it is interesting to read how different writers had different interpretations of events. The obituaries of leading figures and Nominal and Medal Rolls are included. Part Two covers World War 2. There were much less actual military operations as the BSA Police was no longer the de facto army of Southern Rhodesia However, some 138 BSA Police personnel were seconded to various units in North Africa, Cyprus, Greece and Iraq. A nominal roll is included.
Fred Punter
5 October 2008

Troopers' Tales or the British South Africa Police
jointly edited with BERRY, John and STOCK, Alan Peter (ed)
BSAP Regimental Association United Kingdom Branch, 2008
This book contains eleven stories by members of the British South Africa Police who started out as troopers at periods ranging from the earliest days of the Force to immediately after World War Two. They tell stories of times when malaria and blackwater fever were rife and a cure unknown; the young despatch rider who died while carrying out his duty as a link in the vitally important task of carrying the mails from the brand-new territory (later called Southern Rhodesia) to South Africa; of dealing with rebellion in neighbouring Portuguese East Africa; of such mundane tasks as running the postal service at a small rural station; of the 1920s when roads were still few and far between and the horse and the pack mule were important means of transport; of a time when, once he left his station, the trooper was on his own. One story describes how the ‘old hands’ enjoyed a typical pub crawl in Bulawayo; another tells of the drifts over the Limpopo River before the bridge at Beitbridge was opened; another trooper tells of his slightly unorthodox hunt for an elephant which was destroying native crops. The famous Gold Robbery at Filabusi where the chief suspect was a BSAP trooper is recounted. The memoirs of Trooper Seward who rose to be a Lieutenant Colonel commanding Bulawayo District offers an important insight into how Police duties were performed. Last but not least is the story of Trooper Johnston who was a member of the famous ‘Alcantara’ Draft immediately after World War Two and who was recruited in London by Lt Col. Seward.

BLAKE, Lord Robert
A History of Rhodesia (Click title to buy)
Alfred A Knopf, New York - 1978
ISBN: 0-394-48068-6 Covers the history of Rhodesia from prehistory days until 1977. Gives an account of the pioneers column and Lt Col Pennfather's BSACP escorting it until the parade on Sept 13 1890 when the Union Jack was run up in Cecil Square. Gives an account of the Matabele War with mentions of the BSACP and the Botswana Border Police etc. Gives an account of the Rebellions of 1896 and 1897 including little known incidents like the capture of Mashiangombi's kraal near Hartley. The police, of course, were heavily involved. After the rebellions the accent is on the political and there are few mentions of the police - Peter Stiff

Remember Mazoe.jpg (18707 bytes)BOND, Geoffrey
Remember Mazoe (Click title to buy)
Salisbury : Pioneer Head. 1973. The story of the Mazoe Patrol, which is relevant to the BSA Police and in particular Randolph Nesbitt V.C.

The story of the Northern Rhodesia Regiment (Click title to buy)
Lusaka, Zambia : Government Printers. 1954.
Republished. Bromley, England : Galago Publishing. 1990.
The author concentrates of the period of the Great War 1914 - 18 and in particular the conflict in East Africa. Mention made of the BSA Police, which was also involved in the same area of conflict.

Tunnel-Master and Arsonist of the Great War (Click title to buy)
Leo Cooper, England - 2003
ISBN: 978-0850529951 The biography of Jack Norton-Griffiths (1871 – 1930), who was deported from the Transvaal following the Jameson Raid and made his way to Mashonaland, where he was a member of Honey’s Scouts during the 1896 Rebellion. In 1897 he joined the BSAP following a recommendation from Cecil Rhodes and in March was second in command at Fort Martin. In 1898/1899 he was O.C.Lomagundi District. After service during the Boer War he became an M.P. and subsequently volunteered for military service during the Great War. He also founded an International civil engineering company and was involved in projects in Africa, England and Canada
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

BRUCE, Sir Michael William Selby; BSA Police: 1723 Served: August 1913 to December 1914.
Songs from the Saddle (Click title to buy)
Dublin : Hodges, Figgis & Co. Ltd.1917
Sails and Saddles
London : Jonathan Cape. 1929.
Peaks of Hazard
Indianapolis : Bobbs Merrill . 1929
Tramp Royal
London : Elek Books Ltd. 1954
No Escape from Adventure
New York : Hastings House. 1954
The memoirs of the 11th Baronet of Stenhouse and Arith, who joined the BSA Police aged 18 years in 1913 serving in the Eastern Districts and the Chobe area, where he was wounded at the beginning of the Great War. He was discharged on the 14-Dec-1914 to “Rejoin his Regiment”. Researchers, however, should beware. BRUCE was a member of the BSA Police, who liked to write and rewrite and rewrite his memoirs. The author on more than one occasion tells completely different stories about the same event. No Escape from Adventure for instance, would seem to be the American title of Tramp Royal, both being published the same year, with the lines from the first chapter being identical in both books.
The “Sir” was an hereditary title and not meritorious.

BRYSON, Ian Grant.”Brick” BSA Police Reserve 6425 - Served: 1956 to 1975.
BSA Police 9322 1975 to 31-Dec-1978.
Ballito, S.A.: Leeward Publishers.1999.
The author grew up in Rhodesia and the book is autobiographical and portrays life in Rhodesia in the 1920's and 30's, his school days, war service and farming after World War II. The last four chapters are devoted mainly to his work in the BSA Police Reserve, and later as a regular member of the Police Anti Terrorist Unit (PATU). He retired at the end of 1978.

BUSSY, Wilfred Bernard ; BSA Police: 1084 - Served: July 1909 to December 1912
The BSAPolice- Origins and Early History 1885 - 1901
United Kingdom Branch Regimental Association, 2007
Wilfred Bussy was the Editor of the Police Review who wrote and published a series of articles covering the early history of the BSAP. The fact they were written soon after the events described, by a serving member, adds an immediacy which is of value. Starting in 1886 Bussy describes the various units which, after many campaigns, eventually evolved to form the British South Africa Police. The events of the Matabele and Mashona uprisings are covered in detail as also is that other great active service period of the BSAP in early years, the Anglo-Boer War. Written in a highly readable style, this is a valuable contribution to the History of the BSAP.
Fred Punter
5 October 2008

BUTLER, Jeffrey and SCHREUDER, Deryck eds.
Sir Graham Bower's Secret History of the Jameson Raid and the South African Crisis.
Cape Town : Van Riebeck Society (Second Series No.33). 2002
Includes references to both the Bechuanaland Border Police (BBP) and the BSACP.

CARTER, Terrence and WRIGHT, T.
The Northern Rhodesian Record and A History of the Northern Rhodesian Police (Click title to buy)

Worthing : David Bell. 1992
Includes the early history of the BSA Police in relation to Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia.

CAREY, Robert
Charter Royal
Cape Town : Howard Timmins. 1970
Story of the Chartered Company from the Rudd Concession to the 1893 Matabele War. Many references to the BSACP included.

History of the Boer War 1899 - 1902. - 2 Volumes
London : Cassell & Co Ltd. 1903.
An illustrated history, which includes chapters on Operations in Rhodesia, the Siege and Relief of Mafeking, Siege at Elands River and events in the western Transvaal, all of which involved the BSA Police.

The War with Johnny Boer – Australians in the Boer War 1899 – 1902.
Loftus : Australian Military History Publications. 2003.
A compilation of eye witness accounts from Australian combatants, including the actions at Rhodes' Drift, Bryces Store and Crocodile Poort during Plumer's march to relieve Mafeking, with several references to the involvement of Rhodesians and members of the BSA Police.

CHAZA, Albert Gahadzikwa BSA Police: 9885 - Served: 1936 to 1957
Bhurakuwacha : Black Policeman in Rhodesia
Harare : College Press. 1998.
An autobiography by a former African member of the Force. He was a well known player, captain and administrator of the police soccer team. He is also credited with being the first member of the African Police Reserve. Feature articles on the author appeared in the March, 1959 edition of “Mapolisa” and December, 1977 edition of the “Outpost magazine”. The Zimbabwe Herald for 22 November, 1996, included a congratulatory insert and photograph on his 80th birthday, together with another photograph of him in uniform as a young constable.

CLARK, Henry Alfred BSA Police: 6283 - Served: Jan-1961 to Jul-1981
A Policeman's narrative of Witchcraft and Murder in Zimbabwe.
Dalbridge, S.A.: Dolphin Press (Pty)Ltd. 1985.
Deals with events after the BSA Police ceased in exist in 1980. Many of those identified by name within the text as members of the ZRP had previously served in the BSA Police. Touches on events in the months prior Zimbabwe's independence in 1980 and the involvement of the BSA Police.

The Plumtree Papers
Bulawayo: The Plumtree Foundation - 1983
The history of the Bulalima-Mangwe district and life in Rhodesia up to 1922. Includes information about the BSA Police and members of the Force, stationed in the area, together with some photographs and a map of the village of Plumtree - Geoff Quick

Survival Course
Johannesburg: Covos-Day - 1999
Book deals with the author's time in the BSA Police Police Anti Terrorist Unit (PATU) after discharge from the Army, where he served with the RLI and describes his trauma after Rhodesia's terrorist war and his diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder - Geoff Quick

COLE, Barbara
The Elite : Rhodesian S.A.S.
Amanzimtoti, S.A. : Three Knights Publishing. 1984.
The book is the story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service, although the BSA Police is mentioned, as are the names of individuals who served in the Force.

The Life of Jameson. 2 vols.
London : Edward Arnold & Co. 1923.
The biography of Dr Leander Starr Jameson, who was administration of Mashonaland after the Occupation in 1890. Includes frequent references to the BSACP. Also the Raid in 1896, which was named after Jameson and involved members of the Mashonaland and Matabeleland Mounted Police.

COMBE, Phillip Harvey ; BSA Police: 2455 - Served: Mar-1922 to Apr-1925
Hunting Beasts and Men
London: Robert Hale & Co.Ltd - 1937
Author describes how he arrived in Cape Town after the Great War to join the Rhodesian Mounted Police. Besides the excitement of a trooper's life and his law enforcement duties he managed to hunt buffalo, rhinoceros, hippopotamus and antelope in the border country between Rhodesia and Portuguese East Africa. It is not known why Combe used the term RMP as opposed to BSA Police, to describe his service in Rhodesia - Geoff Quick

CRABTREE, William “Bill” BSA Police: 3708 - Served:Apr-1938 to May-1970
Came the Fourth Flag (Click title to buy)
Lancaster : Carnegie Publishing Ltd. 2002.
The autobiography of a former member of the BSA Police, who retired as a Deputy Commissioner having previously served as the Officer Commanding Special Branch. The book mentions many of the people with whom the author served in the BSA Police.

The World's Police
London: Cassell - 1964
In its chapter Police Forces of British Colonies, Southern Rhodesia is dealt with on pages 234 - 238 - Geoff Quick

CRAVEN, David BSA Police: 5210 - Served: Aug-1954 to 1969
Mapolisa (Click title to buy)
Rooepoort, S.A. : Covos Books.1998.
Some reminiscences of a Rhodesian Policeman, who served in the BSA Police from 1948 - 1969, when he retired with the rank of Superintendent.

The Pioneers of Mashonaland
London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton & Kent Ltd - 1914
Bulawayo: Republished by Books of Rhodesia - 1977
A story written by a member of the 1890 Pioneer Column and makes numerous references to the lives of members of the BSACP and Pioneers. Includes photographs, nominal rolls and a map - Geoff Quick

Inside Mafeking
Token Publishing, Honiton
Subtitled 'A monument to British Pluck' the book is a copy of the journal of Capt.Herbert Greener, who was paymaster to the BSAP. No.1 (Bechuanaland) Division, and one of those entrapped in Mafeking during the siege. These are verbatim diary entries telling the story of the siege in Greener's own words, with the analysis of these words by the editor making the book an interesting read.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

EDWARDS, Stanley BSA Police: 3749 - Served: Jun-1938 to Dec 1966
Edited jointly by Stock, Alan and Berry John
Stand to Your Horses
London : United Kingdom Branch Regimental Association 2009
Stanley Edwards experienced many changes during his service in the force; the period before World War II, when long horse patrols were the norm and outstation conditions were primitive; during the War when police were stretched due to shortage of manpower; the creation of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and the great changes which occurred in the Force as it moved to a more civilian role; through the rising tide of African nationalism, Ian Smith’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence and the first stirrings of what was to become the Rhodesian Bush War. This book, however, is not just about police matters. Stanley Edwards was a keen observer of people and personalities and of African customs and the veld. He comments on characters in the bush and on farms and on district stations on which he served; on domestic arrangements at stations; on witchcraft, ritual sacrifice, African courts and justice and African languages (he had language and law qualifications, which relatively few members had); on the important factors in the Rhodesian economy (gold, coal and tobacco); on botany and the various trees of the veld and their uses; on wild animals, with many tales of big-game hunting in which he was involved; of the building of Kariba Dam and the ensuing problems with tribespeople and animal rescue.. To quote Chief Justice Macdonald in his foreword, ‘This book, I feel sure, will become a valuable addition to existing Rhodesiana’. The book has 383 pages and is profusely illustrated, both with drawings and photographs. Some of the drawings are the work of his wife, Patricia whom he met at Banket and who supported him throughout his long life.
John Berry

ELDRIDGE, A.W.C.BSA Police: F/Res. 15378
Just out of Sight(Click title to buy)
London : Minerva Press.1998
Autobiographical, by a former member of the BSA Police Reserve, who was a deputy stick leader in a Police Anti Terrorist Unit (PATU).

ELLERT, Henric Brouner BSA Police: 7052 - Served: Feb-1964 to 1980
The Rhodesia Front War (Click title to buy)
Gweru : Mambo Press. 1989
Includes frequent references to the BSA Police between 1964 - 80 by a former member of the Force, who served during that period.

A Nobody in Mashonaland (Click title to buy)
London : George Vickers and J.C.Juta & Co., Cape Town. 1893.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1970.
The experiences of a journalist, who in 1891 visited Salisbury and Mashonaland by ox-cart. Brief mention of the BSA Police at Umtali and the statement “Hospitality is not a strong point with the BSA Police officers.”

The Transvaal from Within: A private record of public affairs (Click title to buy)
William Heinemann, London, 1899
The full inside story of events leading to the Jameson Raid in which the BSA Police was heavily , the recruitment of the raiders, the raid itself, the battle or Doornkop and the events afterwards - Peter Stiff, 4831

FLOWER, Ken BSA Police: 3654 - Served: Apr-1937 to Jun-1969
Serving Secretly (Click title to buy)
Harare : Quest Publishing (Pvt)Ltd.1987.
The story of a former member of the British South Africa Police, who went onto become head of Rhodesia's Central Intelligence Organisation from 1964 - 1981, including the period when the country became Zimbabwe.

Mafeking : The Story of the Siege.
Weltevredenpark, S.A. : Covos-Day Books. 2000.
The BSA Police No.1 (Bechuanaland) Division had its headquarters in Mafeking, where some members of the Unit were entrapped at the beginning of the
1899-1902 South AfricanWar.

British South Africa Company Medal Roll 1890 - 1893 - 1896 - 1897
Private Publication. n.d.
All members of the BSACP would have received the 1890 Medal for their involvement in the Occupation of Mashonaland. Serving policemen, at the time, would have been entitled to the 1893 Matabele War Medal and a medal for the 1896 - 97 Rebellion. In a number of instances members would have received a bar only to their 1890 medal.

FRY, W Ellerton
Occupation of Mashonaland
Books of Zimbabwe, 1982
It is not known when the first edition of this book was published but most likely it was it was before 1895. It comprised a series of photographs taken by Fry during his time with the Pioneer Column - very few of the originals exist. This second edition has the addition of an Introduction and Fry's biography by Peter McGlaughlin. Also maps and nominal rolls of the Column and the Police Contingent. Published in a limited/numbered edition of 1000, in fact, because of the shortage of quality paper only 500 were printed - it is therefore a rare book in its own right and is worthy of a place on the shelves of all with an interest in the BSAP. Ted Dowling
Updated: 22 May 2010

Zambesi Sunrise
Cape Town : Howard Timmins. 1958.
Book includes chapters about the 1890 Pioneer Column, 1895-96 Jameson Raid and the 1896 Mashonaland Rebellion. The BSACP and BSA Police were involved in all these events.

Mafeking: A Victorian Legend
Cassell, London, 1966
Covers the role of the BSA Police in the siege. Shows them as 10 officers and 81 other ranks under Lr Col Walford. Describes the actions with the armoured train and contains a photo of its BSA Police crew with the train. Describes the Battle of Cannon Kopje and details how eight men were KIA and three wounded. It notes how Baden Powell gave the BSA Police no support until it was almost too late. Relates how Plumer led a recce team of BSA Police from Tuli over the Limpopo against Baden Powell's orders. They covered 54 miles in 18 hours with no watering and in extreme heat. Described as a remarkable feat. Covers Plumer's relief column at the end.
Peter Stiff

GELFAND, Michael
Tropical Victory
Cape Town and Johannesburg : Juta & Co.Ltd. 1953.
An account of the influence of medicine on the history of Southern Rhodesia 1890 - 1923. Includes mention of the BSA Police and members of the Force and the part they played in some instances in the country's medical history.

GIBBS, Peter BSA Police Reserve
A Flag for the Matabele
Frederick Muller Ltd London, 1955
A story of the invasion of Matebeleland, but with only passing references to the BSACP and the Jameson Raid.
The First Line of Defence
Salisbury : British South Africa Police. 1972.
Volume One of the History of the British South Africa Police covering the years 1899 - 1903, including participation in the Occupation of Mashonaland, the first Matabele War, the Jameson Raid, the suppression of the Matabele and Mashonaland Rebellions, the relief of Mafeking and the campaign in the Western Transvaal during the South African War.
The Right of the Line (Click title to buy)
Salisbury : Kingstons Ltd.1974.
Volume Two of the History of the British South Africa Police from the years 1903 to 1939, including the Force's involvement in the Great War. Is the story of the transformation of a mounted infantry regiment into a professional police force.

GIBBS, Peter and PHILLIPS, Hugh BSA Police: 4770 - Served: Aug-1951 to Jul-1980
The History of the British South Africa Police (Click title to buy)
Ringwood : Something of Value (Australia) Pty. Ltd. 2000.
The definitive history of a police force, including the two parts written by Peter Gibbs, from the hardship of settlement in 1889 to the outbreak of World War II in 1939; and the equally tumultuous years from 1940 to 1980 by a former member of the BSA Police.Includes the BSA Police nominal roll of every regular European member (including women), who served in the Force between 1903 - 1980.

GLASS Stafford
The Matabele War
London: Longmans, Green Co Ltd - 1968
The involvement of the BSA Co's forces, including the BSACP receive extensive coverage - Geoff Quick

GODLEY, Richard Sherman
Khaki and Blue
London : Lovat, Dickson & Thompson. 1935.
The autobiography of a person, who served for thirty five years in the military in Southern Africa, including a period in the BSA Police, where he played a role in the Relief of Mafeking.

coverGODWIN, Peter BSA Police NSPO 901553
Mukiwa: A White Boy in Africa (Click title to buy)
London : Picador. 1996.
The author was a former BSA Police National Service Patrol Officer and book includes his experiences, whilst in training and later on duty.

GODWIN, Peter and HANCOCK, Ian
Rhodesians Never Die (Click title to buy)
London : Oxford University Press. 1993
Harare : Baobab Books. 1995]
Co-author is identical to person identified in the previous entry. Publication described as being about the impact of war and political change on white Rhodesia 1970 - 80. Frequent mention of the BSA Police and units within the Force, including PATU, Police Reserve, Support Unit and Special Branch. Personalities who served in the Force during this period also named.

Raiders and Rebels in South Africa
London : George Newnes Ltd. 1898.
Bulawayo: Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1976.
The story of a nurse in Southern Africa as told by herself. She was present in Krugersdorp in 1896 and helped treat some of the wounded, who had taken part in the Jameson Raid. Names of several, who had served in the BSA Police mentioned.

GREENE, L.Patrick (Lewis Montague GREEN. BSA Police: 1278 - Served: Aug-1910 Jun-1913)
Trooper Useless
London : George H. Harap & Co. Ltd. 1936.
Not so Useless.
London : George H. Harap & Co.Ltd. 1938.
Both books appear to be dramatised versions of the author's experiences in the BSA Police during the period between the two World Wars. Researchers should beware, as it is likely that some of the content of both books is probably fiction.

Baden-Powell at Mafeking
The Bodley Head, London, 1957
Numerous mentions of the BSA Police's role in the siege. The BSA Police barracks, the armoured train, Cannon Kopje, the BSA Police Fort and so on. Also deals with Plumer's relief column of which the BSA Police made up 200 of the 450 mounted men.
Peter Stiff

The Regiment.jpg (17129 bytes)HAMLEY, Richard.; BSA Police: 5567 Served: Oct-1956 to Sep-1959; BSA Police: 6219 Served: Oct-1960 toOct-1982
The Regiment (Click title to buy)
Cape Town : T.V.Bulpin & Books of Africa(Pty)Ltd. 1971
Salisbury : Quest Publishing (Pvt)Ltd. 1980
Weltevredenpark, S.A.: Covos Day Books, .2000.
The history of the uniforms of the BSA Police. The first edition appeared with black and white illustrations. The second edition by Quest Publishing included coloured plates and was a limited edition of 350 copies. It appears probable, however, that a number of pirated copies were also released into the market, allegedly by an employee of Mardon Printers in Salisbury. The last publication by Covos Books included a semi-soft cover edition.

HARDING, Col. Colin, CMG
In Remotest Barotseland
Hurst & Blackett, London, 1905
An account of his service as head of the Barotseland Division of the BSA Police - Peter Stiff, 4831
Far Bugles
London : Simpkin Marshall Ltd. 1933
Story of author's life and service in the Mashonaland Mounted Police and the BSA Police, from 1896 to the early 1900's. He was the head of the Barotseland Division of the BSA Police and resigned in 1905, over the implementation of hut tax. Later served in the Colonial Police in West Africa and during the Great War of 1914 - 18, was a battalion commander.
Frontier Patrols
Bristol : Western Printing Services. 1937.
London : G. Bell & Sons.1938
A history of the BSA Police (from its inception to about 1936) and other Rhodesian Forces. Includes a chapter devoted to the BSACP, together with information about the Jameson Raid and the BSA Police. Contains eleven photographs relevant to the BSACP and BSA Police. Appendix includes all casualties up to 1897, list of those who served in the Rhodesia Native Regt. during the Great War. Honours and Awards and those who died during the 1914-18 War also included.

Some Famous Rhodesian Trials.
Bulawayo : Books of Zimbabwe. 1981
A visit down memory lane by a Rhodesian school teacher to the criminal courts and some of famous cases between 1904 - 1979, all of which would have been investigated and brought to trial by members of the British South Africa Police.

On the South African Frontier
London : Sampson Low, Marston & Co. 1899.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1970.
The adventures and observations of an American in Mashonaland and Matabeleland in the 1890's. The book has an index and the BSACP is only mentioned twice in passing, although there is a chapter devoted to law and order in the early days.

Artillery of the Jameson Raid
Oranje Vrijstaat Artillerie Corps, Ferndale - 2005
Although only a small book, it is said to be very informative, not just about artillery and machine guns, but also other aspects of the Raid from both the raiders and defenders side.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

HICKMAN, Col. Arthur Selwyn BSA Police: 2622 - Served: Aug-1924 to Nov-1955
The Men who made Rhodesia
Salisbury : British South Africa Company.1960.
Nominal Roll of the British South Africa Company Police, including biographical information on many of those who served Rhodesia served the Queen . 2 vols. The history of Rhodesia's involvement in the 1899 - 1902 South African War, including the participation of a number of members of the BSA Police and other Units, with particular reference to Bechuanaland and the Western Transvaal.

HILL, Geoffrey
Battle for Zimbabwe - The Final Countdown
Zebra Press, 2003
The author is a former member of the Rhodesian Army's Intelligence Corp., who was attached to Special Branch, Mount Darwin during the terrorist war
Geoff Quick

HOBLEY, Charles William “Bill” BSA Police: 4234 - Served: Dec-1947 to 1979.
Without the Law - Truth, Lies and Mistakes
Harare : Whole Earth Books. 2000.
The author joined the BSA Police in 1947 and retired in the rank of Assistant Commissioner in 1979. He spent most of his time in the C.I.D. stationed in Salisbury. The book covers many of the cases he was involved with during his career.

HODDINOTT, John H BSA Police: 2753 - Served: Feb-1926 to May 1946
Zambesi Patrol
BSAP Regimental Association United Kingdom Branch, 2008
Previously unpublished, Zambesi Patrol is an account of a patrol undertaken by Trooper John Hoddinott in 1928 in the Zambesi Valley to verify a report that smallpox was ravaging the area and, if so to establish cordons to prevent the spread of the disease and to vaccinate the native population. Written in patrol diary style recording every day of a more than four month patrol it provides an insight into what was demanded of a BSAP Trooper in a wilderness area in those days. Leaving Gokwe with three African staff and twenty two porters John Hoddinott trekked an estimated 1500 miles wearing out four pairs of boots. Pack animals could not be used because of tsetse fly. He had encounters with wild animals, crossed the Zambesi River by dug out canoe, met African Chiefs and overcame the problems involved with vaccinating hundreds of persons. Much of the territory he covered would be inundated by the waters of the Kariba Dam.
Fred Punter
5 October 2008

HOLE, Hugh Marshall Lt. Col.
Old Rhodesian Days
London : MacMillan & Co. Ltd. 1928.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1976.
Was part of the Pioneer Column which occupied Mashonaland and was involved with the administration of the country in the 1890's. His book includes a section on early policing in Rhodesia.
Jameson Raid.
London : Philip Alan & Co. Ltd 1930
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1973.
An authoritative account of the abortive 1896 Jameson Raid into the Transvaal. The majority of the troops involved were policemen from Mashonaland and Matabeleland, as well as Bechuanaland

HUBBARD, Douglas Hopwood BSA Police: 9137 - Served: Jan-1974 to Jan-1976
Bound for Africa (Click title to buy)
Annapolis: Naval Institute Press 2008
This is the story of the author's introduction to Africa at a time when much of the continent was in the grips of Cold War skirmishes be­tween the free world and the communist forces of China and the So­viet Union. Frayed from three years of service during the Vietnam War, Hubbard traveled to Africa intending to become a rural police­man in a quiet area of what was then Rhodesia. The counterinsur­gency war flared soon after, a conflict that bore many of the same characteristics of the country he had just left. Hubbard describes his assimilation into the police force and into Rhodesian society, and he recounts the challenges and satisfaction of leading and training young Africans. This is a very personal story of the frustrations he faced and of the attitudes and spirit of the nation's racially mixed se­curity force.
'Bound for Africa is a particularly timely book about an impor­tant continent which the United States has, until recently, largely ignored. An almost Kiplingesque tale of an American serving in a counterinsurgency role at the end of white rule in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and the beginnings of the murderous misgovernment of Robert Mugabe, the book contains valuable insights into Africa and lessons which are directly applicable to today's Global War on Terrorism.' - Rear Admiral T. A. Brooks, U.S. Navy (Ret.), former Director of Naval Intelligence

HUGGINS, Sir Godfrey. Foreword.
Blue and Old Gold
Cape Town : Howard Timmins.1953.
A selection of stories from the BSA Police Outpost magazine by various authors, published by permission of the Commissioner of Police Brigadier J.Appelby.

Police of the World (Click title to buy)
London: Ian Allan, 1979
The BSA Police is covered on pages 136 - 139 and includes three photographs of town and district members, as well as a woman patrol officer and a woman constable.
Geoff Quick

Historic Buildings of Harare 1890 - 1940 (Click title to buy)
Salisbury : Quest Publishing. 1986.
The title of the book is self explanatory and includes references to buildings occupied by the BSA Police, in particular the old police station in Baker Avenue, police cottage in Rhodes Avenue, barracks in Fife Avenue, Cecil House and the Commandants Office in Morris Depot.

JOHNSON, Sir Frank S.O.
Great Days.
London : G.Bell & Sons Ltd. 1940.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1972.
The autobiography of a member of the Bechuanaland Border Police, who was contracted by Rhodes to occupy Mashonaland in 1890. Johnson's Pioneer Corps was accompanied on its march by the newly formed BSACP and as such this is also the story of the BSACP's roll in the occupation of Mashonaland

Black Frontiers.
London : George Harrap & Co. Ltd.1932
A non-fictional account of the author Sam Kemp's adventures in southern Africa including his time in the BSACP as No. 458 Trooper S Kemp, discharged at Ft Vic 30th Sept 1891 and dedicated to a “A Trooper, Rhodesian Mounted Police'.

LAING, D.Tyrie Major
The Matabele Rebellion with the Belingwe Field Force.
London : Dean & Sons. 1897.
Not directly about the BSA Police, but includes the names of many former members of the Regiment, including at least one Jameson Raider.

Uniforms of the Security Forces of Rhodesia.
Salisbury : Musketeer Press. 1979.
Illustrated history of the country's military uniforms, including the BSA Police.

LEONARD, Major Arthur Glyn
How we made Rhodesia.
London : Kegan Paul, TrenchTrubner & Co.1896.
Bulawayo: Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1973.
A professional soldier and member of the British South Africa Company Police, who was officer in charge of “E” Troop of the BSACP. This is his diary covering the period, when he was based at Fort Matlaputla in north-east Bechuanaland and later at Fort Tuli in Matabeleland. During his two years service with the BSACP, Leonard came in contact with many of those who were associated with the founding of Rhodesia.

LEMON, David Michael BSA Police: 8693 - Served: Oct-1971 to Sep-1982
Never Quite a Soldier.
Stroud : Albida Books.2001/2002?
Described as the powerful, compelling and brutally honest story of a member of the BSA Police and his involvement in the terrorist war.

LEVIN, L.S. ed
Guide to Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
Salisbury, Rhodesia : A.J.Levin. Various dates.
During the existence of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, between 1953 - 63, what was described as an Annual Book was published. It was basically an “everything you ever wanted to know about the Federation “publication. There was always a section dealing with the BSA Police, updated each year and which was probably based on information obtained from the Commissioner's Annual Report.

LLOYD, Frank Eric. “Lofty” BSA Police: 3271 - Served: Jan-1932 to 1955.
Rhodesia Patrol.
Ilfraccombe, Devon : Arhur H.Stockwell Ltd. 1965
The book is autobiographical by a former member of the BSA Police, who attested in 1932. He absconded during World War II in order to join up, although he was caught in Northern Rhodesia and imprisoned for a month in the Depot Cells. He was the Depot Mess Caterer in the early 1950's and retired in 1955.

LOVETT, John BSA Police “A” Reservist.
Salisbury : Galaxie Press. 1977.
The book is described as a pictorial profile of the terrorist war and Rhodesia's armed services. There are frequent references to the BSA Police and members who served in the Force.

LUMHOLTZ, Ludvig L. BSA Police: 3385 - Served: May-1934 to Aug-1956
A Slice of Life.
Durham : Pentland Press Ltd., . 1992
Author is in fact Lionel LUMHOLST-SMITH a former member of the CID in the BSA Police and is the story of his life in the Force.

When the Going was Rough - A Rhodesian Story
Pretoria: Femina Publishers 1983
ISBN: 0 907996 68 X
The book is based on the people of Umtali who stood up to armed confrontation by ZANLA terrorists and Mocambique's FRELIMO troops who launched random rocket attacks against the town. MacBruce makes frequent reference to the BSA Police and a number of units within the force and includes a chapter entitled 'Pro rege, pro lege'.

MAIN, Elizabeth
Man of Mafeking.
Gaborone : The Botswana Society. 1996.
Described as the Bechuanaland Years of Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams, who was at one time commander of the Bechuanaland Border Police (BBP) and was one of those entrapped in Mafeking during the Siege, together with elements of the BSA Police No.1 Division. The BSACP is mentioned a number of times in the book.

MASON, Phillip
The Birth of a Dilemma.
London : OUP. 1958.
The conquest and settlement of Rhodesia, with much information about the early days of both the BBP and the BSACP/

No Mean Soldier.
London : Orion. 1993.
Author was a former member of the S.A.S., who came to Rhodesia and joined the army during the terrorist war. He writes about working with the Rhodesian Special Branch.

War History of Southern Rhodesia 1939 - 45. 2 Vols.
Salisbury : Southern Rhodesia Stationary Office. 1947 (Vol.1)
Salisbury : Authority of Government of Southern Rhodesia. 1950 (Vol.2)
Bulawayo : Books of Rhodesia . n.d.
History of Rhodesian Forces during WWII, with a few references to the part played by the BSA Police.
Rhodes - A Life
London: Philip Alan & Co. Ltd. and Bulawayo: Republished by Books of Rhodesia, 1927 and 1971
One of the many biographies written about Rhodes and although the name of the BSA Police is not recorded in the index, includes a chapter
'Cutting the Road' about the BSACP (which is mentioned) and the Pioneer Column's march to occupy Mashonaland in 1890.
Geoff Quick

Ragtime Soldiers
Bulawayo : Maddox Printers. 1980.
Includes many references to the involvement of the BSA Police and the BSA Police Service Coy. during the First World War, both at home and abroad.

Humphrey Gibbs - Beleaguered Governor.
Basingstoke : MacMillan Press Ltd. 1998.
New York : St. Martin's Press. Inc. 1998.
A biography of Sir Humphrey Gibbs, who became the Governor of Southern Rhodesia in 1959 and served during the time of UDI. Mention made of the BSA Police and a number of individuals who served in the Force.

MELLOR, Francis Horace BSA Police: 2538 - Served: Jul-1923 to Jan-1924
Sword and Spear.
London : Selwyn & Blount. 1930.
The autobiography of a soldier who served in India and then joined the BSA Police/ Chapter two (Part II) deals with the author's experiences in the BSA Police and includes a picture of him with a mounted group.

South African Bibliography ,
(p55) records “The account of the Jameson Raid is prefaced by a short history of Rhodesia, from the granting of the Royal Charter to the death of Lobengula, and a sketch of the Boers up to the time of the Raid.

MOCKE, Ebenezer; BSA Police: 1437 - Served: May 1911 to Oct 1918
BSAP Regimental Assn, United Kingdom Branch, 2007
Makaha is another of Trooper Eben Mocke's highly readable stories about the BSAP. In 1916 he was posted to the one man station at Makaha, north east of Mtoko and near the then Portuguese East Africa border. He describes the Station at that time, the few Europeans who lived in the area, the gold mining ventures and problems there. He had to deal with a rebellion among the African tribes over the border against the Portuguese authorities and the resulting refugees. Due to this, reinforcements, including a Major, arrived at the station and Mocke writes amusingly of trying to cope with this influx aided by the invaluable assistance of his African cook.
Fred Punter
5 October 2008

Kalahari Patrol
BSAPRegimental Association UKBranch, 2007
Eben Mocke was a prolific writer of stories about the BSAP. One of his best was Kalahari Patrol He tells of an eight month patrol carried out in 1912 in the area later to become Wankie National Park. The purpose of the patrol was to investigate poaching of game and alleged cattle smuggling from Northern Rhodesia to South Africa through S. Rhodesia territory, which was strictly forbidden and also to map the area for intelligence purposes. Transport consisted of his horse, a pack mule and donkeys. Starting out with two African Constables, by the end of the patrol and after many adventures, he had been joined by some thirty camp followers, mostly primitive bushmen. He suffered hunting injuries, near death from thirst and black water fever and owed his life to the care and knowledge of natural remedies of the bushmen.
Fred Punter
5 October 2008

Contact II
Johannesburg : Sygma Books. 1982.
Covers the history of events in Rhodesia 1977 - 79, with mention of the BSA Police and persons who served in the Force. Includes details of honours, awards and medal rolls, together with photographs and is a continuation of John Lovett's Contact.

OLLIVER, Patrick
Commandos Be Brousse.
Paris : Bernard Grasset. 1985.
A book published in French, by a former member of the Grey Scouts, which was a military mounted unit during the terrorist war. Included are references to the BSA Police.

Pursuit of the King
Books of Rhodesia Byo - 1970
An important evaluation of the Shangani Patrol and the stand of Alan Wilson's reconnaissance party. The account has been reconstructed from an extensive bibliography and is enhanced by 11pages of annotations and 43 biographies. Frequent mentions of BBP and BSACP - Peter Stiff

PAICE, Edward
Tip and Run
Wiedenfeld and Nicholson, London 2007
ISBN 0-297-847090

PAKENHAM, Elizabeth
Jameson Raid
London:Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1960
Although members of the Mashonaland and Matabeleland Mounted Police made up the majority of those involved in the Raid, the book does not contain and material which furthers the researchers interest in the Regimental History.
Geoff Quick

The Constitutional History and Law of Southern Rhodesia 1888 - 1965.
Oxford : Claredon Press. 1966.
The BSA Police and how they stood legally.

PALMER, John Edgar - BSA Police: 2829 - Served: November 1926 to January 1933
Sunrise Patrols
Regimental Ass. UK Branch, 2007
Seeking a more eventful life, John Palmer resigned from his job as a storekeeper in Basutoland and joined the British South Africa Police in November 1926. He had to pay his own way to Salisbury then pass a medical before he knew he would be accepted. He describes vividly his experiences as a recruit in what was then a Mounted Infantry body of men under the watchful and feared eye of one of the characters of the Forec, Regimental Sergeant Major 'Jock' Douglas. On his Passout Parade, the Commissioner instructed the recruits to make all their patrols 'Sunrise Patrols', starting the day early so that the horses would have the advantage of cool travelling. Posted to Gwanda District, he took part in all the activities of a District Trooper, long patrols dealing with poachers, wild animals ranchers, farmers and miners are all described in detail. He became Member in Charge of the newly opened Beitbridge Police Station, where he was also the Immigration Officer and had to deal with many characters seeking entry into Southern Rhodesia. Then as Member in Charge Nyamadhlovu, where he was involved in a long murder case involving witchcraft All who want to know more about life in the more primitive parts of the country early in the 20th century will find it in this book.
Fred Punter
5 October 2008

PARKER, Jim BSA Police 8091 - Served: Jul-1968 to Dec-1973
Assignment Selous Scouts (Click title to buy)
Alberton, S.A.: Galago Publishing. 2006
Although involved in the conflict earlier while a regular policeman, the author stepped back into the Rhodesian Bush War in mid 1977 when as a farmer and a police A Reservist he was appointed as a Special Branch liaison officer with the Selous Scouts at their Chiredzi Fort in the Lowveld. Much of what he has written in this book has come from his personal knowledge and experience. Parker's book makes much reference to the BSA Police and its Special Branch.
The book has been placed on the Nielsen Booksellers' Choice Award 2007 Shortlist.

PARSONS, Neil and CROWDER, Michael eds.
Monarch of All I Survey.
Gaborone : The Botswana Society. 1988.
The Bechuanaland Diaries 1929 - 37 of Sir Charles Rey, the countries Resident Commissioner. The part played by the BSA Police at the re-internment of the former Rhodesian Premier in the Matopos is described. There is also mention of Lt. Col. R.M. Daniel a former member of the BSA Police No.1 Division and Col. R.S. Godley, a former member of the BSA Police, who in 1935 spent two years re-organising the Bechuanaland Police and had prior to his arrival in the country published his autobiography Khaki and Blue. The son of Baden-Powell, hero of Mafeking and founder of the Boy Scouts, is mentioned as having passed through Bechuanaland on his way north to join the BSA Police in May, 1934.

PHILLIPS, N.V. Sqd.Lrd., CHRISTIE, Dick, COOKE, Peter and SYKES, Bill.
Bush Horizons.
Harare : Air Force Association of Zimbabwe. 1999.
The story of aviation in Southern Rhodesia 1896 - 1940, which includes references to the BSA Police and in particular the Regiment's involvement in the 1935 Copper Belt Riots in Northern Rhodesia.

POWELL Geoffrey
Plumer : The Soldier's General
London : Leo Cooper/Barnsley:Republished by Pen & Sword Military Classics, 1990/2004
Chapters two and three cover the 1893 Matabele Rebellion and the 1899 - 1902 South African War and includes references to the BSA Police and personalities who served in the Force at the time.
Geoff Quick

PUNTER, Fred BSA Police 4853 Served: Feb-1952 to July-1982
Commanding the Regiment
BSAP Regimental Assn.UK Branch, 2009

Jointly written with BERRY, John - See Review under Berry

RABBETTS, William Henry; BSA Police: 374 - Served: Sept-1902 to Aug- 1904
Not Without Incident
BSAP Regimental Association United Kingdom Branch, 2007

This is a previously unpublished memoir by one of the early members of the BSAP. In an incident filled life, 'Bunny Rabbetts ran away to sea at the age of twelve then later saw action in the Boer War. He first joined the BSAP in 1902, serving under such well known figures as RSM Blatherwick, and Colonels Bodle and Flint. He paints a vivid picture of life as a a trooper in those days. He then joined the Johannesburg Fire Brigade, leaving this to serve in the Natal Rebellion of 1906 in a unit formed by Sir Abe Bailey the mining magnate. After this he went to Bulawayo intending to become Chief of the Fire Brigade but by chance met there a BSAP Officer who persuaded him to re-join the Police. This period of service from 1906 to 1911 took him to District stations like Wankie and Victoria Falls. He describes the characters he met, including Trooper Phelan, the main suspect in the Killarney Gold Robbery. Still restless, he left the Police in 1911 and managed the West Nicholson Hotel while also carrying on business as a transport contractor for the giant Liebig's Ranch. The area was teeming with lions and one of the people he met was 'Yank'Allen, the legendary lion hunter. He went on to be a prospector in Southern and Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland. He finishes this account in 1914 when he once again went into uniform at the outbreak of war in 1914.
Fred Punter
5 October 2008

Service before Self.
Wellington : Mark Radford. 1996
A short history of the BSACP, Mashonaland and Matabeleland Mounted Police and the BSA Police. Extensive pictures of BSA Police insignia over ten pages.

RANSFORD, Dr. Oliver
Rulers of Rhodesia.
ISBN: 7195 1822 9
London : John Murray.1968.
A readable introduction to the ancient history of the area we called Rhodesia. It begins with the domination of the Rhodesian highveld plateau by the Bushmen until the were pushed out by the arrival of Bantu speaking tribes from the north. It follows the succession of rulers from the Karangas in the 1500's; the Portuguese in the 1600's; the Rozwi, then the Ndebele and finally the Europeans in the 1800's. Of interest to us, however, is the four chapters (which constitutes almost half the book by volume) which cover the British expedition to occupy Mashonaland and the subsequent struggle to maintain their foothold. Chapter 6 (Cecil Rhodes) covers the background and formation of the BSACo Police; Chapter 7 (The Pioneers) chronicles the push into Mashonaland, the border dispute with the Portuguese which culminated in the foray by Major Forbes and the final occupation of Matabeleland. Chapter 8 (The Shangani Patrol) narrates the demise of Alan Wilson's patrol and the chase for Lobengula, and Chapter 9 (The Rebellion) covers the Matabele and Mashona Rebellions which includes a narrative of the Mazoe Patrol. This is an authoritative book which contains a comprehensive bibliography for those wishing to do further reading on the subject. An interesting, recommended read. Frank Flowers (7404)

Bulawayo : Historic Battle Ground of Rhodesia
Cape Town: A.A. Balkema. 1968.
The title of the book identifies the contents. Although the name BSA Police does not appear in the index, there is reference to the Regiment in the text. It is probable that members of the BSA Police were present at some of the battles described in the book.

Rider-Haggard , Sir Henry and others
Fifty true stories Stranger than Fiction
Odhams Press, London, 1936
Contains Sir Henry Rider Haggard's extremely well written factual account of the last stand of the Allan Wilson Patrol under the title 'Major Wilson's Last Fight' - Peter Stiff

ROGERS, Clifford Ernest.; BSA Police: 4735 Served: Jun-1951 to Jun-1954
Obituary Index.
England : P.p. 2002.
An alphabetical list of obituaries published in the Regimental Magazines of the BSA Police between 1912 - 1983.
The Jameson Raid 1895 - 96.
England : P.p. 2001
The names of those persons who took part in the Jameson Raid, with an introduction and explanatory notes.
The British South Africa Police: Military Operations Outside Southern Rhodesia during World War One and Two
jointly edited with BERRY, John (ed) and STOCK, Alan Peter (ed)
BSAP Regimental Association UK Branch, 2008 - See Review under Berry

SALT, Beryl
The Valiant Years.
Salisbury : Galaxie Press (1974)(Pvt) Ltd. 1978.
The story of Rhodesia from 1890 - 1978 through the facsimile reproduction of newspaper and other printed articles. The BSA Police features on a number of pages.

SAVAGE, John Henry BSA Police 4663 - Served: Oct-1950 to 1968
From High Street to High Veldt.
Mandurah, W.A.: db Publishing, 2003
ISBN: 187657562X
The autobiography of a former member of the BSA Police, covering in particular the years he served in the Force between 1950 - 68, when he was stationed in places such as Umtali Rural, Odzi, Doma, Sinoia, Shamva, Selukwe and Gwelo. His story covers the 1951 Police Display, Royal visit of 1953, the Royal Review of 1962 and includes mention of the Police Reserve. The author was the last of the London based recruiting officers for the BSA Police.
We both enjoyed John's book tremendously. His easy-to-read style, wry sense of humour and skill as a sketch artist brought his story to life. The tales he tells of becoming a Rhodesian policeman while still a teenager and of his experiences serving in the high veldt are enlightening and entertaining, and his drawings are delightful. We thoroughly recommend you read this book. Dave and Rosie Bowen
27 October 2007

SAYCE, Katherine
A Town called Victoria (Click title to buy)
ISBN: 978-0869201794
Bulawayo : Books of Rhodesia. 1978.
The story of the town of Fort Victoria. Although the BSA Police is not included in the book's index, inevitably the names of several members of the Force, who served in the town are mentioned.

SCHREUDER Deryck (ed) and BUTLER Jeffrey (ed)
Sir Graham Bower's Secret History of the Jameson Raid (Click title to buy)
Van Riebeeck Society, Cape Town - 2002
ISBN: 978-0958411295
Described as having a great deal of relevance to anybody researching the subject. Members of the Rhodesian Police Force made up many of the troops involved in the Raid.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

SELOUS, Frederick Courtney
Sunshine and Storm in Rhodesia (Click title to buy)
London : Rowland Ward & Co. Ltd. 1896.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1968.
ISBN: 978-1603550598
Selous was a famous hunter who guided the 1890 Pioneer Column to Mashonaland. This is his narrative of events in Matabeleland before and during the 1896 Rebellion. Although the police force is only mentioned once, the book contains an Appendix giving the names of casualties, which includes members of the BSA Police.

SELBY, George
The Memoirs Of George Selby
Sable Publishing House, 2007
ISBN: 0-9549488-Q-Q
An autobiography of a normal working man swept up in the winds of change in Rhodesia. His life starting from a high school boy to serving and protect his beloved country and the people that lived in it. His time serving in the BSA Police Reserve force saw him serving in places like Salisbury, Nyamaropa, Mayo, Mount Darwin and Green Convoy.
Mike Selby
26 April 2008

SEWARD, Anthony BSA Police 5923
The-Victorians an Autobiography by No 5923 Tony Seward
Private Papers
A selection of articles about Seward’s personal experiences before and during my 25 years service in the BSA Police from 1958-1983 and his brief research into historical aspects of the Vila Salazar Police area, its wild life and its people. The articles are in the form of postings to his personal website:
The Victorians Memories of South Africa and Rhodesia
Trafford, 2006
ISBN: 141209147
This is the autobiography of a former member of the B.S.A. Police, of Rhodesia, a force with a long and distinguished reputation as one of the finest police forces in the world. Born in London England in 1940 Tony Seward attested into the B.S.A. Police on the 17th November 1958 and served for twenty-five years in the force before retiring in 1983 as an Inspector. They were turbulent times in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Harold Macmillan’s “winds of change” had turned into a raging storm of political unrest, which swept through Africa culminating in an all out terrorist war, which eventually engulfed the entire region. Tony found himself thrown into this turmoil and became a reluctant rebel when the Rhodesian Government declared unilateral independence on the 11th November 1965. Terrorist incursions into the country were increasing and there was no time to reflect upon the rights or wrongs of the Ian Smith Governments unilateral declaration of independence. He spent much of his service in Victoria Province in the South of Rhodesia and most of that in the South Eastern area at Vila Salazar, a police post on the Mozambique border where the countries Political restricted were being held in camps. He grew to love the Gonarezhou area, its wild life and its people and made many friends in Rhodesia, South Africa and Mozambique during his service in that area. As the terrorist war crept Southwards Tony cultivated these friends as willing agents for the Rhodesian Security branch. He tells of the tragedies and triumphs of the country then attacked from all directions and the eventual take over of the Rhodesian Government by the Mugabe led Zimbabwe African National Union in April 1980. After his retirement in 1983 Tony moved to take up the position of site manager of the Kyle boat club near Masvingo in the new Zimbabwe. He tells of the deterioration of the economy and the eventual land invasions by former terrorists and others hungry for land. Personal concerns for his own safety and security resulted in Tony returning to the United Kingdom in 2004 and his struggles to get into the “system”. He tells of his efforts to re establish old friendships and how he has managed to adjust to his new environment after fifty-seven years in Africa
Tony Seward

The Silent War.
Salisbury : Galaxie Press. 1971
Part 1 of the book covers Rhodesia and the terrorist war during the period 1967 - 70 with interesting stories about the BSA Police , together with photographs depicting several members of the Force, who served during those years

SILLITOE, Sir Percy Joseph KBE. BSA Police: 970 - Served: Apr-1908 to Feb-1911
Cloak without Dagger.
N.p : Cassell. 1955
The autobiography of a former member of the BSA Police who attested on 25-Apr-1908 and after completing his three went onto serve in the NRP. In subsequent years served as the Chief Constable of a number of Forces in England before becoming head of British Intelligence MI5.

60 Years of Good Cheer
Salisbury : Privately Published, 1980
The autobiography and memories of the person who founded Phlip's Central Cellars, a company based in Salisbury and well known in Rhodesia's wine trade for many years. Includes a chapter, together with photographs covering the author's service as a Reservist in the BSA Police during WWII and subsequent years.
Geoff Quick

The Story of Melsetter.
Salisbury : M.O.Collins (Pty)Ltd. 1971.
The story of Melsetter in Rhodesia's Eastern Highlands from the beginning until the early 1970's. There is mention of the BSA Police at Melsetter and some of the members of the Force who served at that station.

SPURLING, Basil Gordon BSA Police 3100 - Served: Apr-1929 to 1965
Reluctant Rebal.
South Africa : Voortrekkerspers. 1966
The author was Commissioner of the BSA Police from 1958 - 63, although there is little relating directly to the Force and is mainly the authors views on events leading up to Rhodesia's UDI on 11th. November, 1965.

STEEN, Trevor T. BSA Police 9048 - Served: Sep-1973 to Feb-1978
British South Africa Police : A Force at War.
Belfast : Kudu Publishing. 1997
The author is a former member of the BSA Police, describing his involvment in the terrorist war. One reader, who served with Steen at Inyanga, has said that it is regrettable that the book has to be included in the Bibliography as it contains a number of major errors. A photograph of the author's recruit training squad in Depot, with the caption that he was the only survivor of the war is incorrect, as all are known to have survived. A claim by the author, that he leopard crawled from Nyamaropa in north-east Rhodesia to Nyadzonya in Mocambique and identified a terrorist camp, is pure fiction.

STIFF, Peter BSA Police: 4831 - Served: Dec-1951 to 2-Jan-1972
The Selous Scouts. (as told to the author by
Lt.Col.Ron Reid Daly)
(Click title to buy)
Alberton, S.A.: Galago Publishing. 1982.
This is the story of the Selous Scouts and their involvement in the terrorist war. Although the Scouts was a military unit. it was a concept first tried by members of the BSA Police in 1973. Book includes frequent mention of the BSA Police and individual members of the Force.
See You in November
Alberton, S.A : Galago Publishing.1985.
The story of Rhodesian Intelligence operations in Zambia during the 1970's. The BSA Police is mentioned, as are individuals, who were served in the Force. Although the author is a former member of the BSA Police, the book is not a particularly noteworthy source of information about the Regiment's history.
Taming the Landmine
Galago, Alberton, RSA - 1986
ISBN: 0-9470-2004-7
Covers the development of landmine protected vehicles in southern Africa. Includes details of the first landmine blasts in Rhodesia (the second involved a policeman. It describes efforts made by the Rhodesian pioneers in this field, Chief Inspector Don Hollingworth and Inspector Dave Perkins. It details the mine protected Land-Rover, the Rhino, the police model Puma and so on. It also gives the total casualties from landmine blasts during the war - Peter Stiff

Our Regiments In South Africa : 1899 - 1902
Edinburgh : William Black & Sons. 1907.
N.p : J.B.Hayward & Son. 1994.
The activities of the various regiments involved in the South African War, compiled from official despatches sent back to London, with the BSA Police covered on pages 219 - 222, and includes a list of BSA Police Honours and Awards.

STOCK, Alan Peter (Epilogue Only); BSA Police: 6063 - Served: Aug-1959 to Aug-1984

Outpost : Stories of the Rhodesian Police.
Cape Town : Books of Africa (Pty) Ltd. 1970
A selection of stories taken from the BSA Police “The Outpost” magazine, which was first published as the “Police Review” in 1911.

Troopers' Tales or the British South Africa Police
jointly edited with BERRY, John and STOCK, Alan Peter (ed)
BSAP Regimental Association United Kingdom Branch, 2009 - see Review under Berry

Mocke - Tales of the British South Africa Police
BSAP Regimental Association United Kingdom Branch, 2007 - see Review under Berry

The British South Africa Police: Military Operations Outside Southern Rhodesia during World War One and Two
jointly edited with Berry, John (ed) and Stock, Alan Peter (ed)
BSAP Regimental Association UK Branch, 2008 - See Review under Berry

SUTTON, John P.A. BSA Police: 7670 - Served: Jan-1967 to Jan-1970, 8725 Jan-1972 to Sep-1980
Nominal Roll of Members of the British South Africa Company's Police (BSACP) with Alphabetical Index.
P.p. Johannesburg. N.d.
The title of the publication is self explanatory. It does not, however, contain names of Offices of the BSACP, details of whom can be found in A.S.HICKMAN's “The Men who made Rhodesia”.

SYKES, Frank W.
With Plumer in Matabeleland.
London : Archibald Constable & Co 1897.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia.1972.
Reports on military activities in Matabeleland in 1896 during the Rebellion. The book does not have an index. Includes two photographs of members of the Matabele Native Police. Names of members of the Matabeleland Mounted Police are also mentioned.

Founders of Rhodesia
N.p. : N.p. 1950

A Scantling of Time : The story of Salisbury, Rhodesia 1890 - 1900
Salisbury : Stuart Manning (Pty) Ltd. 1965.
The title of the book is self explanatory, which is indexed and includes frequent references to the BSACP, BSA Police and the BSA Native Police as well as the Matabele Mounted Police.

A Sequence of Time : The story of Salisbury Rhodeisa 1900 - 1914
Salisbury : Pioneer Head. 1974.
Includes frequent mention of the BSA Police.

Murray's Column
Edited by Jen Berry
United Kingsom Branch Regimental Association 2009
Since its formation in 1889, the British South Africa Police had taken part in many campaigns, including serving with distinction in the Anglo-Boer War, but during the period 1915 – 1918 it was to take part in a longer and more challenging campaign than any up until then. When World War I broke out, it was decided that the German colonies in Africa had to be conquered. German East Africa (later Tanganyika) was one of these. When the North-Eastern border areas of Northern Rhodesia were threatened by the Germans, various units were raised to defend them and also to carry the battle to the enemy. One of these was the Service Companies of the British South Africa Police, sent to the border in 1915. It became more famously known as ‘Murray’s Column’, after its commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel R.E. Murray, D.S.O and Bar, D.C.M. These days, the German East Africa campaign is relatively little known, compared to the Western Front. For this reason, this account by the well-known Rhodesian author and historian, ‘Tony’ Tanser, is an important and detailed record of an epic period in the B.S.A.P.’s history. It has not been published previously and, since the author’s death in 1976, has remained in manuscript form in Harare. In his thorough and exhaustive research for this book, Tony Tanser not only had access to the records of the National Archives of Rhodesia, but also the private papers, diaries and letters of participants in the campaign and personal interviews with survivors. He paints a vivid picture of battles, forced marches along bush tracks, through swamps and rivers, over mountains and high plateaux, on short rations and sometimes no rations. In the course of a single day the lightly-clad troops could experience cold and rain in the morning and hot, steamy, disease-ridden river valleys in the evening, while all the time having to be on the alert for a highly-trained, well-equipped enemy, led by a brilliant and ruthless leader, General von Lettow-Vorbeck, who evaded the might of the Allied forces right to the end. He was never defeated in the field and only surrendered two days after the Armistice was signed in Europe. This ‘Books of the BSAP’ edition is 262 pp and contains 10 maps and 29 photographs.
John Berry

TAYLOR, Brian Harry ; BSA Police: 5507 - Served: Jun-1956 to Jan-1983
Hoel Llewellyn
N.p P.p. N.d.

Crime Scientist
Bulawayo : Books of Zimbabwe. 1980.
The author became the first Director of the British South Africa Police Forensic Science Laboratory in Salisbury in 1963, a postion he held until retirement in 1973. A tribute to the men of the British South Africa Police engaged in crime detection and the man who guided them employing forensic science.

THOMPSON Col. John De Lisle
The Story of Rhodesian Sport: Vol.One 1889 - 1935 (Click title to buy)
Books of Rhodesia, Bulawayo - 1976
ISBN: 978-0869201503
This book is for anybody interested in the history of sport in the BSAP. It gives an insight into former members of the Force and contains numerous photographs of early Police teams and individuals, as well as anecdotes about them on and off the sports field.
Geoff Quick
19 September 2009

TIPPETTS, David John Malpas; BSA Police 5650 - Served Mar 1957 to Jun 1980
Fearful Odds
Privately Published
David Tippets (5650) offers an interesting biography of his time in the BSA Police, drawn from his private papers accumulated during his service as a Rhodesian policeman. Much of this account covers his own chronicle of events during the conflict which enveloped the nation. Tippetts offers a unique account of those halcyon days as a district policeman, before nationalist agitation set in. He served in an administrative role at both Sikombela and Gonakudzingwa where dissident nationalists were interned. His eventual appointment as a Border Control officer drew him into the ensuing conflict. Starting with the first phase of the ‘struggle’, Tippetts provides many accounts of his experiences through to the last days of the war, when Western politicians connived with the South Africans to plot Rhodesia’s eventual downfall. He also describes the British duplicity of the ceasefire period, the inevitable outcome of the struggle, and the sacrifice of a nation to terrorism. A modest, but memorable, account and a must read for any former member presently reflecting on his or her own service.
Andrew Field
18 April 2010

Tomlinson, Alfred James BSAP Lieutenant Colonel - 1926
Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred James Tomlinson (Click title to buy)
Amazon Createspace - 2011
The personality of a man who can join such a force as the B.S.A. Police as an ordinary Trooper and rise to Commanding Officer is one that would make itself felt in any walk of life, and the achievement of that feat alone can only command the greatest respect for anyone who realizes that the ladder of promotion, particularly in a small force like the B.S.A. Police, is by no means easy to climb." Editor, Outpost May 1926.
Updated: 3 December 2011

TRETHOWAN, Anthony ; BSA Police: 9192 - Served Jan 1974 to Jan 1981
Delta Scout
30 Degrees South Publishing, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-920143-21-3 An autobiographical account of the author's experiences in rural Rhodesia as a police officer in the BSA Police which concentrates on his service firstly as a Ground Coverage operator and then as a member of the Rhodesian Special Branch. His account is richly interspersed with anecdotes of the 'wild frontier' life dealing with all the experiences of a district policeman in the nineteen seventies, before venturing into intelligence work and his involvement in the counter-insurgency campaign leading to Zimbabwean independence in 1980.

The Jameson Raid.
Cape Town : Oxford University Press. 1951.
The majority of those who took part in the Jameson Raid were serving members of either the Mashonaland or Matabeleland Mounted Police.

WALLACE, Robert L.
Elands River Siege 1900
Riverswood: Australian Military History Publications, 1992
A good account of the siege, focusing not surprisingly on the Australian participation, but the Rhodesian contingent, which included members of the BSA Police gets more than a passing mention. A member of the BSA Police No.1 Division was k.i.a. at the siege and is buried in the military section of the cemetery at Swartruggens.
Geoff Quick

WALMSLEY, Chris BSA Police NSPO900460 (Nevin Weakley); Served 1974
Mugabe - My Part in His Victory (Click title to buy)
Grosvenor House Publishing, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-908447-64-7
This publication is nostalgic, humorous, and both serious and light hearted. Written by a former NSPO it is the story of his time in the BSAP and whilst some names therein have been changed for various reasons it is not difficult to identify those with whom one is aware of, or had contact with, during service. Well worth a read.
Brian Pym
Updated: 5 February 2012

WELLS, Rodney
The Part-Time War
Fernhouse - 2011
This is the true story of an ordinary citizen thrust from the comforts of every day life into the danger and stress of a war situation. The author takes a journey from joining the BSAP B Reserve in Salisbury in 1975 through call-ups protecting farms and participating in the convoy system to being seconded to the Support Unit as a deployment driver. There are moments of great hilarity, stress and worry and the danger of ambush or attack at any time. It paints a picture of day to day events in a base camp, the variety of people met with as well as describing events witnessed on the front line. I am sure it will bring back memories to anyone who served in a BSAP unit in the bush.
Updated: 3 December 2011

The Story of a Lion Hunt
Andrew Melrose, 1902 Wienholt born a Queenslander, an adventurer, politician, farmer. Spent much of his life in Africa. This book is solely about his African adventures.and includes several chapters on his service as a 'Special service trooper in the BSA Police' during WW1 serving as an Intelligence Scout on the Rhodesian, Angola and German South-West borders. Hunting, clashes with the enemy, hardships, death, exciting stuff and certainly exhilarating, harrowing and holds the interest. The rest of the book is concerned with his military service in East Africa which has nothing to do with the BSAP but once again is a tale worth reading.
Ted Dowling
Updated: 23 March 2013

WILLAN, Brian P, Ph.D (Editor)
Edward Ross Diary of the Siege of Mafeking Oct 99 to May 1900
Van Riebeeck Society, Cape Town (2nd series no. 11), 1980
ISBN: 0620-05207-4
Numerous references to the BSA Police and its role in the siege. Gives the numbers taking part as 10 officers and 81 other ranks under Lt-Col Walford. Describes the BSA Police fort and says how it was flanked by trenches manned by the 'Black Watch'- drawn from Fingo community in the town. Deals with the armoured train, the sniper squad, the cricket match between the PR(?) and the BSA Police which was 'easily won' by the former, and the fall of the fort. The relief column of Plumer containing BSA Police element is also included.
Peter Stiff

WILLIAMS, Peter Bryson
BSA Police 938 13-Dec-1907 to 1911
In Lightest Africa and Darkest Europe
London: East Africa, 1936
Autobiography of a former member of the BSA Police, who after service with the Force worked as a mining compound manager and during the Great War served on the Western Front, where he was invalided out with trench foot, but came back with the rank of Captain and an M.C. After the war he lived in Tanganyika. Pages 7 - 41 deal with his time in the BSA Police.
Geoff Quick

The Downfall of Lobengula.
London : Simpkin, Marshall, Kent & Co. Ltd. 1894.
Bulawayo : Republished by Books of Rhodesia. 1971.
The British South Africa Company's official version of the history and effect of the 1893 Matabele War. The 1971 publication contains an index, which includes brief references to the BSA Police only.

WILMOT, Hon. Alexander KSG
The History of our Own Times in South Africa Vol.3 1889 - 98
London: J.C.Juta & Co., 1899
Amongst the chapters in this volume are 105 pages dealing with the Jameson Raid and its consequences; followed by a chapter 'The Conquest of Rhodesia'.
Geoff Quick

With the Flag to Pretoria. 2 Vols.
London : Harmsworth Bros. 1902.
Various references to the BSA Police during the 1899 - 1902 South African War, including what has been described as some interesting photographs.

The History of the Northern Rhodesia Police.
Bristol : British Empire & Commonwealth Museum. 2001.
As well as numerous references to the BSA Police and individuals in the Force, together with the occasional photograph, the book includes complete chapters on : The British South Africa Police in North-Western Rhodesia and The Barotse Native Police. The BSA Police's participation in the Great War is also covered.

BSA Police Patrol Office in the Mounted Unit - Support Unit.

Images by Dick Hamley
author of
'The Regiment'